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Inktober #14 Balls


Flippable tennis ball smiley face (double expression) was meant to be the main motive on this one, but then... just rolled off. spun out of control. bounced away. became a whole new ball game.

I also didn't realize at first that no matter which way you flip the tennis ball the expression would still be sad/angry. Due to the symmetrical lines. Obvious right?! Maybe I can switch that up a bit next year. Change the pattern. Break the norm. Brand new form. Make a smile. Take a while. Go totally ballistic with these inklets! It's great to write.

Inktober #13 ThINK


Here's one of the few ones I planned after the title, though it didn't turn out how I pictured it at all. Was supposed to be more of a box. More of a blank background. More of something like this.

...but turned out totally different! Guess I didn't really thINK it through.

Inktober #12 5 Second Challenge

5 Second Challenge

If 50 seconds isn't little enough time to spend on the daily doodle, how about 5? What can you possibly manage to draw within such a ridiculously little amount of time?! A house, pretty much.

I might've gone a second over the limit though. Signature excluded.

Inktober #11 50 Second Challenge

50 Second Challenge

The challenge: draw something (preferably not all that bad) in 50 seconds.

Ready? Set. Here goes. Signature excluded.

Inktober #10 Clear


Standing at the gates of that which waits. There's something in the air...

Inktober #9 Cloud Nines

Inktober #9 Cloud Nines

Winter's closing in... it radiates. The snow's nigh. The show's white. It's so bright. It probes life. Northern gold strobes like a glow light in cold nights only when winter clears skies, but go out and you'll tear eyes. It's here bye. It's time. Cloud nine.

Also I flipped things around a bit with this one. Partial re-usage of #6.

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