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A good layout doesn't have to be hard to make, this one took 50 seconds (all this text doesn't count, I probably wasted a minute or two writing this). It's made with tables, which isn't the optimal choice, but it could be made just as easily with CSS. It's just that with a program such as Dreamweaver instead of WordPad, where you don't need to look at the code while designing, lazy people like me can throw together something like this much much quicker. Anyhow, take a look at the source if you like, or just save this page somewhere and replace all the text with your own content. It's opensource (not even that, it's completely free, no rights reserved). There are no images in this layout, only four colors, only four font sizes & only one font. Code isn't optimal, haven't bothered looking under the hood to see how everythings going, but it works, and it's small.


Header 2

See how nice everything looks divided up like this? If you want to get serious about this, change all these tables to DIVs (will save you about a hundred lines of code), add CSS styling to the menu items (make them different from regular links), and eh ... you don't have to do anything more than if you don't want to. Shrinking the 100% width to maybe 90% and adding images rounded corners would be pretty slick, you can cheat a bit by giving the width a fixed measurement (like 800px, a good standard) and then adding two images above and below the main content. That's about all I had to say, stay groovy!


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