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Sunspring (2016)

Sunspring (2016)

Here's the first movie script ever written by artificial intelligence (or is it?), enacted by Thomas Middleditch, among others. Surely they took some creative freedoms in their act - relating the script to potential emotional responses and other 'human' sentiments, but either way it turned out pretty damn interesting!

There's no action (or is there?!), no suspense, plenty of confusion, and yet... the intrigue seems to follow the same recipe as any other sci-fi movie. It confuses you in a good way, and surprises, and plays on emotions in somber and futuristic settings. I should mention the acting was superb too. Well done of the actors to make a most unnatural script seem human after all - though they're professionals, of course. This is what they do.

The AI? His name was originally Jetson, but he changed his name to Benjamin, and you can read more about him here.

It's be interesting to see what scripts be comes up with next! You can watch the movie online too, for free, legally, via this link. Interesting watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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