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32 Wads 02

32 Wads

Here's another batch of 32 wads for your playing pleasure! A little more open theme this week, where all levels feature lots of liquid areas, low ledges and long distance projectiles. Maybe it'll be a bit harder than the other one, heh, and I like open areas. With Doomsday you'll be able to jump out of the low pits easily, but without it you'd better watch where you step, even water harms you when you touch it here. IOW, you can't swim. :P

Preview and download below!

Fiery Balls

Download “32 Wads - Pack 2” – Downloaded 103 times – 9 MB

32 Wads 01

32 Wads

Anybody still play Doom? If the answer is no, you won't need to read the rest of this post. Or, you can start playing Doom... and keep reading. ;)

I for one still can't get enough of the game. Even though the quick and bumpy motion makes me nauseous if I play the game for too long times, I keep playing. I started making WADs way way back, but didn't get far, now I've been at it again since a while back seeing as the wadding & modding community pretty much died down during the past few years and I can't get my hands on any new and funky fresh levels, so for those of you who still want play I'll be posting a 32-level level pack each week for the following 32 weeks. If you know Doom you'll know that the WADs are for Doom 2, and you really should get the Doomsday Engine if you want to get the most out of this game.. and these levels.

All levels are made with Oblige, a random level creator that whoops together a definable amount of levels in a mere minute (one, one episode, or 32 episodes for Doom 2). I'm not saying I don't take credit for these WADs, I do, I fiddled with the settings, generated the WADs & I'm now hosting them here at CyberD, but I'd like to give a big pile of thanks to the program and its creators! I've made levels before and the process takes time, tons of it, with this you can throw together a batch and start playing in no time at all! If you want to create your own levels, Google 'Oblige level generator', it should be at the top of the list. If you'd rather just fire up this pack of WADs and play some, you'll find a quick preview and download below. Have fun!

High Sky Double Barrel

Download “32 Wads - Pack 1” – Downloaded 117 times – 9 MB

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