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Summer 2022

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I put together a little photographic recap of our summer for Christmas this year - haven't done something like this in seven years at this point.

It takes you from the start of summer till the end of it over a span of around four months, from late May until the middle of October, 2022.

There's a material copy of this in our living room now but apparently you can share it digitally as well, so I thought some of y'all might enjoy it too!

No annotations though. It's a purely visual sojourn that follows the season, with notable places and people, occasions and accomplishments - though it may not give an accurate representation on quantities of any individual veggies. Just little glimpses. The batches depicted herein are the final ones of the year, before frost swept in and took the remainder.

We're still feasting on homegrown almond potatoes, and probably will be until early Spring. :) And on frozen berries until we pick new ones.

Until next year! Till next summer. Till times of fun and wonder.


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  1. biterr
    Saturday Dec/31/2022

    Things I noticed:
    there was some girl scout in one picture (my homie),
    you have better crocs than me

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Your homie? Say what? You know one of those girls?

    My sister's usually in these pictures too btw, first summer ever she actually didn't manage to get up to the farmhouse at all, the ones you see are the rest of the family, and a few cousins stopping by...

    And those crocs: they're legit crocs actually. Authentic brand ones.

    We have a bundle of cheaper copies, but the traction and buoyance is so much better with the real ones. Even hiked up some mountains with these.

  3. biterr
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Every scout is your homie, even if you don't know him. Scouts for scouts.
    I don't know her.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Ah! Should've joined the scouts too, so many potential homies out there...

  5. S3C
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    finally, I have been looking forward to the pics since Summer 2016.
    that's a real nice applet, but I think I prefer the old-fashioned plain image galleries sans javascript.

    Things I noticed:
    Is Bob balding?
    Never imagined your house to be two stories
    what is that white bone looking thing on pg 6
    ever noticed how the river/sky/meadows have the same colors as the Swedish flag
    ever noticed that Sweden and Ukraine flags look similar
    who ever said the grass wasn't greener on the other side (pg 9)...that was a damn lie of epic proportions. Got damn xeroscaping Californians
    there was/is a Facebook group back in the day called 'I don't care how comfortable your Crocs are, you look like a dumb@ss'
    did you steal Luffy's hat
    bug *smash*
    a rare pocket of civilization in the Northern Norths
    holy sh*t Bob is 33...but the other day he was just 18...was biterr even alive 15 years ago...I know PudgieDaFrog wasn't
    a familiar collection of berries. Cloudberries aren't grown here...unless you go up north...though I sworn I've ate something similar in Jamaica
    Saab you later

  6. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Yeppp it's been a while! Though 2016 huh, twasn't a full seven years after all then...

    I do too yes, just requires a bit more effort to throw together one of those posts. Maybe I'll transform this later on, could use some bullet points to further elaborate on who's where and what's what and what-not.

    1. Think you might be looking at my big bro or nephew? ;) On the group photos I'm the one in the orange t-shirt, don't think you get a glimpse of the back of my head anywhere. My hairline may be receding slightly but no bald spots yet *knock on wood*!

    2. Ah! Have I not showed it from this angle before. Indeed I reside in two story abodes both summer and winter.

    3. White bone is a reindeer antler I've had as decoration above a door, that it seems animals gnawed on this winter. Hasn't happened in the past ~20 years or so so it must've been a pretty harsh winter. Or that antlers grown weak...

    4. Haven't considered color resemblance but that's cool. :)

    5. Yes! Especially now when we have Ukraine flags all over Sweden...

    6. The first grass of the year is so green it looks unreal really! It's pretty cool. Normalizes quick but for a few days the world is GREEN man. Must witness it for real some year! A lot of recently melted snow in the ground at this point too. Shit grows like crazy.

    7. lmao but they really are comfortable!!! Care not for appearances just live thy life to thy fullest!

    8. He's a pirate after all hmm. :) It's only fair.

    9. More like bug *quick get the camera*

    10. Indeed! Överkalix if you're curious. The first 'Skogsmässa' they've hosted, with plentiful freebies, herbal concoctions, wood sculpting and really really loud industrial chainsaws.

    11. Time flies. :( One day even they may experiences these woes of aging... though it was a really nice birthday this year. No overwhelming melancholy and shizzle.

    12. Indeed each year same there. :) But ah Jamaican berries! Any exotic ones over there? Intriguing.

    Hope so (I mean I do want to get another SAAB eventually, it shall be so)!

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