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Inktober #20 Apocalypse Eye

Apocalypse Eye

DOOM is the murder when you see it. Tools they chew on secrets.

Inktober #19 Skullgoat


Drips of looming dystopia. Strip the gloam and it woke me up. Live a bit and don't choke too much. Bespoke is tux, but in the manual: it says that I'm an animal.

Inktober #18 ANYTHING


You can do ANYTHING! You can even do the same thing again.

Inktober #17 Still


I'm still going with these huh... still keeping things simple in lack of longer days...

Inktober #16 The Thin Line

The Thin Line

Sometimes it's so thin you can't even see it, so you just have to say it for it to be thick.

Inktober #15 Munguia Style

Munguia Style

I drew a number and it really started reminding me of this guy! So there: it's a homage! To his style, and to his generous Samaritan persona.

Looking back I should've gone for a brighter background though. Maybe next time.

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