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Inktober #26 Dalmation


Don't know why I chose a dalmatian, but here goes!

X marks the spot.

Inktober #25 That Cat Monster

That Cat Monster

Alternation a la 2017! With a twist of Madness.

The original.

Inktober #24 The Greeting Card

The Greeting Card

Okay now I'm just being lazy.

Hope you understand. ;)

Inktober #23 Back Blaze

Back Blaze

Another little literate name thing/homage to that one backup company I love.

I really need to work on fire though. Stickfigures too maybe.

Inktober #22 Wacom Issue #98

Wacom Issue #98

I shouldn't blame Wacom though. Wacom's OK. Driver issues though... #99.

Inktober #21 Doodle World

Doodle World

Doodled till Flash 8 couldn't handle any more lines. Had to cut a corner.

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