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S.W.A.T.: Firefight (2010)

SWAT Firefight (2010)

The first SWAT movie was great, this one was so so. Great acting, great filmography, very realistic action, yet it doesn't have the same atmosphere as the first one had. The idea of putting a camera on the rifles (hidden as the scope... I guess) was pretty interesting, makes the movie look a little like an FPS game. This isn't an entirely new concept, but they managed to mix it up with the otherwise realistic filming pretty well.

The story is simple, a tale of revenge and rookies and so on. Cliché.

It could be a more than decent movie if it wasn't for one fatal flaw, the characters don't have enough time to build up personality, or they don't use the time well enough to build up the personalities. At the end when one of them dies it's not a tragic moment, he's just dead, oh, shame, but the main character just goes right on and takes his revenge and everything is happy ever after. It doesn't feel right. If people get hurt or injured it's hard to relate to them when you don't know them yet at all.

Good movie, yet it doesn't have that extra... something.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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