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Inktober #20 Monsters Ink

Monsters Ink

Just letting the doodling do what the doodling do; apparently my mind's full of monsters. :)

Also note clever use of movie reference make-over in title.

Btw, I just realized my somewhat re-occurring monster theme this year's probably due to the book I've been reading the last few weeks: Metro 2033. It's a sci-fi slightly myth-based book about a dystopian future world where survivors of the final war gather in the Russian subway tunnels, while other kinds of survivors scourge the surface, and a new form of evil brews further below...

Great book. So far. Closing in on the final chapters.

Inktober #19 UFO Sunrise

UFO Sunrise

Not really happy how the alien turned out in this one, but time ran out so there he is! That's him! No Hominid (which in retrospect would've been way cooler/more suitable/more good-looking/easier to draw)!

Inktober #18 Cryptic Ink

Cryptic Ink

A little something inspired by this.

Inktober #17 Sweet 17

Sweet 17

Just tried to make a not so stereotypical displacement of the common phrase.

But go beyond the numbers if you like - there's more to it! A meaning as deep as the succubi-like sweetness about to totalitarianly overtake this bitter coffee brew! Unless coffee's not your cup of tea.

Inktober #16 Sunshine Shark

Sunshine Shark

Thought I'd try a simpler motive for a change. Thick lines. Easy contrasts. Turned out pretty shark!

Inktober #15 A Bowling Baller

A Bowling Baller

He's the man! The hardheaded hardcore hotshot. yet still... somewhere deep within he just feels hollow.

It's all balls now.

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