A little more dynamic version of the archives for this page, 2009. Enjoy!



BATCH #53 - Scripter Specials #8

Scripter Specials #8
This here is the last WeBox post in 2009! After this, we're back to the regular six links a week editions. Good news, because I'm getting a bit tired of these longass posts. You might have noticed the descriptions getting shorter and shorter all the while`It's no suprise, longass linklists need multiple descriptions which takes a longass time. The only true long ass was the one drawn by Salvador Dali though. I saw it at a museum not too longass ago. Regardless, lets move on to this years last WeBox edition. Over and under and out.

#456 Mania Computer
Mania Computer may look pretty unprofessional, with a layout taken straight from the 90´s, but they have a great deal of good articles intact, all of more modern age.

#455 Gilly
Gilly has a few tutorials, a few downloads, and a few other pages.

#454 Totally PHP
We move on through the listing with a site that's just TOTALLY PHP. Tutorials, scripts, etcetera.

#453 WarkenSoft
WarkenSoft Productions specializes in designing quality websites tailored to suit your personal style or company needs. They have free scripts to offer, interesting blogs, information, and of course their services.

#452 Digioz
No intro, just service specific descriptions and updates. They offer a lot, at good prices, and also provide downloads oftheir own scripts. Many of them available within at least a dussin programming languages. I am impressed.

#451 Net Created
Net Created offer one service, and no more. A script that imports Google Analytics data.

#450 JWS Marketing
She's Jessica Swick, and this is her freelance / work portfolio. She strives to create not only a beautiful, crisp websites, but fully functional applications that will better serve your customers and make your day to day tasks much easier. All show and plenty of go!

#449 MJJ Designs
MJJ Designs is a full service design studio, offering web, graphic and print design. They're U.S. based, and don't outsource their work. They're proud of what they build, and assure you that you'll be proud, too.

#448 Noah Bratzel
Noah Bratzel is a web programmer with over ten years of experience building advanced web and database applications. His site is simple, with a portfolio, contact form, services and introduction page.

#447 Dating Scripts
Specialized in dating scripts!

#446 Prime Graphix
Creative programming. Articles, experiments, etc. For example, they have a script that figures out when Easter will be this very year! I use it on this site, see if you can find it. ;)

#445 Tutorialize
Tutorials on a little bit of everything.

#444 Toxic Lab
This dangerous place deals with the explosive arts of PHP programming, and a few other coding languages as well.

#443 Steve Dawson
Freelancer Steve Dawson has a few useful tutorials to give you.

#442 Spoono
More fun than rabies at a dog show, they say, and I can do no other than agree. What kind of slogan is that anyway?! Slogans aside, this here is a good website providing you with various scripts, tutorials and other forms of entertainment, as well as a lot of links.

#441 Kenzey
It's a proxy list. You might find this useful, even though it has nothing to do with PHP.

#440 PHP Everywhere
PHP Everywhere is a large database of PHP related articles and tutorials..

#439 Follor
Webmaster tips and tricks.

#438 Raditha
Radithas PHP section, a few useful scripts, articles and tutorials. Raditha has a JAVA section too, if you're interested.

#437 Sepiroth
All about flash, PHP, Python and other stuff!

#436 Flash Attach
Website addons in flash. Pretty swift!

#435 Flash DB
The Flash Database. One of the most extensive flash databases around. You'll find entire forum, guestbook & blog things here that are rare elsewhere, many of them for free. It's definately worth a look.

#434 Zimmertech
Zimmertech offers webdesign services and a whole lot of tutorials too.

#433 Mouse Whisperer
A commercial area offering quite a few useful tutorials and scripts for free.

Last edition of lost links you'll find here. ;)

1 - http://www.sitedesigns4u.com
2 - http://www.buyhosting4u.com
3 - http://www.evghenybunin.com
4 - http://www.php-script.cn
5 - http://www.saipher.net
6 - http://seocustoms.com
8 - http://www.abtinfosystems.net
9 - http://www.pro.hioxindia.com
10 - http://www.newsourcemedia.com
11 - http://www.tutorial-source.com
12 - http://www.valuedresource.com
13 - http://www.pixeltomorrow.com
14 - http://www.php-for-beginners.co.uk
15 - http://itnashville.com

BATCH #52 - Scripter Specials #7

Scripter Specials #7
Goody Websites dedicated to code, amongst other things. It's another set of links on the same theme, just because it's such a great theme... amongst other things. Enjoy!


#432 Ex For Sys
Very high tech, and then some tutorials.

#431 Any Example
They have lots of tutorials.

#430 Uzoom
Now here's something different, a leading provider in chat software! According to themselves, at least.

#429 Dev Tutorials
Title sais it all.

#428 PHP Tutorial
Title sais it all here too.

#427 Rasyid
Learning from anywhere, a great deal of tutorials and other useful articles.

#426 Final Websites
hPHP Scrips and Tutorials.

#425 Dream in Code
A lot of great tutorials within all the programming languages you could ever dream of.

#424 GDS Land
Little site with a few little PHP things.

#423 PHP Nerds
A very simple and stylish PHP site with a bunch of articles and one script.

#422 Paehl
A small freeware site with a bunch of useful tools and articles.

#421 Torrential Webdev
A few useful tools and scripts.

#420 Lime Software
A few useful tools, tutorials and scripts.

#419 Caged Flame
A site with scripts, and other things.

#418 UR Tutorials
A bunch of useful tutorials. Still a small community though, but it might grow. :)

#417 Beginners PHP
A few easy-to-understand tutorials on the best programming language ever.

#416 Star Geek
Scripts, articles and useful things.

#415 Dev Home
It works!

#414 Ice Teks
Very techy. Tutorials, and some other to normal human individuals unreadable stuff.

#413 PHP Editors
Programming tools for PHP.

#412 All Syntax
A nice smallerscale programming community.

#411 Free2Code
A few good programming articles.

#410 Ultra Game Tech
Web Development blog.

#409 My Design Tool
A bunch of usefull tutorials and snippets.

Oh my, this time a double double edition, though I doubt you'll find these lists very useful anyway. :/

1 - http://www.r2xdesign.net
2 - http://www.antispamcoalition.org
3 - http://www.tutorialjunkies.com
4 - http://www.purephotoshop.com
5 - http://www.devdreams.com
6 - http://www.chauy.com
7 - http://www.tutorialcrazy.com
8 - http://www.webclass.ru
9 - http://www.phpaib.com
10 - http://www.majd-gfx.com
11 - http://www.buznet.info
12 - http://www.ghezus.com
13 - http://www.betlik.com
14 - http://www.project-angel.com
15 - http://www.voodoo-development.co.uk
16 - http://www.phproom.com
17 - http://www.radiantfx.com
18 - http://php-net.net
19 - http://www.solartek.org
20 - http://www.michael-berndt.de
21 - http://superiorwebmaster.com
22 - http://www.mambosolutions.com
23 - http://www.productbeta.com
24 - http://www.codedemons.net

BATCH #51 - Scripter Specials #6

Scripter Specials #6
Goody Websites dedicated to code, amongst other things.


#408 Byte my Code
Helping you code, one byte at a time. 883 snippets from 1742 members, and growing! It's a reccomended site.

#407 Papa Face
Papa Face is a blog about code, and other interesting things.

#406 Rock Urchin
Rock Urchin is another creative person who blogs about code ... and other interesting things.

#405 Aurora Pod
A source of PHP Scripts and tutorials. Not many, but useful ones.

#404 This title cannot be found
This description cannot be found.

#403 Chipmunk Scripts
ChipMunk Scripts has a great deal of useful scripts and tutorials, and a community of decent size as well.

#402 AJ Quick
AJ Quick likes cars and games, and also programming.

#401 Dev (FYI Center)
A resource center, with a lot of resources, all FYI.

#400 Tizag
A lot on scripting here, mostly PHP, but other languages as well.

#399 Stef Ashwell
Stef Ashwell blogs a bit about code, and other things.

#398 Zend Devzone
The Zend developer zone is one of many great place to check in to when you have troubles or need to learn something new scriptrelating.

#397 The Site Wizard
The Site Wizard has a biiig section of siterelated information for you to look at.

#396 PHP Scripts
Site title sais it all. Lots of free, experimental programming.

#395 PHP Developer
News, Views & Community. A large website with lots of info.

#394 Onlamp PHP
Look out, it's Oriellys Dev center, informational overload!!

#393 O Reilly
The main O Rielly site, with a shitload of informative articles on all kinds of programming languages. Worth a visit.

#392 Francis Ocharrua
Francis has a few good scripts to show.

#391 Microcyb
CMS Homesite, and a good resource for other PHP tutorials.

#390 PHP Freaks
Get Addicted. It's a large community, shouldn't be too hard.

#389 PHP/MySQL Tutorial
Title sais it all.

#388 Scripting Blog
Again, title sais it all.

#387 Bytes
IT / Dev Knowledge Shared. Lots of text.

#386 Webdezzi
A Nigerian webdevelopment site with a good deal of tutorials.

#385 Netcode
Another nice coding central.

Sites that weren't there any more, double edition. ;)

1 - http://www.uposoft.co.uk
2 - http://www.phpforms.info
3 - http://kreoton.net
4 - http://webhelp.pcriot.com
5 - http://tutoriializer.net
6 - http://www.it-guru.co.uk - not enough storage is available to process this command ???
7 - http://www.openconcept.on.ca
8 - http://www.phpworld.com
9 - http://www.acecoolco.com
10 - http://www.newsourcemedia.com
11 - http://www.phpnoise.com
12 - http://www.bradtechnologies.com

BATCH #50 - Scripter Specials #5

Scripter Specials #5
In this edition we focus on sites offering various tutorials and resources within PHP.


#384 PHP Toys
PHP Toys offer a good deal of free script downloads, tutorials & reccomended sites.

#383 Webmaster How
Tutorials and basic information. Very simple layout, nothing fancy or overhead edu.

#382 Dot Net Index
An open portal for all kinds of scriptings.

#381 WL Scripting
A fast site offering solely PHP tutorials divided up nicely in various categories.

#380 Globalissa
Site seems to be incomplete. The logo is there, as well as a big globe with a few sites hovering around it. yet nothing is clickable, and there is no text coneying a newer message.

#379 Marco Sebastian (2)
A commercial webdesign service giving out a few PHP tutorials and other freebies on the side. It's been here before, but it's one of them sites worth putting up again. ;)

#378 PHP Builder
PHP Builder is a pretty large community nearing 100k members. They give you articles, tutorials and a commnunity to question, answer & discuss various netrelated issues.

#377 My PHP Form
Here's a site dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about PHP forms.

#376 Forms Expert
Forms Expert is a great, easy-to-use tool to create powerful form processing scripts. It's both free and paid, and programmed well.

#375 PHPF1
Help in PHP, get PHP code, scripts, tutorials.

#374 Bit Respository
Bit Repository is a web development blog aimed to help designers and programmers by offering free tutorials and news from various web technologies: HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Wordpress etc.

#373 PHP Form
Free PHP Scripts and forums.

#372 Code Walkers
A large PHP help community.

#371 PDA Systems
A business blog with a few useful Windows/Web scripts on the side.

#370 Reconn
Reconn.us is a website for Web Programming. You will find here valuable resources and advices for creating an Internet based business, tutorials and free scripts, and a fwe paid ones.

#369 Developer Fusion
Developer Fusion is a large community fusing together freelancers and buyers, providing tutorials, information, communication, and much more. They have 186 members in my area, and members in many many areas all around the world. It's a reccomended place.

#368 Higher Pass
HigherPass is a smaller adbased site with a bunch of useful scripts and tutorials.

#367 DB Scripts
A bunch of simple free scripts and tutorials.

#366 Tutorial Helpdesk
Free tutorials and reources for programmers and designers.

#365 Insane Visions
Insane Visions is a good source for the good PHP resource on the internet. From OneCMS, a gaming CMS that started it all to almost 2 years later to BlogPHP, a simple blog script, amassing over 25,000 downloads together and now with their Premium paid script, AdaptCMS Pro, as well as an open source AdaptCMS Lite and AdaptBB! And some other useful things. Btw, they're not as insane as they make themselves seem. ;)

#364 X Funda
Blogs on programming and design, a community, and plenty of good tutorials and tips.

#363 Web Development Blog
Domain name sais it all.

#362 DiscoMoose
Contains no moose and very litle disco. It does however, contain PHP, and some other scripting ideas.

#361 Web Cheat Sheet
A great deal of useful tutorials within different categories, over a hundred total.

BATCH #49 - Scripter Specials #4

Scripter Specials #3
Another list of commercial benefactors in the World Wide Web, last list went well, so this time we let them advertise themselves as well. :) Notes by me are included as NBMs.


#360 Techno Intellects
Do you have the desire but not proper path to go? Are you thinking about whom to approach and where to find a web programmer and a website designer, who can understand your needs, and can bring you on internet at a reasonable price? TechnoIntellects.com is an ideal company for you to outsource your website design, website programming , website hosting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

#359 Cheeky Green Monkey
Cheeky Green Monkey (CGM) are Internet Marketing specialists who have only one aim........to drive traffic to your website and increase your online sales business. Nothing more, nothing less. Forget all the fancy words, jargon and confusion....the bottom line is that the internet is all about TRAFFIC.

#358 In Forest
Inforest Communications is a Princeton New Jersey based Web design and Internet advertising company. We combine marketing strategy, application development and user interface design to build effective Web sites and other interactive media.

#357 Seminte
Focusing on high demand mobile and web applications, we can help you bring your company online. Being in web industry for more that 5 years now, we assembled team of highly qualified programmers and systems designers. Our main advantage is that we have a local team of programmers instead of hiring freelancers for different projects.

NBM - VERY simple layout

#356 Tek Design
Site seems to be incomplete. The logo is there, as well as a big globe with a few sites hovering around it. yet nothing is clickable, and there is no text coneying a newer message.

#355 Marco Sebastian
Welcome. My name is Marco Sebastian Lopez. I have lived in San Diego, California for the past eleven years. I have always been an artist, and love anything that's related to it. I am an avid Mac user, and will always be one. I've been in the web design industry for many years, a little less than half just as a hobby, however now it's my profession. I attended the Art Institute of California - San Diego from 2003-2007, where I received my Bachelor of Science, and a Degree in Graphic Design.

NBM - Best site design in this list. Easy on the eye, loads fast, looks good.

#354 Digital Web India
DigitalWeb India is a Chandigarh, India Based web design Company, providing Software Development, Website Development, Web Hosting, Website Design and Web Application Development Services in chandigarh, Canada & Global Clients. Some of our focus industries includes financial services, ecommerce, healthcare, and Media.

NBM - Pretty amazing how many big webdesign companies are based in India . . .

#353 Obyx
För att du skall kunna etablera en stadig ström av besökare till din webbplats finns det många viktiga faktorer som måste uppfyllas. Har du behov av att förnya eller förbättra din eller ditt företags webbplats så ser jag gärna att du hör av dig för en kostnadsfri rådgivning.

NBM - Swedish site, a bit unprofessional, for many not understandable.

#352 PHP Rocket
Need some php script installation help? We can install most php or cgi scripts found on the internet for as little as $9.99!

#351 Go Zipline
Asking the right questions is the first step to finding the right answers. Our process of questioning and planning lays the foundation for a more effective solution. The result is equal parts form and function. Zipline specializes in developing integrated branding solutions including marketing plans, corporate identity, product packaging, and web design and development.

#350 Fast Project
Web services make it possible, to access different services remotely (as it were from outward) without installing the same applications on the own server or get working large procedures before starting. That translation service is to do the same. But only one simple script is needed on the client.

#349 Cyber Geek Software
CyberGeek's Software Solutions is a creative and agile software and web solution provider in beautiful London, Ontario. We've designed and developed creative, integrated and intelligent software & web solutions across a multitude of industries...

#348 PHP Faber
PHPFABER is creative and progressive web development company located in the Ukraine, Europe."

#347 Spiral Web Consulting
Spiral Web Consulting is a small web development/consulting firm with the goal of ensuring top quality work for our clients at affordable prices. On our site you can find detailed information about the various web related services we provide, as well as easy contact information to quickly contact us with the type of work you require. For anyone interested in checking our credentials, we have also provided a detailed list of our previous experience, including a portfolio of some of our expert work. Thank you for coming to our site and we hope to hear from you soon!

#346 Nitrogens
If you need a web site and you are searching for the developer I would be glad to discuss the terms and details of your project and build your web site.

NBM - Less professional webdesign sites are hard to find. In programming however, they know their job.

#345 Hrishita Web Services
We specialize in offshore ecommerce and website design, web application development services along with desktop application development. We will enhance your business processes with the latest achievements of technologies such as PHP, Cold Fusion, Flash, Perl, Java (JSP/Servlets), .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#), XML, Visual Basic etc. We are known for our quality website designs with a highly creative, original, professional and clean look and feel.

#344 PHP Guru
Quality PHP, Javascript and C# code

NBM - They keep their word!

#343 Web Digi
Our primary focus is to build bespoke web 2.0 applications for our clients. We have successfully built a range of web applications for platforms from mobiles to those run on routers. We are happy to talk to you on web applications of any scale.

#342 Code my Script
Online Project MarketPlace.

NBM - The site is very lacking an introduction, but in short, it lets clients and freelancers find each other and give out/bid on various webrelated projects. A good community, unfortunately with few users.

#341 MCM Website
We offer responsive, professional web development and technical expertise, including web design, custom PHP programming and MySQL database development, search engine optimization, ecommerce, and web hosting, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits.

#340 Duranos
We’re a group of professional young people dedicated in fields of web development, web design, content management, online stores development, web portals creations, search engines optimization & web marketing.

#339 Brain Digit
Brain digit has been established with a vision to provide one stop cutting edge ICT services to all business, government and social communities round the world. We aim to provide best quality services at affordable cost. For the reason we have based our development center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our head office is in Ontario, Canada. We have equipped ourselves with latest hardware and network facilities and we have included highly capable and expert manpower available in the market. We use latest software and tools to develop customized web application and software application for our client.

#338 Open Coders
Opencoders group was founded to uphold the supremacy of open source software. We at Opencoders solutions specialize in providing support remotely, we do not provide on-site support currently. We also have support packages tailored to suit various kinds of IT needs in today's businesses.

NBM - Simple, very stylish site, good basis.

#337 IS WebDesign
We believe in developing a long-term relationship with our customers. We will work with you to continue to develop your website, providing advice on content and search engine placement. We can also provide continuing site management services for businesses.

BATCH #48 - Scripter Specials #3

Scripter Specials #3
A list of commercial benefactors in the World Wide Web, this time we let them advertise themselves. :) Notes by me are included as NBMs.


#336 DNI Webdesign
Small, medium or large website, we can do it all. Whether it be a personal website highlighting your daughters early years, a website for your band, hockey team or league, radio station, or even your company we can help you get online. We program all our websites using PHP with MySQL giving you a powerful website throughout. We customize your website to match what your business does, colours, images, the whole lot.

#335 Kenno Media
At Kenno Media we use the latest web design technology coupled with rich and artistic design elements to place your business in a good light. Whether you are looking to update a current look or create a new image for your business, the designers at Kenno Media will help your business shine.

#334 Charlottsville Media
Charlottesville Media Group is a multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in graphic design, website design, search engine promotion, branding, content management systems, hosting and programming.

#333 Advanced Websoft
Advance Web Soft is a web development company providing professional software and web development services: website development and design, custom web application development, web programming, e-commerce web development, search engine optimization & website maintenance services. Our experience and strong technical competence enables us to deliver scalable solutions that meet customer's needs and expectations with regards to cost, quality and timeframes. Advance Software guarantees quality, competent and rapid execution of any projects - from small websites to complex e-commerce software and custom solution programming. Be Advanced!

NMB - Free scripts available, as well as templates. They are however not produced by the site providing them.

#332 Real Web Solutions
Real Web Solutions is a software development company. The company has been founded by Vyacheslav Kvasnitsky in 2003 and provides the real web solutions in different spheres of activity for companies and private customers worldwide.

#331 Genius Web
While building your dream business can be excruciatingly hard work, the rewards of a good idea well executed are staggering. We know- we built GeniusWeb.com LLC on a shoestring, survived the dot-com calamity, and while others crumbled under unsustainable business models and excess we have succeeded year after year through honest hard work, taking measured risks and common sacrifice.

#330 FSW Design
Their philosophy, perfection.

NMB - Bad layout, shifts too much between pages. Also requires flash to view, no alternative.

#329 Panaqqa
One thing is certain: technology will continue to change at a rapid pace. So managing technology also means managing change. At Panaqqa, we understand your need for efficient technology management, and the challenges that frequent advances in technology pose when long range planning is required. From the stabilization of technology platforms throughout an enterprise, to the implementation of seamless transitions, Panaqqa can help your organization realize returns on technology investments through increased productivity and management efficiency.

NBM - Crappy layout, no creative talent here.

#328 Cyber Geek Web
My name is Aaron McGowan. Born in Edmonton Alberta, raised in Lloydminster Saskatchewan and Southern Ontario. Like every child, I grew up with very large dreams at which I am currently pursuing them as a business owner and web application developer. Currently I am the Owner and CEO of CyberGeek’s Software Solutions in London Ontario where we specialize in software and web solutions for a variety of platforms.

#327 Ehly Design
Ehly+Design ~ Specializing in web development for small and medium sized companies. We provide hosting, content management, and custom design and programming.

#326 Estar Pro
e Star provides professional web development and search marketing services. We are not a bargain web site provider. Rather, we provide potent professional web development and internet marketing services for businesses that have the will to succeed and the desire to achieve.

#325 Dawson Interactive
At Dawson Interactive, our core specialties include: web design, web development, content management, search engine marketing, and web hosting. Additionally, we are pleased to offer many added services such as: email marketing, application development, content generation, corporate identity design, database integration, audio/video production, e-commerce solutions, and print production, among others. With a diverse history of skills and experience, a growing portfolio of satisfied clients and a continual focus on industry-standard best practices, we have confidence in our ability to help you expand your online presence.

#324 My iPower Site
For more than 25 years the leaders who have come together to form GETMAR and its subsidiary companies have created relationships with the nation’s top Companies Including Amway, Motorola, Delphi, Synergy, IBM and Mercury Capital (Louis Borders) NASCAR, U.S. Department of Defense, NASA providing communication and custom software solutions to challenging business needs. We are the people who create software for human hardware. GETMAR "anything is possible..."

#323 Medea Web
We offer a unique combination of Design, Custom Programming, Administration and Optimization. Our experience in developing dynamic websites help us anticipate our customer's needs, and make the planning and development process as easy as possible.

#322 Map Designs
A successful business needs successful advertising. A quality and professional online presence speaks volumes about your business. We provide unmatched quality with excellence.

NBM - No they don't provide MAP designs.

#321 1Website Design
Our complete staff of website designers and developers can bring the solid foundation and many years of experience in design and development of your project. They constantly update their skills in this ever changing field. We are also experts in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Marketing to help you with the marketing of your new website.

#320 Cloud 9Nine
CloudNine Web Services, formerly CloudNine Webhosting, is a shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated server and colocation host centered in Arlington, Virginia, in the United States of America. It was founded in March 2003 by our current proprietor, Matt S. CloudNine maintains additional servers in Dallas, Texas, the Republic of Austria, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea. CloudNine also offers contract work in web design, web development, client-side programming and server repair.

#319 DF Design Studios
DF Design Studios would like to service you with all your personal and/or business needs. We provide a professional and a successful online service. Our services include Website Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Website Maintenance, Branding & Identity, Print Design and Development along with providing your business with growth and marketing.

#318 Eluminouse Technologies
eLuminous Technologies is an India based company that provides Offshore Software development, Application Development, Web Design and Web Development solutions to clients in USA, Europe and around the globe.

#317 CleveLand Website Design
MJM Design is a web design company located in Cleveland, Ohio. MJM Design specializes in web development and custom graphic design. We help small businesses establish a strong web presence or improve upon an existing one with a new website and SEO campaign. We are here to help your company increase conversions, leads and sales. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

#316 S-Development
S-Development ltd. provides a full range of web development services. From website design, intranet system development, online marketing, e-commerce and content management services. We are a professional Website design & Web development company based in London. We provide one stop solutions for all your websites needs.

#315 Ro Design
RO-DESIGN was founded as web-design and web-development company, to fulfill the professional needs of any company. RO-DESIGN bring off web design services in Romania, professional web sites, web pages inside great portals, SEO (search engine optimization), furtherance of web sites on the Internet, programming of web applications (e-commerce, osdate, CMS, etc). Also, it builds up diverse multimedia applications: presentation CD, indoor & outdoor advertising banners, flash or animated gif banners and adverts on web, flash animations, logo design & visual identity of your company (logo, symbolism), interactive maps, presentation folders, advanced vectorial graphics. RO-DESIGN has in its company experienced designers in advertising production and works closed with clients for complex applications with strong visual impact. Out team take care of your web site’s development and promotion phases.

#314 Net Bakers
netBakers is an experienced web design company in UK. netBakers delivers outstanding search engine friendly Website Design. Our web design services ensure that your website will generate qualified business leads, convert these leads into sales, and help to retain customers on an ongoing basis.

#313 Webdesign & SEO Marketing
Online Creations, LLC is a professional web design and development company in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. As a Florida company – we have world class web developers, creative graphic designers, online development specialists, SEO marketing professionals, and friendly customer and sales representatives.

And now for a few of those ... Sites that I was going to visit, but that were no longer there :

1 - http://www.2532designs.com
2 - http://www.web2script.com
3 - http://www.ipigroup.org
4 - http://www.soapylamp.com
5 - http://www.pajaxsoft.com
6 - http://www.build4revenue.com

BATCH #47 - Scripter Specials #2

Scripter Specials #2
Here we go! The second edition of Webdevelopment agencies and other commercial or non-commercial contenders, not of which all are good, but most worth a visit anyway if interest persists. Move along now.


#312 Do My Site
Do My Site is a site that does your site. They have a premade portal script with theme, and an ugly looking logo they've made themselves. Portals are according to them their speciaility, but I don't like the job they've done with their own, it's unorganized and nothing special. Good try, bye bye.

#311 Yey Design
Yey Design mixes fresh blue, bright green and darker grey in a swift way. They offer good services and have stock pictures of people in suits on their frontpage. A site like all others. Don't let it bring down the level of trustworthyness though, I'm sure they do their job nicely.

#310 Boryi
Boryi is a Chinese development firm. They believe in Open Source, just recently recieved a new client, have a spacy silvery design and seemingly good services as well. Everything is neat and orderly, no mentionable flaws noticed.

#309 Clear Media Website
Though the domain name is long and standardish, their website is very nice, the text included not too much at all, and the things you need to find easy to find. They say they love making websites, and it seems they do so too. The people who truly do are much too few too, keep it going CMW. :)

#308 PScriptoMart
Scriptomart is a nice PHP store, with good prices and great deal of scripts. They are tested frequently for security holes (so they say) and new ones pop in on a regular basis. Seems like a good place, though of course, you could find open-source alternatives for most of the scripts listed by other dedicated webdesigners just as easily.

#307 Lynx Development
A great darkblue and green theme wellfitting a webdesign firm. Problem is, they didbn't make it, Purple Penguin Media did (next in the list) which kind of brings down the factor of trustability and proof of artistic endevour a bit. They seem to offer services at reasonable prices, like many others, but they lack resume or portfolio, not good.

#306 Purple Penguin Media
Purple Penguin Media have been around for around a year. They have a reasonable list of clients in their portfolio, all with attractive websites, and they offer a great deal of services. All in all they seem to be a creative and dedicated bunch (many thanks to the name insane) with a swift layout and a worthy offer.

#305 Payloadz
Payloadz provide you with secure digital merchandise. They go far to show this, so far they give you a 150% moneyback guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their product! Of course there are probably some terms that limit this guarantee a bit further, or they'd goo ruined in a few days, but they seem like a pretty awesome place. Lots of scripts, most of them cheap, a smooth layout, and even https as a must when entering. Go look.

#304 Ocit Services
A very bright orange theme, lots of pages, lots of services. Seems like one in the mound. Except for the bright orange theme.

#303 In/Out Scripts
They power your business. I'm not so sure about that, but regardless, they have things to offer. Scripts, designs & services. Not cheaper. Nor more expensive, just like the rest, decent at best.

#302 TD Pro Designs
Here's a good example of a bad design website. Sure, they have flash, but it's as easy as 123 to see that the design is just a premade basis, the content isn't part of it any longer. Nanan.

#301 PHP Installs
PHP Installs pretty much speaks for itself. The website offers you installation services for any PHP scripts, and a little useful information on them/installation services. Good, in focus, website.

#300 AAN Designers
AAN Designers have a nice cardboard website, with own textures and creative doodles wehere they be needed, as well as Web 2.0 fonts and clean CSS styling. They have services, a portfilio, and a success formula that does just that. Overall a great designer website.

#299 Welford Media
A simple and stylish Web 2.0 webdeveloper website. Just like it's supposed to be, with clean graphics, css, and a little ajax where it's needed.

#298 New Ward
With a layout like theirs, all text clustered together and no divisable graphics or navigational themes, I doubt.

#297 Pixels Media
Pixel Media is a leading Web Site Design and Web Site Development Company offering Affordable Website Design services and pioneer in creating Custom Website Design. So they say, and their design goes to show that they are just as standard as all leading firms, go figure.

#296 Conkurent
Seems like a competitor has sprung forth, eh? Good choice of title, smooth layout, and services offered with reasonable pricing. Their header with green fields has the filename "eyecatcher1", good filename. Overall they seem clean and professional, no reason for doubtiousness.

#295 City IT Solutions
CityIT Solutions, A company located in Pune, INDIA specializes in Website Designing, Web Development, Web based Software Designing, Graphics Design, Logo Design, Character Design, 2D/3D Animation, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building (one way, inbound links and reciprocal), Improving Page Rank and Building Fully Customised Application Software for every type of Industry. Their layout is bland and uncreative, but they have been around since 2003, so they must be doing their job right anyway.

#294 Astriden
Astriden serves you a nice flashy website describing their services in detail. Or, if you so prefer, one just as nice in HTML. Their prices are high and their services don't cover everything., and they haven't been around for long.

#293 SME Solutions
"For all your IT solutions", a bunch of pages, lots of info, but nothing that makes this firm stand out above all others. The design was created three years ago and seemingly hasn't been updated since then.

#292 Pure Coders
Purecoders have a nice flashy layout mixed together with HTML, good customer reviews highlighted, and services indepthfully explained.

#291 RayIce
"Desgin like you dream it." I doubt that, but they do seem nice and professional, with detailed descriptions divided upon many pages, and a swift factorylike website to go with them.

#290 Paknet
Paknet offers a few webrelated services, server information, and service information.

#289 Umer Inc
Umer Inc seems to have a good site at a first glance. Then I take a closer look at the vectorized business man in the top right corner and realize they didn't make it. Infact they didn't even buy it, and it wasn't even free to take, the transperant white line slicing his legs in half is proof that this particular image comes from the biggest stock graphic site available, istockphoto. There goes all their lliability down the drain.

BATCH #46 - Scripter Specials #1

Scripter Specials #1
I've been neglecting this Webox list for a too long time now, so how about bringing it back with a big bang? This week and every week up until the new year I will be giving you two times twice as many links as usual. IOW, 24 links. There are many sites like many other sites, so I apologize if the descriptions get a bit vague or useless, but unless said otherwise the websites in this list are worth a visit if the subject interests you. Peace out! ;)


#288 Tagomatic
The community reccomendation engine. A great place to create tags!

#287 SnowHall
SnowHall is a team of proficient web developers and design experts. They specialize in web development and design along with marketing of websites and businesses. Their website is a bit plain, but still looks good, and is in it's edgy and strangely attractive way very different from basically all other sites online. Text isn't always were it would nominally be, nor are the borders, or the colors. Yet the site is still overall speedy and wellmade. And I love the name.

#286 Barefoot Solutions
Barefoot Solutions is a custom web development, web marketing, and web design company based out of San Diego. Their logo features a man sitting by a desk with his feet on the desk and a laptop infront of his feet, very relaxed, with his eyes closed and a blue sky surrounding. Bad manners. Also, those light conditions are probably not very easy to work with. Once you start thinking about it, the picture is pretty ridiculous, but who cares, it looks nice, and that's the impression they want to give. The domain gives room for further explenation and limitless creativity, which they use well. All in all, it's a nice website.

#285 Etisbrew
When clicking "Why Etisbew ?" I half expect to find out why the hell they chose "Etisbew" as a name. It's not short, and it's strange, though I still doubt I'll remember it. Regardless, this here is a regular website, nothing more, nothing less, at a first glance. Lots of techy talk, lots of info, and prices that go slightly above the competition. Without cause? I cannot judge.

#284 Progress Technologies
Music playing in the background. Six monitors with page titles on them that light up when you hover over them. Very smooth and fast animations between pages and all information categorized nicely. It's a perfect model, well aware of the domain it resides on. Looks great, innovative, worth a watch at least.

#284 Figly
Figly Media has a dark and attractive layout. They also have webhosting, webdevelopment and consulting - all for relatively cheap prices. Their webhosting plans are small, their webdesign plans got you covered, and their consulting probably gives them a lot of money. It's one of those normal sites that might grow or be forgotton. They have a good name, though.

#282 Rezeem
Rezeeeeeem, mmm, savor that name. The website looks good as well, with bright colors, smiling people of both genders, open support, and of course a list of the top five reasons to chose this one company. Everything a commercial webdesign firm must have. ;)

#281 TLI Software
A smooth commercial website, with current prices and the services you need. Blue layout (statistics say it's the most appealing color when it comes to webdesign) with Web 2.0 shapes and forms. Looking good!

#280 OS Commerce Coders
Need an OS Commerce system? This is the place to go. A whole team of programmers dedicated to this cause only are waiting for you here, with lots of information for you.

#279 Insian Software Outsourcing
Offshore webdesign services, again? India, of course, though they claim they work 8 hours a day and five days a week, just like normal people (seems I'm working 24/5, mostly, though). Decent layout, nothing spectacular.

#278 PHP Store
A place selling PHP scripts. A lot of them, and for decent prices as well. Don't expect any scripts with soul and heart put into them, only commercial onehit wonders here, most of them with better free alternatives, but it's a noteworthy effort.

#277 Data Viking
Ahh, just seeing the domain gave me a liking to this place, and it seems like it was well deserved. All graphics are crisp quality, the layout is the best one in this list so far, they have both scrolling text and fading imagery on the frontpage, as well as a dropdown client login form (giving the impression there's a lot more behind the scenes than the great scenery we already see). All information is easy to understand, services range wide and grand, and the pricing isn't bad either. IOt's not just the frontpage they've pimped up swiftly, it's the whole site, it gives honor to the term webdesign. Reccomended.

#276 Web CNP
C&P Web is the name of this place, a very simple firm offering webdesign services. They have four pages, a contact form and a price estimator, and in all this they managed to fit some ajax, CSS, valid xHTML and probably PHP too. It doesn't have to be harder than this with everything included.

#275 UR Technology
Another offshore webdevelopment site, though seemingly not near as professional as the prior ones. Layout is highly simple and most of the pages consist of big chunks of too much text without any graphical dividers. Design is not their sign.

#274 Bench on Demand
On Demand IT Professionals. Clean and professional website, with custom graphics, lots of graphs, lots of text, lots of tabs & lots of information.

#273 Krio Media
Krio Media is a modern and creative webdesigner site offering both services and free scripts/tutorials/graphics/etc. Everything is clean, easy to understand, and with a unique theme fitted for a webdesigner. Focus is on information, no prices, no special deals or overlaying ads. To top it off the domain is ridiculously easy to remember. Great website!

#272 Free Web Scriptz
Free Web Scriptz offer one Free Script, and eleven Paid Scripts. They also offer templates, out of which two are free. To download the free templates or scripts (all THREE of them) you have to fill in name, adress, email, etc and it will be sent to you by email. This is a system that takes up much time in exchange for useless statistical info for the publichers. Bad system, bad site.

#271 Amigura
I can't believe I stumbled upon this site, amidst all these other respectable firms. Here's a webdesigner who actually has a layout consisting of red blue and white, the standard values, no unique shades at all,m colors that really cut into your eyes. The site is simple, with black text and a white background, and information is stacked about neatly, with pieces of clipart here and there. They have quite a few free scripts as well, with optional installation fees, which is great. In terms of programming I'm sure they do their job flawlessly, but in terms of design, awful.

#270 E Balance
"Feel the balance". Good slogan, good website. Complete with text, images, and even a flashy animation, all were it's supposed to be. And the theme is green, I love green.

#269 E-Soft 24
E-Soft is one of those yet-another-quick-business websites selling scripts and services with a mostly premade layout and a regular portal behind it. Nothing new, nothing creative.

#268 Energy Scripts
Energy scripts is an offshore website design and web application development team specializing in e-commerce shopping cart software development, content management systems and custom web design and development. They have a bunch of handy scripts ready for you, at waaaaaaay too high prices, at least a hundred dollars a piece. The layout isn't anything spectacular, so I suppose their services aren't either.

#267 Tam Webdesign
Michael Kozinets didn't give two shits about graphics. His website is as plain as can be, and he puts out all personal information straight in black and white. His resume is of mediocre length and can be downloaded in both MS Word and more modern formats. Nothing unneeded here, it may infact have a little less than needed, there.

#266 Indianic
IndiaNic initiated with a simple, yet profound web design and web development services to help offshore outsourcing development to software outsourcing development companies and web site development firms abroad by providing dedicated web programmer and designers, PHP programmers, .NET developers, offshore software development, outsourcing services, ecommerce website solutions and multimedia solution at affordable price with superior quality. All in all they are pretty big, offer a lot, have at least a hundred pages giving you both simple and indepth explenations for services and offers, and give you (seemingly) good service. The layout is graphically intense, but still loads fast and gives a great first impression. Seems like a trustworthy firm.

#265 Just PHP
justPHP.co.uk is the home of James Benson - a full time, freelance php developer based in the UK, specialized in PHP/SQL. He has a nice little website with his services to offer. Neat, simple, and SEO friendly.

BATCH #45 - Webrelated Resources

Webrelated Resources
I wonder how the net would look without all of these? I don't think I'd like to know, it would be an impalable pale pile of stinkin garbage! And we don't want that, so here's a nice collection of sites for you to visit and extend your skills on. Enjoy!


#264 Vi.sualize.us
Bookmark the pictures you like around the web. Enjoy people's favorite images.

#263 GitHub
GitHub is for Public Open Source and Private Business Code

#262 WebWeaver
Webweaver provides you with easy, easily categorized, tutorials and resources for your website on various topics.

#261 960 Grid System
According to this site, 960 is the width of choice when designing new layouts. Check out their website for useful grids and other valuabe resources.

#260 Generate It
Generate It has generators on all kinds of useful things, such as favicons, mod_rewrite, and more, go take a look if you're too lazy or naive to do it yourself. ;)

#259 Get Drop Box
It's like a magic box, you put all files in it, and they stay up to date everywhere. Want a better de4scription? They're good at that, go check out their video ad, frontpage.

SECRET BATCH #3 - Party HomeComing Edition - Amazing Stuff - A section of WeBox entries never posted before!

Party HomeComing Edition - Amazing Stuff - A section of WeBox entries never posted before!
I just got back from summer vacation, so of course I have some stuff ready for you. Sorry about the lack of descriptions, haven't been able to add any with the quick updates while I've been gone! Anyhow, here's a bunch of links you just must see. Great things to come, enjoy!


#18 Aviary
Create and edit images right from your browser, all the features of any regular image manipulation and creation program, and quite a few more. It is amazing.

#17 Bing
Bing is Microsofts new search engine with a nice name to it.

#16 Blinx
Blinx is a damn nice video search engine!

#15 Ponged
A nice free online gaming website!

#14 Archive
The site where damn near EVERYTHING goes!

#13 Baka BT!
A site to replace the old almighty great Box Torrents!

BATCH #44 - Public Domain & Free Games

Public Domain & Free Games
The public domain is a wonderful libertious conceptive allowing anyone to take use of anything after a specific amount of time has passed by without copyright being renewed. Many old classics are now available due to this law, and there are a couple of sites online that index these. Also, freeware games. Everyone loves free games. If you thought only commercial games couldbe quality, you're dead wrong, check out some of the links below to liven up your knowledge a bit. Enjoy this weeks links!


#258 Archive
The "official" archive saves not only websites, but movies as well, and music, and ebooks, and other opensource texts, and so much more! It's their public domain database of movies the link above leads to. They give you direct downloads at fast speeds and have an amazing collection, the biggest legal one online.

#257 Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is generally a place for pirates and illegal activity, but if you search for works of public domain, you'll find quite a few of them, many not released anywhere else online. If you have high moralle, be careful of what you download, not everything is public domain.

#256 Public Domain Torrents
A good archive of public domain movies in torrent format. If you're interested, you can buy the whole collection on a 1TB harddrive to save time, though the price is a bit high seeing as you could download everything free instead.

#255 Caiman
The motherload of freeware games. Classic or modern, racing, fighting, FPS, adventure, you'll find everything you need to relax and spend a few hours (or years) playing away. Lots of classic games, lots of opensource remakes of classic games, and a lot more.

#254 Freeware Games
Good site with a lot of freeware games, they don't provide their own downloads, but link to the publishers website. If you like online multiplayer games they have a lot of those here.

#253 Digipen
Somewhere in the world there's a university that actually gives out their students game creations for free. This is it. They have hundreds of games within various genres that can be downloaded and played, some of them are crap, some of them are amazing, as students differ in talent so do these games in quality, but it's a great resource regardless. Browse the database and download what seems to your liking. Lots of unique ideas you won't find elsewhere.

BATCH #43 - Scriptsnstuffstuff

Webdesign, programming & scripts are the features of this week. Links follow below!


#252 Ask the Geek
Kenny Hart is a geek, you can ask him about almost anything (computer-related) and he will probably give you a functionable answer, if he has time. Great place to get help with various computer-related issues.

#251 PHP Form
PHP Form provides the world with a whole lot of great free PHP generator scripts, tutorials, and various other resources. I use a few of them on this site.

#250 Terrill
Project section contains a lot of good stuff, worth a watch.

#249 Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser
Pretty funky site idea, and it gives you a straight answer. Still looks the same in all browsers I've tried though, sweet irony.

#248 Bare Naked App
Blog about PHP and various other programmer-related issues, good resource. They tought me how to make a percentage bar with PHP and two images.

#247 Listamatic
One list, many options. A great guide to creating lists with CSS.

BATCH #42 - Envato Network

Envato Network
This network is so great that it deserves a post of it's own. They provide high quality paid resources in many different categories, each with their own site. The prices are low, and you can download the product directly after paying for it. Of course cheaper is better, right? Still, these are worth the visit. If not else, then to fetch inspiration! And now is an extra good time to visit the sites. Why? If you register, you'll use my referal link, so I gain a little extra karma points as well. It's free to sing up. ;) Enjoy!


#246 Audio Jungle
Loops and audio tracks for commercial usage.

#245 Video Hive
Video files is a business too, one relatively new, but they still have quite a few!

#244 Graphic River
Vectors, photographies, icons, and much more.

#243 Theme Forest
You'll find a multitude of WordPress themes here, among other things.

#242 Flash Den
Flash resources, the most highly regarded place online to get them. The site is wellknown, and if you're looking for XML-driven flash Apps or functions for flash websites, this is the place to go to.

#241 Envato
This here is their home page, go there to see a full list of sites or learn more about the company.

BATCH #41 - Great Flash Resources

Great Flash Resources
There are a LOT of good flash resource sites out there, so here are a few for all of you, not much beginner stuff below though.


#240 Tile Based Games
Everything you need to know about making tile-based flash games.

#239 Fisix Engine
Need some added movability in your flashive games? Try this.

#238 APE
The almighty Actionscript Physics Engine. :)

#237 Box2DFlashAS3 2.0.1
Title sais it all, doesn't it? Anyhow, it's yet another great physics engine for flash.

#236 Deviant Art (Flash Section)
You got it, they even have their own flash resource section, with a great deal of useful thingerings inside it.

#235 Flade
Flade dynamics engine is another great Flash Physics engine, it's worth a lookout if time allows.

BATCH #40 - Porno

A PORNO EDITION?! I bet you didn't think I had the guts, or that this website was just such an unsuitable place to post something like this, but here it is. A list of porno sites that truly to provide the web with a lot of great sensationable content. Unless your moral incantations hinder you, take a browse through the sites below, great portals of entertainment and, if you so need, satisfaction. They aren't your typical ad-covered externally-linking websites, they host most of their content and their layouts are spared from unnecesary ad-clutter and massive popup orgasms. Here we go.


#234 YouPorn
You've probably been to YouTube, haven't you? Well, this here is just like it, except maybe a bit smaller (you won't find 15,000 new videos every hour, but they have enough), and for 18+ only. It's free, and with a lot of both good and bad content within various genres.

#233 RedTube
RedTube is pretty much the same as above, with a slightly different layout and (mostly) other content.

#232 Ask Jolene
Here's a site that gives more than just video. They have blogs, forums, erotic literature and galleries too. A haven!

#231 M60
A site with new galleries and videos added daily. They don't have porn only, but I'd guess that is what about 70% of the content consists of. Site has been around for a long time, provides content other places don't.

#230 NewsFilter
Just ignore the title, the site has nothing to do with news. You'll find a long list of video clips and images, some commercial, some noncommercial, some pretty gruesome. Site owned by the same people as the one above.

#229 4Chan
For all those with twisted tastes. :P

BATCH #39 - It's the WEB, developing

It's the WEB, developing
A bunch of mixed webrelated resources for you this week, bestowed.


#228 Pixelwits Blog
Flash, Site Development, General Greativity.

#227 Simple Cart
No databases, no programming, no headaches. A simple javascript shopping cart in under 20kb that you can setup in minutes. It's lightweight, fast, simple to use, and completely customizable. All you need to know is basic HTML.

#226 Joobsbox
JoobsBox is the most flexible software for job boards, with a plugins and themes system ready for your needs. And it is Open Source, FREE.

#225 Wireless DevNet
Scripting, focus on mobility.

#224 PHP Patterns
Heavey Stuff, functions, arrays, all that.

#223 Geekpedia
A community for hardcore geeks, and all that comes with it.

BATCH #38 - Borderline Legal

Borderline Legal
Websites that might not make it that far on the World Wide Web, but we hope they do.


#222 My 420 Friends
My 420 Friends is a private members community which provides insight to laws, medicinal uses, growing and cultivation of marijuana. Our site features, user forums, social dating platform, multimedia galleries interactive video chat and much more.


#221 Jidox
Megaupload, Easy-share, Hotfile & Gigasize Premium Link Generator.

#220 RS Maker
They make downloads for you, easy.

#219 yNull
I know y. Do you? :P

#218 b4ck
A small community for warez and various discussions.

#217 Nulled4All
Another forum. I doubt this place will be around much longer.

BATCH #37 - Hosts-Soon-To-Dissapear

Not all hosts stay alive long. Infact, most hosts are just overnight hosts, especially free ones. I come across quite a few webhosts, and today I thought I'd do something different, list a list of hosts that I predict will NOT stay alive for longer than a year from now. See if my predictions are correct, in a year, from now. ;)


#216 Backhost
A good host, but not good enough.

#215 Free Web Host
Free, good features, bad layout, no economical basis.

#214 Arena Hosts
Both free and paid plans, and a great deal of good features.

#213 HiveSpeed
Oh my, it seems this one is gone already, at the time of posting, what a shame :(

#212 xBrosHost
Host like most others. Cheap prices and good features.

#211 MelorHosts
Good offers, good layout.

BATCH #36 - (half) Next Generation MicroBlogging (half) Cool Stuff

(half) Next Generation MicroBlogging (half) Cool Stuff
Just like twitter. Well, almost. And then some other nifty online things.


#210 Yonkly
Either get hosted, or host your own. The second option isn't free.

#209 Status
"Open Source MicroBlogging service" The domain name makes it ideal for posting updates on your business/website.

#208 Revu
Revou provides you with the original commercial Twitter clone.

#207 Escapist Magazine
The escapist magazine - is an interesting magazine. Not that it has anything to do with twitter ...

#206 Dana Soft
Create signs with your IP adress embedded! Funky. :)

#205 Typewriter Simulator
A typewriter simulator. Oldskool. :)

BATCH #35 - Commercial PHP Script Websites (part 2)

Commercial PHP Script Websites (part 2)
Out of all the commercial PHP script sites out there, both good and bad, I've selected a few. Here they are for public view.


#204 MS PHPS
Not too expensive - always quality - PHP scripts to buy.

#203 Web Dev Labs
They have two scripts so far, but there may be more ...

#202 Plus Kit
Plus Kit is straight turnkey and commerce. Buy a script and get your business started.

#201 Ad Kit
Site just like the above, oriented towards ads, part of the same site network.

#200 iTeche Com
This site has a little bit of everything. Free scripts, paid scripts, templates, hosting, domains, design, etc.

#199 PHP Scripts Online
Name sais more than I need to, and they have a lot of them.

BATCH #34 - Commercial PHP Script Websites (part 1)

Commercial PHP Script Websites (part 1)
There are a lot of scripts out there, especially PHP script, both good and bad. There are free scripts and there are paid scripts. I tend to prefer free scripts, since, ya know, they're free. But that doesn't go to saying paid scripts aren't worth anything. This week we'll be taking a look at some nice commercial PHP selling websites. Here we ho.


#198 WM Scripts
Webmaster Turnkey Scripts aren't free, infact they're pretty damn expensive, but if you feel like starting your own income generating community this is a good place to go to. Remember the income can go both ways however, it all depends on you.

#197 Popscript
Pop Scripts has a large outset of paid scripts ranging through many themes.

#196 Just a Clone
Just Clone is a site that provides you with just that - Clones. Clones of famous websites.

#195 x10 Media
They have a lot of scripts, more than expected, as their slogan tells you

#194 Buy my Scripts
They sell scripts, but I wouldn't buy them from them if I were you. A company who creates scripts should be able to make a better site for themselves.

#193 Great Clone
The name sais it all. And I must admit, they are pretty good!

BATCH #33 - It's Art

It's Art
There are a lot of artistic people online, but how many of them do you know? Maybe you'd like to get to know a few more? Visit a few artistic sites and fetch some fresh inspiration? No worries, I got you covered. ;)


#192 Exula
Exula is a pretty amazing fantasy artist. View a small gallery and resource section on this spiffy little site asap.

#191 FireFlights
FireFlights, the illustration and design site of Jennifer Mills, is even more amazing than the website above. Some of the drawings in color look as real as photographies would do. Worth a view.

#190 Nicks Desk
This site is Nicks, featuring a big mighty prepage to the Insect Dynasty, a series of very detailed and creative fantasy artworks. Check it out below.

#189 The Insect Dynasty
The site the above site links to. Creative insectal art.

#186 Beavotron
Nuts N Beavers is the title of this site, and features some of Alexandria Naonakis stylish cartoonish artworks. Comical and creative, worth a view.

#187 Kelly Vivanco
Kelly Vivanco is another one of the many talented artists online. Her works are serious, mostly, and with a style of its own. Go look.

BATCH #32 - Build Games

Build Games
Many you have probably wanted to make a game at one time at another, but did you? If not, this might be for you. It's not harder than an average person can manage, if you just find the right program that is, and in this list we provide them to you!


#186 Silverlight
Stencyl is currently the most promising game designer available, by which artists of any skill easily can put together concept and game. It's not out yet, but keep your eyes on the site, with such a quick and simple layout the program just must be good.

#185 64 Digits
64 digits is a gaming community dedicated fully to the old and jolly. You'll find games all themed the same as the ones you played twenty years ago (if you were alive then, unlike me) and lots of new creative concepts concieved within the borders of confidence and stable platoform play. Unless you only enjoy the latest of graphical dimensionality, this place is worth a stop. Additionally, it's all free and up for grabs.

#184 Sploder
Here's an easier method of game making. Create levels online, onscreen, and either Save your level for others to play or load other peoples levels. The construction is limited, but fun and easy to do, enjoy.

#183 Audio Game Maker
Make games for visually impared people!

#182 Yo Yo Games
Yo Yo Games provides you with probably the easiest and most supported free Game Making utility available. There are lots of resources and tutorials to grab if you need them.

#181 VB Games
Virtual Basic is a useful and easy-to-learn programming language used by many, here's a good site to get started!

BATCH #31 - Silver the Light

Silver the Light
This week, dedicated to Microsofts new breathtaking technologies. Wherever they may rome, in links they find a home.


#186 Silverlight
Silverlight is a new product similar to Flash developed my Microsoft. Like flash, it can be installed to your browser as a component, and has support for muchly the same things as Flash does, though in a different language and hopefully with a better backbone structure behind it. Unlike Flash, a code that has been in development for close to a decade now, Silverlight is new and thus has no need to focus on past releases, giving it a possibility unlike the previous model. It's far from supported by all people and browsers, but it might be part of the coming future.

#185 Bubblemark
A test created to compare performance of different RIA frameworks and approaches in different browsers. If that tells you something, the website might tell you more.

#184 Moonlight
An opensource implementation of Silverlight released primarily for Linux/Unix based systems. <3 Open Source!

#183 Silverzine
Silverlight resource for developers.

#182 Silverlight Resource Center
A welldocumented documentation and resource collection.

#181 Silverlight Code Snippets
Some things you might find useful.

BATCH #30 - Crappy Flash Game Sites

Crappy Flash Game Sites
This descrition is a much asked for feature addition, so I hope it comes in handy. This week I won't be posting a list of good sites as I usually do, instead the theme of this seven-day now is, as the title states, crappy flash game sites. So either click the links to see how crappy sites look so you can easily avoid them in the future, or learn to feed upon this worlds fragile balance. Whichever you chose, may the opensource be with you.


#180 Free Flash Online Games
It has games, and is fully functional, but it's unpretty and crappy.

#179 Games Dub
Only the most popular games here, in a semi-professional layout.

#178 Fish Flash Games
It's not fishy at all, but it's not one of your better flash game sites . . .

#177 Flash Game
Flash Game really isn't that bad. They have games, and a nice layout. All they lack is identity.

#176 Online Games Flash
Despite the title being in a SEO order instead of a humanly readable such, there's some good content here, go look.

#175 Armor Games
Finally, in disobedience of this weeks theme, heres a good Flash Games site for you to play around with/on. It seems like their automatically shielded from all crapiness online, enjoy!

SECRET BATCH #2 - Swedes? Again?! Rejoice, a second Hidden edition just for you! ;)

#12 Mobil Utbildning
Utbilda dig snabbt och mobilt. Viktigt att hänga med i dom svängiga teknikutvecklingarna i dessa härliga hektiska tider. :)

#11 Logisk Mat
Tänk logistk - tänk ekologiskt!

#10 Punkt 11
En sifferlig samt miljömedveten punkt på nätet.

#9 Webbstajrnan
Gör wen webbplats om skolarbetet och vinn 20,000KR! Önskar denna sida ännu hade funnits när jag pluggade mer än heltid . . .

#8 IDG
Det allra senaste i teknikens väg, det hittar du här! Nyheter, och mycket annat.

#7 TV, nu!
Älskar du att se på TV kommer du verkligen att gilla denna sida. Det gör ialafall jag. ;)

BATCH #29 - Flashy Games Online

#174 One More Level
One more level is a surprisingly fast, clean, attractive and yet fun and creative collective website for flash games. Waste an hour or two if you have time to waste and explore it's neatly categorized realms of entertainment. You won't find a better site, promises.

#173 Jay is Games
Jay is games gives you flash game reviews. Tons of them, by different people, and most of them turn out to be both entertaining and freely playable! Worth a bookmark it might be. ;)

#172 Caiman
Freeware games for download every day. They have a ton of them ready for ya, roughly 5200 at the time of writing, and more constantly streaming by.

#171 Big Download
Big Download is an Indie website with blogs and reviews on the latest of promising smallscale games being released for free in various locations around our great globe. The texts posted are mostly worth reading and the games linked to are almost almost definately worth playing, so this site is muchly reccomended.

#170 Miniclip
Miniclip is a large and wellorganized commercial community dedicated to flash games. You can play, buy, download and play games made exclusively for their community.

#169 Online Flash Games
The site that pops up as #1 after a quick search with Google, and it seems to be a good site too, who knew. ;).

BATCH #28 - Flash Games, for the developers!

#168 Flash Game License
Need a supporter? Here's a site that will connect you and your idea with a suitable one. Quick, no hassle extra. Reccomended.

#167 Mochi Land
No doubt you haven't stumbled upon Mochi Ads if you've been designing good games for some time now. This is their playground, a fun and resourceful place.

#166 Mochi Ads
If you're looking to make money off your flashes, this is a place to stop by. You can here use ads, the same way as they are used on regular webpages, inside your flash files. They can be shown at a chosen location, while the game loads (preloaders is build-in) or as a popup within the flash file. The choices are many, and the money by penny is much if your flashes get much attention Jenny - or whatever your name is. For flash ads, it is at the moment the number one choice.

#165 Outside Society
Outside Society (hosted by MoxieCode) is a little alcove with a large gathering of links and resources for flash game creating. It's a, for some hard to find, treasury in this twisted net. So go see it.

#164 User Logos
A site that gives you exactly what the title implies, Logos. Users create logos for other users upon request, all logos are searchable, and all are free to download. A useful resource for both flashes and other things.

#163 IconsPedia
Iconspedia is a site with a clever name dedicated to clean and consistent icons. These are released in packs and are both easy and free to download. Browse categories with previews or search for keywords, there is a lot to find.

BATCH #27 - Smallscale Gamedevelopers with STYLE

#162 2D Boy
2D Boy loves 2D games. He also blogs about such games, and makes such games, and he is pretty darn good at it too.

#161 Nifflas Games
Nifflas, the one person behind the ambient oldskool success series Knytt, featuring a small girl called June and her quest around a large and at times dangerous world, has his home here. You can download his games, chat at the forums, and grab ahold of quite a few other resources as well.

#160 Knytt Levels
Knytt Levels is Nifflas ^ project, a public repository for level files in conjunction with his Knytt Stories series. If you become as addicted as I did, you'll certainly need this link! If you haven't played Knytt Stories yet, you may find it by ways of the site linked above this one.

#159 Cave Story Fansite
This here is a fansite for Cave Story, a legendary game made by Studio Pixel. It took him over four years to puzzle together this oldskool modern 2D adventure, but it was worth every second. If you don't find yourself enjoying it there must be something wrong with you.

#158 Matt Makes Games
That he does. View and download his games here, or just take a look at his creatively composed blog once in a while.

#157 8Bit Collective
8Bit Collective is THE place to go for oldskool newmade music. Retrovideogamelovers, look here, this place is for you.

BATCH #26 - RCLODFAD (Randomly composed list of design firms and design)

#156 Great Design
Great Design is a blog unlike others. Well it probably isn't, but it certainly is something above your average design blog. The layout is smooth and the visions they have for show are all beutiful, worth a visit.

#155 Remoting Coders
Remoting Coders, a very succesful webdesigner coallition. Why, I have no idea, their website looks like a pile of shitpiles, they have music playing in the background, no company information pops up, other things do popup however. It seems to me they haven't followed any of the design principles well, yet here they are, past the verge of fame and fortune. What is the world coming to . . .

#154 Woot Design
Woot Design offers a lame interface and a blank "Under Construction" page. Any webdesigner knows that "Under Construction" pages just don't cut in no more. Blegh.

#153 Smart Software
Smart Software Solutions is a site much like the above. With a few services and much success, but obviously no influential creativity flowing in their veins. Link to site is posted to be toasted, observed, and swerved around hopefully.

#152 Woot Creative
Woot Creative is a firm nothing short of their name in game. They have a stylish site and light plans in flight. Worth a watch if it is of interest.

#151 Yay Design
Yay design is just celebrating their 5th year aniversery as I stop by. A big "yay!" unsurprisingly fills the screen, as well as a large five and a menu. The site is both creative and easy enough to use, and I wish I had been the first one to grab a hold of their name and great domain. Aww...

BATCH #25 - Masters of Code

#150 MoxieCode
Ever used the TinyMCE editor? I'm sure you have, it's used by probably thousands if not tens of thousands of websites all around the globe. I bet you didn't know that Moxie Code created it though, yessir, they did. Download that and a few plugins from their website, or purchase support and custom content managment . . . or just stare at the beautiful layout for a few seconds wondering if you should maybe take a peek at the source code or steal it for yourself. Whichever path you chose to follow, you may do so by clicking the link above.

#149 RaxanPDI
There are many frameworks out there, both free and commercial, both old and revolutionary. Raxan is just one of them, but as a good one as such, there are never too much. Enjoy!

#148 phpBB
When it comes to Open Source discussion forum scripts phpBB is, and has been for a long time, one of the most supported and feature enriched SQL-database PHP scripts in it's class. Together with SMF and punBB they build current leads within the genre, it's always a great start for both beginners and advanced users, and can be modified to do so much more than it's actually built for.

#147 phpBB Resources
phpBB resources, a place for not many but very a usefel thing.

#146 WordPress
Open Source blogging software? Wordpress is a legend in system, a script you will find with virtually any webhosting plan, and for which there are tens of thousands of available plugins, hacks and themes for the various versions. They constantly thrive to push the limits to what an open-source blogging platform can do, at times they make blunders, but mostly they succeed. WordPress is forever a fundemental element for all writers online..

#145 punBB
Didnd't like phpBB? Try this, it's smaller, easier to use, yet far from left behind. punBB steps aside from the other open forum systems and paves their own path. They are not a breed of their own, but their code is their home, and they work great!

BATCH #24 - Get Flashy II

#144 Flashguru Forums
Swedish people! This is the site for you, Swedens largest forum for flash creators. Lots of resources, information and help available here.

#143 UltraShock
They claim to be "The ultimate resource site for creative professionals" ... and I suppose they might be write. You'll find a wide variety of useful things here, go take a look.

#142 Sepiroth
Sepiroth is a smaller yet very active and dedicated community with a gazillion blogs and downloaded related to you know what.

#141 Adobe Support
Adobes support page has more information than you'll ever bare reading through. It might not always be directed in best relevence of learning, but there is a LOT of useful guidance here. One shouldn't expect less from the original creators.

#140 Actionscript
Actionscript is a large place with a lot of tutorials, resources, and other things. It's worth a visit.

#139 Macromedia
Lets not forget who originally started this spectacle, before they were bought by Adobe a few years ago. And yes, the link redirects. Macromedia is no more.

BATCH #23 - Get Flashy

#138 Adobe
Adobe is the official creater. The one who makes both the plugin and the best program to create flash objects for it. You can download the plugin for free and a free trial of the program that lasts for 30 days, use the time well. :)

#137 Kirupa
Kirupa is the foremost community for learning how to deal with flash. They give you resources, tutorials, links, and a large community with a little bit of everything in it. Don't miss it!

#136 Flash Components
Flash Components is a website dedicated to . . . you guessed it, flash components. When building websites and other interactive applications with flash, there's plenty of information here to fetch that might help you, and if you don't feel like building these applications yourself there is already a multitude of useful objects and scripts available for mostly commercial download but at times for free. It's a good place to go if there's something you need.

#135 My Sack Boy
A small planterian game website created entirely in flash, creative and unique. I won't say more.

#134 Ecodazoo
Browse through a minitude of different beasts and other funky creatures in a dynamic flash enviornment. Ambient birdly music plays in the background, and various effects guide you between transitions. It's a nice place to explore and see more.

#133 BartleBogleHeGarty
If you're wondering what Bartleboglehegarty is, then head over to the website. It's a nice example of how flash can be used to create something simply dynamic and creativatingly compact.

BATCH #22 - New age of Sound

#132 8Bit Peoples
The 8bitpeoples first came together in 1999 as a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames and an approach to music which reflected this obsession. Their primary interests were to provide quality music for free and most importantly to have fun. In the years since, they have grown in rank and expanded their goals! If you like classic, ambient mostly, "bit"ter music, you might want to check out their site. All music is free to both listen and download . . . and there's a lot of it. Everything can be downloaded and shared legally, distributed under the Creative Commons license.

#131 Plain Audio
"Plain" means clear and concise - it is literally defined as "simple" and "without pattern". Plain Audio is an online lable offering simple digital ambience in many forms, by many artists. Audio is free to listen to and easy to download. As with 8BitPeoples, their music is free to download and share, released under the CC license.

#130 Music Shake
Whether you know music or not, Musicshake is the super easy and user friendly application to create your own music without having to go through the hurdle of learning an instrument, taking music classes, or owning professional audio gear. All you need is a PC and an internet connection to start creating your own tracks. With that said, and roughly 550,000 copyright-free music samples provided, the ability to record your own voice and an underlying community. It truly is a tool built to be used. I don't, but for those who have the time to try it out, it sounds like a spectacle.

#129 Mod Archive
This here is the worlds largest collection of music modules, so large I hadn't even heard about it before! Nevertheless, it's a place worth visiting if you need visiting this place.

#128 Trax in Space
Trax in Space is a nice Indie Music Community where people can sign up and submit their music. It goes without saying you can listen to music as well, interact with other users and maybe gain some publicity and attention in the process.

#127 CTG Music
CTG Music is another nice place the Indie culture thrives and sings on.

BATCH #21 - Doukutsu Monogatari

#126 Remix Project
If you liked the ingame music, you'll love these high quality remakes on all Cave Story tracks.

#125 Shiis Fansite
She made a fansite for this great game, not much, but useful. If you'de like to further mod the game a bit, have a look.

#124 Project Cave Story
Just incase you don't understand Japanese, here is the official English translation project webpage.

#123 Nicalis Website
Nicalis is one of the people behind the new Wii port of Cave Story you see below. He is a very interesting person with a wonderfully designed website you just have to go and see, right away!

#122 Cave Story Wii
This is the first official Cave Story site created, dedicated to the new version of the same game currently being created for the popular console Nintendo Wii. What started out as a personal freeware game project has grasped the hearts and souls of hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people already. have a look.

#121 Cave Story Fansite
Never heard of Cave Story before? Oh well then, you had better head over to this site right away and read more about it. Maybe see some images too. Maybe listen to some music. Maybe even download it and play it if you feel intrigued, and if you don't, then this weeks list of links probably isn't anything for you, sorry.

BATCH #20 - T-Shirts! Buy them, Wear them, Love to BUY them, Love to WEAR them, the links are here then

#120 Emptees
Lots of creativity here, if you need a new TShirt is it definitely worth the visit! Notice the wonderful title wordplay.

#119 Uncrate
The buyers guide for men. Lots of pictures, lots of interesting stuff, stylish clothing and classy gadgets, might inspire.

#118 BD Threads
Bad Designer Threads is just another random group of designers that thought it’d be cool to make shirts. If you like random shirts, you might like these.

#117 Red is White
This is the place to go for creative, quality shirtware. The designs are amazing, the prices aren't too high and the shipping is, if you live in the right places around the world, FREE. Though the title is a smaller failure.

#116 Alex Chalmers
Alex Chalmers is purely creative. Watch his animations, look at his drawings, and appriciate the uniqueness each one carries with it. Not that he has anything with T-Shirts to do. Enjoy it.

#115 This is Tim
Tim is who he says he is, and this is his place for design online.

SECRET BATCH #1 - Swedes? Rejoice, a first Hidden edition just for you! ;)

#6 Hyra Hyra
Hitta ställen att hyra, eller hyr ut ställen till andra. Snabbt och enkelt, inget trassel här.

#5 HoodBoard
Hitta begagnade prylar i närheten. Denna enkla sökmotor letar rätt på saker nära dig via ett hundratal svenska annonsidor! Anabbt, enkelt och billigt.

#4 Annonskartan
Annonser nära dig.

#3 Pryl
Gillar du prylar så gillar du definitivt den här sidan också!

#2 Ny Teknik
Det allra senaste i teknikens väg, det hittar du här!

#1 Favoriter
Håller koll på det du gillar, och ger dig en hel del nytt att intressera dig för.

BATCH #19 - People, A chosen few out of the vast and anonymous Blue

#114 I Am Garth
Garth is a partner with a select group of forward-thinking companies creating stellar brands, marketing campaigns, product launches, and online experiences. This site is his blog and portfolio, flowing with creativity and creations.

#113 David Studarus
David is a photographer, and his website contains lots of photographs, all abstract and most of them wellmade, might be worth a look at.

#112 This is Aarons Life
Aarons website is about design, Development, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He has a blog.

#111 Kyle Steed
Life, Design & Faith. A blog and portfolio with lots of clean images and interesting scribbles.

#110 I'm Just Creative
Graham is just creative, but probably a lot more. Here is his design page, with blog and portfolio, and maybe some good information as well.

#109 This is Tim
Tim is who he says he is, and this is his place for design online.

BATCH #19 - People, A chosen few out of the vast and anonymous Blue

#114 I Am Garth
Garth is a partner with a select group of forward-thinking companies creating stellar brands, marketing campaigns, product launches, and online experiences. This site is his blog and portfolio, flowing with creativity and creations.

#113 David Studarus
David is a photographer, and his website contains lots of photographs, all abstract and most of them wellmade, might be worth a look at.

#112 This is Aarons Life
Aarons website is about design, Development, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He has a blog.

#111 Kyle Steed
Life, Design & Faith. A blog and portfolio with lots of clean images and interesting scribbles.

#110 I'm Just Creative
Graham is just creative, but probably a lot more. Here is his design page, with blog and portfolio, and maybe some good information as well.

#109 This is Tim
Tim is who he says he is, and this is his place for design online.

BATCH #18 - Internet is just about Games and Games, FIGHT

#108 Combat Arms
A free and entertaining, graphically enriched multicombatant firstpersonshooter online.

#107 Blackshot
Blackshot is a soon to arrive, extremely promising and previously out of the good FREE world graphically sursprisable first person shooter, worth waiting a few weeks more for. See the trailers and game information before it arrives. Out of the games listed here this is the only one with both a reasonable singpleplayer plotline and multiplayer action.

#106 Gunz
The name sais it all. You chose a character, a stage, and run around collecting guns blasting each other to bits. A whole lot of fun, believe it.

#105 Savage 2
Savage 2 is a relatively old FPS online, but still of reasonable quality and with a good addition factor to it.

#104 OP7
'Nother good shooter for ya.

#103 My Brute
Here's a little different online action, set up your own fighter in a matter of seconds, and start batteling foes of the same level daily from there on. You level up quickly, have a choice on which opponnents to fight and you can participate in tournaments/rankings/referals/other stuff to further move forward in the world of brutality. Also, fights are automatic, just sit back and watch. It's a pretty entertaining smallscale world of gaming.

BATCH #17 - Webdesign Stuff, Plus two Celebration a hundred Links Linked (!)

Celebrating the first hundred chosen links listed and reviewed with a special double this week, enjoy. ;)

#102 OnfiniteHere's a filehost unlike others, joy and rejoice! ;)

#103 Design Float
Design Float is the Digg for webdevelopers and nerds in general, go look.

#101 MySpace Pros Forums
Myspace, you say? Nope, not just that, this community is an oasis in the desert of online resources if you're looking for graphics, designs and advice from other users. Buy graphics easily from various users using paypal or download freely distrubuted graphics of all sorts with ease. It's heaven for resourceful designers, visit.

#100 Type Matrix
It's about keyboards.

#99 Right Signiture
The easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. Digitally. And it's for free.

#98 Listable
Listable is nothing more than a web site where you can type up some lists and have them handy if you need them later. They say nothing more, but infact it gives you pretty much, and all lists are available in a nice array of different fileformats, very useful.

#97 Quarkbase
Quarkbase shows you all the info you need on a website of choice. Check it out, search for cyberd.org and see what info it gives you. ;)

#96 Top
TOP.ORG tracks the number of unique visitors and pageviews a site generates every day. It ranks sites based on the number of unique visitors it gets in a one week period. Every Sunday it resets back to zero and the rankings restart anew. They keep history of all stats as well, and of course the service is free and unlimited (any number of sites can be tracked and listed).

BATCH #16 - Seeing the FUTURE

#95 Revelations of the Future Kind
A site dedicated to providing people with sites related to the future.

#94 The Living Universe Foundation
A group dedicated towards space conolization on an intergalactic level. It is a smaller group, not always too serious, but interesting to contemplate with.

#93 The Long Now Foundation
"The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to creatively foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years." - Quoted from their website. Interesting stuff.

#92 Millenium Project
A global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities.

#91 World Future Society
20 Forecasts for the next 25 Years.

#90 Open Directory - The Future
If I cought your inspiration in this weeks theme, here's where to go for more sites within the same delinquencies. A large list of links to the future, you'll find, here.

BATCH #15 - Anime! Mation!

#89 The Otaku
The Otaku is a very large anime community that hass been there since the premonition of the interwebs, and that is constantly growing in size of members and content. They have information, discussions, and plenty of other resources such as wallpapers, fanwords, etc. If you like anime, be sure to go here.

#88 @ Anime
An anime magazine online, plenty of interesting and viewworthy material, updated regularly.

#87 Anime
The site that snatched the main name, lucky them, for us quite a shame, though. There is a lot of content here, quickly put together in the ideal of moneymaking and marketing, navigation is uneasy and finding your way through the recklessly composed archives on animationary isn't easy, not reccomended for more than one visit.

#86 ZOMG Anime
The best place to watch anime online! Browse through, and look at, a long list of worthy series through their simple and regularly updated interface.

#85 Anime That
Here's another nice anime streaming site. :)

#84 Anime Pile
And to end this weeks listing, here's another site devoted to providing you with online anime streams. Lots of them, decent quality, and a good interface to guide you through. These streaming anime sites are quite the fad nowadays, search google for "watch anime online" for at least a few hundred good alternatives. Enjoy!

BATCH #14 - Imagine, Imageries without limits! Creativity does not diminish, never. :) Plz, Anime, too.

#83 Photo Funia
Create your own instant photoshops using an asstounding set of premade frames and effects. Many hours of fun guaranteed!

#82 The Sheep Market
What happens when a few thousand regular employees start drawing quick less than one minute sketches of sheep? Here you go, an example on the endless creative projects going on online.

#81 Tiny Eye
Image search engine, the first of its kind.

#80 Google Image Labeler
Get matched with a random partner and try guessing words for pictures, if you both type in the same world, this is what will be used in the official search results. Yet another creative and experimental project from Google!

#79 Anime
Swedens cuddliest anime society, roughly translated. If you don't speak Swedish, don't bother, if you do this is a cultural locality to check out.

#78 Animecka
The proxy of Anime, tons of info on different series, complete with reviews and ratings, in Swedish.

BATCH #13 - Scribble Scribble - Versery places for the creative of mind! And other useful stuff.

#77 Paper Tank
A creative community for poetry and addictive fiction, with a friendly and compassionate group of users, great place.

#76 Dummies
Surely you've read at least one of their literary works of art? Here's their online presence, complete with free motional guides for the most varied areas of expertise and useable knowledge.

#75 About
This site has a little bit of everything on a little bit of anything. Guides, advice, articles and so much more, easily divided up in searchable categories and sections. The site certainly lives up to its name.

#75 Pretty Loaded
Defines the art in preloading, a nice collection of, or if you so may say, the one eternal preloader.

#74 Media Converter
If you're not too worried about file specifics, but only the extensions that go with them, this is the ultimate file converter to use. It converts everything, images, audio, video, documents, and much more.

#73 Splashup
Tired of the same old Paint? Get some new colors, here's a revolutionary flash application that does all your paint can do, and almost all your photoshop could do for you, with a much simpler interface and quick functionality. It's a breeze, and it comes in both online and downloadable formats! And not to forget, it's all for free!

BATCH #12 - Nifty Scriptures

#72 Fresh Meat
Don't worry, it's not a site with mature content of any sort, it does infact have one of the biggest libraries of code online, and will be of great assistance to you and your journeys into the scriptures of the net. Good luck!

#71 Your Minis
Useful widgets for your blog, website, startpage and desktop! They have a lot of them, too.

#70 dZone Snippets
15050 users tagging and storing useful source code snippets! Seems like I caught the slogan at a nice and neat number, because surely it hasn't alrways been like that? Regardless, this site may provide you with much useful code, it's a gigantic treasure alcove not many people know about, so go ahead, click the link and pray it's not dead. :/

#69 Our Biz for You
Want to get a webhosting account and start making money from your new website without real purpose within months? This site gives you (well, in exchange for money a few nice scripts to get started, and articles on the subject for FREE. If you're not completely new to the game most of it won't help you much, but at least you can fetch some inspiration and ideas from this .biz niche.

#68 The Cool News
A site that really does provide you with cool news! Updated regularly with strategies and script to improve and make your life infront of the screen easier than it was before.

#67 Gmail IMap Mod
A simple PHP script that lets you just enter your account info once and then call to this script to view latest messages without needing to login! Great use, just don't upload it your public website and let the world get ahold of life inside your account . . . unless you want them to.

BATCH #11 - Variosity, my new word, the term for concepts of not only one sort, but many.

#66 Making Friends
A strange WEB and TV series filled with creativity. Browse their informative, entertaining and highly interactive website for hours without end!

#65 Offsprung
Your life didn't end when you became a parent! Not that I have become one, but it's their slogan, and despite not having children of my own I appriciate the warm comedy and occasional satire this website brings me, it updates often as well.

#64 Gigapan
View the world in a whole new perspective! Gigapan is a photo format this is, in regard to others, friggin HUGE! Use this technology to zoom in and view even the largest sceneries in detail.

#63 Word Stuff
Having trouble with Microsoft Word? Looking to publish your own book? This enormous guide of guides helped me greatly, hope it does the same for you, if you need it.

#62 48 Laws of Power
The path towards total control! A very wellcomposed list of psycholigical strategies to harness those under you.

#61 Sound Cloud
Sign up and send or upload sounds for people to listen to. Keep in mind that the FREE account option is pretty limited though, but their services are always topnotch.

BATCH #10 - Tenth! Woot! Musically endowed edition, royalty and freedom.

#60 Bling my Zik
A great resource blog for audio resource, loops and samples.

#59 Loops
The most obvious internetal resource for loops and effects.

#58 Partners in Rhyme
Royalty free music and sound effects.

#57 Sound Loop Studio
Royalty FREE music loops for multimedia projects.

#56 Loop Sound
Royalty free music for Filmmakers, Web designers and TV Producers. Not "free".

#55 Music Loops
Royalty free music loops and full length tracks for preview and immediate download. Not "free".

BATCH #9 - You Digg?

#54 Digg
The original, the one and only. Digg is the place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blogs, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by their users.

#53 Sustaind
Sustain'd is a place where people can submit and "sustain" their favorite LDS-oriented web pages. Blog posts, photo pages, church articles, you name it. It's just like digg, but smaller, faster, and to some with better more wisely chosen content.

#52 Yahoo! Buzz
Patch a piece of the updations and news worldwide, clean and easy to use.

#51 Stumble Upon
Personal Reccomendations to help you discover the web.

#50 Mixx
Latest news, videos and photos from all over the web!

#49 Kaboodle
The Digg alternative when it comes to shopping.

BATCH #8 - NG Net, the Fourth

#48 Naruzap productions
A little bit of nothing really.

#47 Ultimate Reviews
A website with lots of reviews!

#46 Mc Leod Gaming
Games, cartoons, animes, everything.

#45 Celt X
#1 choice for media pre-production! Or so they claim.

#44 MCSM Studios
Portfolio and other stuff!

#43 Zone Archive
Some free hetai, some paid. A loyal submittor and marketer through the NG community.

BATCH #7 - NG Net, the Third

#42 Star Ogre
As they say: "Free Flash, movies, games and more!"

#41 Inconsequential Existence
As they say: "Movies, Games, Writing, Arrrt."

#40 Claxor
As they say: "More than just a site!" Or less, depending on how you market it.

#39 Game Weasel
As they say: "Tons of FREE flash games!" Not that the arcade here at cyberDB doesn't have more though ...

#38 Podtube
As they say: "Your news with a cinical, editorial spin."

#37 Down the Net
As they say: "Hosting that doesn't suck!" A decent smmallscale webhost.

BATCH #6 - NG Net, the Second

#36 Steven Gotz
Steven Gotz website. Personal portfolio and others.

#35 Camp North
Artworks, articles, and other stuff. Great site, large community, non-commercial, highly deviant users.

#34 Underpassed
A smallscale wbesite providing exclusive, professional articles.

#33 LalWoah
Be a part of it.

#32 Kombat Pavillion
Everything and more about Mortal Kombat!

#31 Transmission X
Papercut. A great online webcomic with many different stories.

BATCH #5 - NG Net, the First

#30 Drew Pickles
Suck a 4chan, an archive of images taken mostly from the popular and infamous repository 4chan. The worst o the worst, sxpect shocking and very unmoral sexually explicit content.

#29 Jazza Studios
A small and wellmade portfolio featuring Jazzas great creations.

#28 ZeroM3
A swift portfolio with some flash, text and other artistry.

#27 Tira Lira
The works of Lira. A smallscale and semiinspiring blog with a little bit of everything.

#26 Deletion Quality
A quality non-quality site. Tends to be the place where everything that doesn't make it onto the larger flash communities go.

#25 Project Cerbera
Ben Cerberas website. A portfoilio of various projects and creativity.

BATCH #4 - Photographics

#24 Worth 1000
The holy grail of photography and photoshopping. Contests, tutorials and millions of inspiring creations can be found here.

#23 Photoshop Lady
The best PhotoShop tutorials from all around the world!

#22 Urban Dirty
Free texture stock photography for you!

#21 iStock Photo
The interenets original user-generated buyable stock-photography website. Professional and LARGE.

#20 Library of Photography
Nice snapshots to look at, and to buy if interested..

#19 Pro Fotos
All photography, all the time.

BATCH #3 - Webdesigner Wonder

#18 For Webdesigners
THE best webdesigner resources with links to hundreds of the best free and paid services the www provides!

#17 CG Textures
Free digitally created textures for usage in all kinds of designs.

#16 Web Designer Wall
A wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials. A colorful and wonderful website!

#15 Spoon Graphics Blog
A beautiful blog providing the world with some great designrelated resources and information.

#14 BitBox
Free textures, tutorials, tools and much other information and resource.

#13 Freelance Switch
A community for freelancers. Find jobs, opportunities, ideas and lots o resources.

BATCH #2 - Aiming for Royalty

#12 Yay Micro
Images for all uses! Buy or Sell.

#11 Feature Pics
Yet another quality image buy/sell website, dedicated mostly to webdesigners and artists.

#10 Alamy
The worlds largest provider of quality Stock photographies, currently over 14 MILLION! Search, Buy or Submit your own.

#9 Stock Expert
Royalty FREE photography community. Buy, sell and discuss..

#8 Image Kind
A place to create, buy and sell artworks of various sorts. Driven by Cafepress, the largest clothing shop on the net.

#7 Red Bubble
Clothing, Artworks and many more items! Buy to yourself or sell to others, great place.

BATCH #1 - A Beginning

#6 GTA: Ped Names & Info
For GTA modders only, this topic will probably make life much easier for you. All Ped Names and Textures in a neat list.

#5 My Open ID
Open ID is an internationall login system used by many bloggers and a handful of other websites. It is both handy to use on yours, or sign up for to comment easily on many others. Ofcourse it's FREE.

#4 Ninja
Deadly accurate search! The best idea for a search engine ever (at least the title), and it uses the same engine as Google too!

#3 Reality Ripple
A bunch of useful software by a non commercial productory.

#2 No Media Kings
A good site about getting your own stuff out to the world. Lots of articles and information, among other interesting items.


#1 Media Player Classic
The best video player, ever, period(.) It has support for almost all formats, a small filesize, and is packed full with all kinds of useful features such as external subtitle support and modification. Works on both Mac, Windows & Linux.



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