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Inktober 2016

And that marks the end of this years Inktober challenge - where the aim was to stay artsy, and do at least one doodle each day of the month. I started twenty days late, but I caught up! Finally. I made it part of the Project 2016 thing too, and took a test drive with my new Wacom Bamboo while I was at it.

The first doodles weren't so easy, but I feel I've improved a lot over the course of the last few weeks, and it was a load of fun. Some doodles were rushed, some are remixes, but most are original, and there are a few I'm really proud about how they turned out.

The art month's over, but maybe there'll be opportunity to sketch up a few more doodles in the months to come, and join in on this again next year. For real. From day 1 to day 31; a new doodle each day.

Inktober's over, but Project 2016 goes on...

Inktober #31

Intkober #31

A little Halloween Special for today. :)

Inktober #30

Intkober #30

Surf's up!

Inktober #29

Intkober #29

I call him Cat Eye Blob Caught In Cotton Canvas.

Inktober #28

Intkober #28

I think I have a habit of over-cluttering some things. Felt like the concept disappeared under the brush in the previous - so here it is uncluttered.

See in it what you will.

Inktober #27

Intkober #27

What is love.

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