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Your IP is used to connect to the host, or to connect others if you are the host. Messages are stored locally and disappear when you reload or leave the chat, but will still be visible to others online at the same time until they leave or reload the chat. If the host leaves and the connection breaks: refresh the page for a new host and handshake.

This is meant to be a quick and easy way to talk to people, without relying on a centralized server. Keep in mind it's neither private nor permanent, and both connections and messages are shared between all participants. As long as the host remains connected they can theoretically keep a log of all messages and connections (though most chats do this atomatically).

If you're paranoid: maybe you can trade places with the host. ;)

What To Do Here

Chat with users from anywhere in the world! SHIT CHAT can be embedded anywhere, so the userbase is not exclusive to CDB. Feel free to embed this on your own site via the link below.

What This Is

No name, no-nonsense P2P-based chat courtesy of TackerTacker (used with permission). If the embed doesn't work above please use this:

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