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Inktober #27 - Oi Mate

YEAAAH! Huh- YEAH! Cyberdevil! Hah!

Yeaaah! It really is me!
Cyberdevil going on down in history!
Feel foggy today but my sound is unique!
Just gotta have fun and clown around to this beat! Uh!

Hit the town on this street!
It goes the right way so I just frown at my feet!
Walk past peeps like they're just grass or trees!
If you don't want to see 'em that's the way to flee 'em!

My demons! Still up in my head and eating.
My braincells! Maybe I can seek some freedom.
In a jail cell! Time to contemplate and breath in,
And do pull-up's till I look like Hulk I'm bull buff.

The train went, while I was waiting out at the station,
No time in real life for this kind of contemplation,
Face it, the mirror when you wake up and go poop.
Oi mate! Here's another bop for your loop.

Yeah! It really is a beaut!
I should be out in the park! Or the court shooting hoops!
Instead I'm sitting in my cube! Wishing I could do!
Anything I set my mind to! What's new?

Chop Suey! The other day I did play a game of.
Frisbee Golf. And listened to 'killing in the name of'
Still feels raw and as relevant as ever.
Cliche y'all: get out and do better.

Than me. But I'm a needy mediocre emcee.
Beady eyes peeking through the pecan tree fields
Eating kiwi, sipping on tea by my PC
Collecting B/P on NG habibi...

ink21 #26 doodle (dottott)


The show must go on. The flow and Iran.

Inktober #26.5 - Yo Vortex

VortexSupernova I've been waiting to go!
On one of your instrumentals but it's hard don't you know.
To find one that I fit so I skim and I skim.
And I found one bad-ass one and I begin.

But I cannot get the tone I was hoping to get.
I wanted to go high but I can't get the flow to that step.
So as it is it just turned out how it be.
But I'm still kinda proud and I like to emcee.

Yeah. Maybe next year there'll be time for one more, on par with the last one,
that one... was pretty dope. One of my 2020 favorites. Don't you know.

Inktober #26.5 - Yo Vortex (0:35)

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Inktober #26 - Polarize (2:30)

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Inktober #26 - Polarize


Should be in bed but I got all this inside my head!
I got worlds of word inside me all calling to be fed!
I see life is streaming by but day by day I take my meds!
Do these verses! And if you wondered if I'm making bread.

I make no dough! My work is slow and monotone!
When I get home I'm on the phone! I got three hours tops alone!
Where I can roam inside myself and try to belch out all my poems!
Get in my zone! Prone to staying up until I'm in a coma!

Roam around the forest looking at leaves like they'll show me
What it's like to truly be free and I flee from the old me.
Holed in either by the big screen thinking I'm a victim,
Or just way out in the nothingness where the whole world is wilting.

Find some stilts then! Get up high so I can see the sights!
Cityscapes are polarized, rooftops for the richer slice!
Down inside the canyons, you barely glimpse the neon light,
Feeble fight, climbing up to flee the evil legion guise.

But I'm an anaconda rolling through the jungle slum!
On the prowl for fowl food - find it by the jungle drum.
Ideas and impressions! Rumble with the thunder!
Imagination flying like a lion as it tumbles.

I'm an animal more then a man!
A machine doin' all that he can!
To break free and call it a jam! Call it a day! Calling it ran.
Way out without a GPS I think I need to me de-stress.

Carbonated beverages are prone to explode!
But flick the side a bit and it'll be much less so!
Little tricks I pick up when I find my head's broke.
Getting stuck on YT binges - this don't pay the rent no.

But I will go till it's over! I'll cope and I'll solder!
All the pieces of my soul till it holds up!
I know much! The more you know the less you know you know stuff
So I don't know by a long stretch! That's what's up.

I gotcha. Cyberdevil gonna go a long way just gotta fix some problems...
Sit down with a cup of Matcha, play Gacha Life doing odd jobs,
Living life like a game of Hopscotch! Till I'm Sasquatch in the bedrock.
When my bed rocks you know my head stops, and I think thing's through a bit...

We humans lit a torch - it truly gets us through some shit.
Gotta keep the light brighting up the dread, illuminate it,
The paved ways of our sacred spaces cooped up in the Matrix,
I wonder what they'll say about us way down through the ages...

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