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Sunday Dues & Blues

So I didn't catch up at all last weekend, and it's been another pretty intense (but not nearly as intense as the last one) concert week since then.

I actually skipped Queens of the Stone Age last Sunday, because the weather was great, the crowd was thus potentially huge (at least 14,000 interested on FB), and I was feeling... kinda tired! I had no other dues in the city either so taking that train back and forth - as I do all work days of the week - didn't feel very tempting. Tried getting stuff done instead. Right...

This week it's been Beck, Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather and Hurula. They were all fantastic, and most so Beck - who wasn't actually from Sweden at all, as I thought, but from California!

Apparently they felt right at home (him and the band) with the heatwave we currently have over here too. Or had this week - it's raining now.

I didn't catch up at all this weekend either, and tomorrow it's a three day straight of work and concerts again. Full steam ahead.

I've been at two restaurants this week, first Hälsocafeet by Bysistorget, where I tried a Knivsöder (AKA Knife South) - named after the area with its bloody past. Glass noodles and mango. Delicious. Then I went to Burger King, and didn't forget the gluten-free bread this time. It still wasn't great, but burgers + bread is definitely a better combination than just burgers.

Actually that's no combination at all is it.

What else? Oh sign this! ASAP! Been meaning to post it for a while now. It's real important stuff. Really. Censorship. Future of the Internet. That stuff.

Renaine was finally funded a while ago too, yay (the last Kickstarter failed), and I've been doing a voice acting thing. It's a bit bigger a project this time. I stayed up way too late taking way too many takes the first day, but they were received pretty well, so that was great. Hyped to hear the results.

Stayed up till two the night after helping my nephew write an integrity policy for that company he just started too - that had to be done before he began casting the next day. He was pressing up posters and stuff too. Not sure he slept at all. Busy nights - but the weekend's been great after that.

I recorded something real fast for today (reminds me I've got to fix the player interface - it broke with a recent update, but you can still play):

Lyrics are here (you might need them ;). Hope y'all had a good weekend! And see you in a few.


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