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Inktober #8 Couch Potato

Couch Potato

I like to make things visual sometimes.

Inktober #7 STATIC



Can't reach through. Erratic. Ecstatic. The truth.

Inktober #6 P Layers

P Layers

As if the painting was a mutliplayer plaything.

A layer. Save it now or later.

Inktober #5 Bright Slides Of Life

Bright Slides Of Life

Why ride on kites when you find highs in heights? Life's not blacks and whites.

Inktober #4 House On The Hillside

House On The Hillside

The Last House on the... Right? It all depends on what way you skew your picture. Which view's your fixture.

Life's full of ups and downs. Rush the Grounds.

Inktober #3 Sides


Hiding behind the tries of lives...

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