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Inktober #20

Intkober #20

It all starts with one block.

Inktober #19

Intkober #19

Tried to make something a bit more powerful. How's this? Related pieces here, here and here.

Inktober #18

Intkober #18

In a burst. In a blast. In my memory. Related pieces 1 and 2.

Inktober #17

Intkober #17

Experimenting with a little more Luffy! See previous piece for original.

Inktober #16

Intkober #16

Tried some non-original art for a change, and it turned out (how else could it have?) a tribute to maybe the best anime on the planet, the currently second-to-one longest running and former favorite of all time: One Piece. Motive: Luffy on a beach.

I used the Romance Dawn Story image as reference.

Inktober #15

Intkober #15

Still? Yes. On drugs? No. I mean I never was. I mean the drug is: art.

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