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Inktober 2017

It is a bit late, but I've been going through Inktober drawings this afternoon and finally, retrospectively adding in last year's Inktober dose, previously only available via my art page on NG.

Similar to the previous year all drawings were done in Flash 8 - one for each day of the month, and apart from the final one I think I nailed every single date. That's the challenge: staying disciplined and drawing something ever single day of October!

As with the year before most are at least partly drawn with my old Wacom Bamboo too. It seems to be the one yearly occasion for which I bring it out. It still feels sort of awkward compared to a regular mouse.

I feel I keep improving with these, even if I wish I'd be more active during the eleven months between these events. I've barely drawn a thing between these times. Barely. And I barely drew a thing between this and this year, too, but maybe I can keep going a bit this time around...

Inktober 2017's over, but the end of 2018's challenge is coming up soon. Hope to post those without the same delay. :) I've been testing a different medium this time. Changing things up a bit. For now here's a link to last year's Inktober dose again.

Inktober #31 Monsters InKolor

Monsters InKolor

Finally, my final piece for this year's Inktober is here! It's a little remix/recolor/rexperiment on this.

Here's a couple WIPs.

...and also the one I really didn't make the deadline on. As in: the final deadline. The last of October.

Happy Belated Halloween btw!

I love the stay-creative-and-draw-stuff aspect of this challenge, especially since I've barely drawn a thing since the same month last year, but deadlines, and daily ones at that... ugh! They're grueling, but great practice too. I shall attempt to doodle on a more dutiful daily basis when twelve months pass and the next level phase comes around!

Until then, it's been a fun; inspiring session of scribbles.

Inktober #30 Heavy Metal Hard Rock Color

Heavy Metal Hard Rock Color

Switched the previous one up a bit; saved a day. :) Not sure which version looks best though. Thoughts?

Previous. Something else.

Inktober #29 Heavy Metal Rocks Hard

Heavy Metal Rocks Hard

Word, wit and what-not. ROCK: Heavy Metal.

Inktober #28 Dalmations


This Dalmatian motive really stuck on me! Trying something different this time... monster mash-up dawg. Early Halloween Hello.

The previous two.

Inktober #27 Dalmation 2

Dalmation 2

Thought I'd give the previous one a little more detail, and make it a real THING! Pretty happy with how it turned out, though simplicity has its charm too. With or without shading hmm... thoughts?

Here's the previous one.

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