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Inktober 2018

So once again, this thing is done! I made it. I strayed a day while away in Lithuania during the middle of month, but caught up the next. Hope that's OK - I didn't want to compromise my one day of pure vacation.

This year I've been drawing my doodles via this, instead of Flash 8 as I've done the previous two, and I've been using the Wacom only with some of the latter pieces, since basically... I forgot about it.

But then when I remembered, and started using it again, I realized that without the smoothing function that professional programs like Flash (now Animate) or Photoshop so gallantly provide you with, it was actually harder to make the lines go the way I wanted to with a pen than with the mouse.

Blame habit. Blame an old tablet. I don't know. I ended up using the pen mostly for line-intensive work for this reason, and the mouse for everything else: mainly single dots (the pen has a tendency to stray) and smoother forms.

Not sure what tools I'll go with next year, but if opportunity allows it's always fun to try something different! Cheers to this years great collective; all the creativity it spawned, and looking forward to the next.

Inktober 2018 over and out.

Inktober #31 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

And thus Inktober has passed us by! Alas the time.

It's been a good run. Good fun with the Drawing Grounds. Good rounds that kept pouring down. You'd think I might gripe about boring, yet I'd rise up early morning to chalk allegory clowns when I could've been snoring sound. Or on great days late nights - with demons and dormant hounds.

So I guess the story stores a little mourning now that doors go round and yore us out... but as with every lore the shore that bore a tide comes tilting by, the waves are filled and rise, and the skies form warning clouds. It seems a dawn draws forth with torment now... with yet new doodles and deliberations every day like magical dandruff off a fallen crown!

So there you have it! I think I'll keep rolling with the drawing ground rounds madness for a bit yet. Less I misstep therein stress. Looking forward to next year's Inktober now that this one's over! And back at all that's been.

Happy Halloween.

Inktober #30 Bananas


It's all just...

Inktober #29 NrG

I wanted to stylize that energy... but then it'd loose the reference.

Inktober #28 Winter G

Winter G

Winter greens. :) Within the blissful hither winter waits. Us heathens take the gates.

Inktober #27 Deadeyes


Something inspired by Venom...? Whenever I think Venom lately I think Spawn. Something inspired by Spawn...? And the name: possibly inspired by the ninja. Possibly empowered by the hopelessness within the stronghold of my soul. Something cold.

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