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Inktober #26 - Positivism

Hey, hey, heeeeey! Heeeeeeeey....

Positivism for a change.
I want to fill a page with just everything that's great.
I'm waiting on a plane. I'm waiting on a train.
I've got a lot of time to play games when I wait, hey!

Positivism for a change.
I want to shed some light on the good all entails.
Like when it's raining hail. You can polish your nails.
You can paint 'em black and dotty and it won't fade. Hah!

Positivism for a change.
A change is a good thing to have when you're broke!
And these days we don't need a gum or a smoke!
So we can keep all that money ain't no joke, yo!

Positivism for a change.
If you're at rock bottom, then you can't get lower!
And if you're still falling, then it will be over!
And if you're just calling, and no one will answer.
You'll save a lot of time and money and maybe cancer.

Inktober #26 The Face Of A Clock In A World Without Time

The Face Of A Clock In A World Without Time

Wish I had time for more... wish I had no time... wish there was no time...

What selfishness is this? For timeless wishes.

Inktober #25 - To Life (2:11)

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Inktober #25 - To Life

Twenty five to life... can I give you my advice?
Don't get cornered. Go on till you fry your eyes.
Take in that information till you're just kind of quiet,
Want to riot, but there's something that writhes inside,
That makes you eye the world with a wry kind of smile,
Look at other life like you don't see eye to eye,
There's just some kind of cynical skepticism hidden within them,
Within you? God forbidden. Gotta get this written.

I gotta get this rhythm. I gotta get to vibing.
Get to scribe in. Quickly before my time ends.
Felt this at 25 but I sat inside then. I still do.
But didn't do so much with my time then.

Now I try to write daily, and haikus,
You make me, so viable, I'm able, to rise through,
I'm in an all but soundproof room but I choose,
To use my space and refuse the fusion noose.

I mean that regular office job... yeah I got it.
But when I'm off work I'll get all melodic.
Travel to places that all feel real exotic,
If I'm really honest my work's not bad I'm just a chronic -

Procrastinator and it feels like my work,
Is just the last of many waivers I'm putting first.
It doesn't get me where I want it's not a lasting perk.
But steady income. A challenge. Contract and curse.

But I dream. I wonder if I could grab that purse,
With a million in it, would I be thrilled or finished?
Could I be rich off less, and would it instill a sense of accomplishment -
An end to the pilgrimage or just a pillage of the pill age - get good fast, and don't mind what damage you instill eh?

Diligent, putting out work like Dillinger put bullets.
I get shook by life and can't pull it.
Eat pulled oats it tastes okay, I need to revoke weight,
I need to get up early so days,

Aren't just filled with darkness in this winter time.
If you get up at five you'll see the sunshine when you're out at lunch time.
It's really just a hunch I'm only seeing stars. Maybe I'm seeing Mars.
But spitting bars. 25 to life... but going far far further.

My bars part murder. You heard it first.
I wrote at university, I wrote a universe.
I wrote in grad school, in grade school, before school,
I played too. LEGOs and rhymes - that's how I made do.

And now I'm up in here posting reviews and playthroughs,
Now I'm on the air making soundwaves that say truth,
Now I'm up in here and it feels great to be alive,
I'm before bars, and going waaaay past that twenty five.

Inktober #25 77


That which we traverse,
That gift or that curse,
To hell or to heaven,
Seventy seven.

Inktober #24 - Untitled (2:19)

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