The Tour!

- noob - cyberdevil

Chapter 1 - A Nice Conversation

- So what's so great about CyberD? Why should I become a member? Why should I give you all my hard earned cash just to take part in all the exiting userbased features availible here?

- Woah, slow down! No online features availible at CyberD cost anything at all! They're all FREE!

- Woah, FREE?! Quick, tell me, how do I signup?!

- Now take it easy now, nobody said anything about becoming a member here! You don't have to register to use all the great resources we have to offer!

- Woah, SWEET! Wait, so all this is FREE?! But I want to pay you tons of cash and show you my appreciation!

- That can be arranged! Email me and I'll tell you the number to my account.

- Thanks. ^_^

Chapter 2 - Around and Round

CyberD really isn't a community, it's a collection. It consists of stuff that I have either made myself or that I find useful. We boast resource databases with tens of thousands of items, to suit all your computer related needs. Visitors are of great importance to us. What is a collection without people to view it? Browse the website, take what you need, and tell your friends about it.

You will also find stuff that I have made here. I run a semi-interesting blog, make scripts, flash, music, videos, etc. ATM I'm studying Japanese at Stockholm University.

If you have comments/feedback, please send me an email! You can either use the contact form here on the site or send it to [email removed]. If you need help with anything you can find me at newgrounds, zellomesh and twitter.

Enjoy your stay!