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Summer Stuff! And Other Stuff!

From Ash To Alabaster should be in the title too, but that just doesn't seem to fit in a title does it? ;) At least not together with other stuff. The last week or two I've been working together with my real professional producer buddy Jabun (well, he's been doing most of the work - I'm just the rapper) to make this thing happen, and it's now up on SC, YT and of course NG! It should be up on CDB too, but I still haven't polished up my Music page enough. That section is just packed with prior works of... varying quality, from back when I thought quantity went way over quality. This is the kinda music I'm proud of showcasing now!

Another awesome track just now online, is Summer Stuff. It's a little something I wrote post-summer, rapped over a beat the Cool Pro Editor S3C had provided me with, and he's been working like crazy to fix it up before this former piece was due. Today. I was planning to have this up right after I returned for vacation, but you know how it goes! But now they haveth been posted, and hopefully there'll be more to follow! I'm off to watch some Legend of Korra (whilst mauling my lunch) and then maybe hopefully get around to renovating that music section. It's a good day!


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