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Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad (2016)

I've been hoping to see this one for a long time now, and finally I did! It was better than I expected, though at the same time not. Some scenes felt clumsy and imperfect, and Deadshot (Will Smith yeah!) not at all as crazy and savage as his Marvel-movie counterpart Deadpool - but then again the messy parts here are what made it feel real. Messy as in unexpected and authentic - Deadpool had a different kind of messy. It feels gritty like a Suicide Squad should feel, and though it ends a bit oddly - with everyone locked into their cells once again, it seems that may not be the case forever...

The whole group are an interesting bunch of personalities, and Harley Quinn in particular shines with her lovable kind of crazy. She's not unkind, really - no matter what she says or does. She's one of a kind. And though everyone on the team is supposed to be a bad guy (or girl), none of them seem that bad. Apart from maybe that one girl who deserts the team.

In time Deadshot turns into the frontman; the real hero, and it was cool to see that one guy with the full-body skeleton tattoo make an appearance as a short-lived villain as well, with supercool powers. The powers: they're all really pretty cool! The Witch has a pretty stereotypical look, but her brother was a new appearance, and their turning the tide on all of humanity was an unexpected twist of fate.

The whole plot's a bit random like that. A bit chaotic. A bit crazy... but in a good way.

It's also interesting how they call people with superpowers meta-humans here, rather than mutants (as they do in the Marvel world). It feels like a thin line between this and the X-Man franchise, though they are two competing brands after all, so it'd be natural they try to outshine the other with similar force. Their worlds feel so similar I sometimes forget to tell them apart, but they all have their own characteristics, not least: DC always ends up feeling darker somehow. Which in this case is a bit strange considering the term meta-humans has a much more positive connotation than 'mutant'.

I thought this was the movie where Harley and Deadpool fell in love btw, but apparently that's an impossible romance - one that'd have to break through the divide of competing megabrands to ever become a reality. It was the theme for a recent art contest that's been all up in the news on NG, so it appears I was tricked by fan fiction! :/

Oh well. They would've made a perfect duo, but then again Deadpool already has a crazy love in his life so that's alright.

Either way this was a great watch, and I'm looking forward to the sequel(s). With a cast like this surely there's more to come.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

July, 2019

Suicide Squad (2016)

It never feels like D.C movies really have the same 'soul' as Marvel ones... even when they get all the good actors, and do their fancy special effects and outros. They just never have the same kind of chemistry. The production quality's top-notch but it's always usually missing something.

Still, it's not bad. Just missing that extra something that makes it all amazing. It's a movie made of a time when Superman has left the Earth though - so that must say something right? Something promising. And plus one for darkness. I'm not sure I caught that backstory before.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

April, 2022

Suicide Squad (2016)

This was better than I remembered it. Darker too. Deadshot may seem like the star of the show but it's really Harley isn't it? And her flashbacks. Crazy wild love. The enchantress too. It's all love here.

They take things and break things, and build things and stake things, and go crazy with mayhem, turn building's to playpens, it's just business ain't it? World saving agents. Guardians of... planet Earth.

Yeah this was great.

From what I remember from the second one they went and made it way more of a comedy allofasudden. Chasing the Marvel formula maybe. Which I usually do love. But I also love this.

It just ended way too easy; way too cliché; way too quick.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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