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Inktober #2 - In A Flash

Two. Boom. Thought about hitting up Toon Boom.
I haven't opened up Flash in a while...
But I'm rash. You think I'll let my stash just pile?
I've no time for that line of craft so: mic.

Too. True. Time's a real virtue.
You spend it wrongly you'll wrong and you'll hurt you.
But carry on, and grow strong, and you'll learn who
Really owns the world! Here we go you heard?

It's two. Boom. Thought about hitting up Toon Boom.
Got so many memories and laughs in that aisle...
But that's the past. So I look back and I smile.
And relapse for a while. Open Flash make a file and it's

Violent! Like in the LiveCorpse days.
I'm feeling like a corpse when I'm live on stage
Listen again while I try to intertwine some frames.
And make a tween. You know what I mean? Flash don't age until

Two. Thousand and twenty two... damn!
Adobe's killing Flash, that's a scam!
Steve Jobs lobbied for it but now he's dead,
So why floor it? Take another course instead, it's so

Childish! The world has no openable eyelids.
No open mind - no mind. I can't find it!
You want to search? I bet it's out there somewhere in the universe,
But it takes us time, and it's timeless.

Truth it hurts. So nobody wants to feel it.
You'll be purged. In this stupid verse of feelings.
Ubi lurks. He's got the juice and the meaning.
I'm brewing thirst. Gotta get lucid and screaming!

My duty first: to spread awareness and reason.
And who here stirs? To take this brew till it's green lit!
I do be cursed, to stoop in dues without meaning,
But you done heard, maybe, what I do with word?

Lately I feel music is truly worth doing first.
It's number 2 chasing demons.

Inktober #2 Phat


I wonder if this says something in some other language...

Inktober #1 - First Over (1:06)

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Inktober #1 - First Over

First of October!
Cyberdevil bout to just smolder.
I'ma record something every day!
When I'm sober,
And I never drink, so we go yeah?
Sounds my ticket,
For me to get away!
And I write these with regular ink,
Another page in my sink-
ing ship, rickety dink tin I'm in.
But I'm the... captain!
And I gather my crew, so we can... rap then!
If only for me and you.
Whatever... happens!
I might go toodlelou,
I'm the shit, Winnie the Pooh,
I might go to the loo,
Sip some Caribou Lou,
While I do what I do,
Maybe write up a tune,
Maybe doodle or haiku while I do doo doo quite smooth,
Got to prove I'm better than most.
This is competitive prose.
Lit every letter to roast.
Thought I would never just boast,
But I feel I'm eloquent no?
So I'd like to welcome y'all to one hell of a show!
I'm your rebel and host! Forever def like I'm old!
D Jazzy Jeff set the mold, and it holds, it'll hold till
Hotel Hell's frozen over.

I wrote this with regular Ink, get the hint?
It begins. I'm all in. It's Inktober.

( One page a day till it strays away! Hey, here we go yeah. )

Inktober #1 Scratch Man

Scratch Man

This is how it begins. Badly. But not baldly. I call him Scratch Man. Tried going all experimental with outlines but that didn't get much better! Maybe you get a bit rusty if you don't draw anything in ~11 months...

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