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Inktober #31.5 - Inktober 2022

Time's short, what else?
Wish I could time warp, myself!
I'm going through these days so fast
I feel like I can't... be helped!

Like I'm just a force of nature,
Like it's just a chore I make yeah
I wish it was fun and games but
After a time it goes to shape

It becomes something I've made,
Another rut; another day
But I keep on and I play
Whether it's sun; whether it's shade

The weather is still growing colder
And my car is still a boulder
That I can't move it's immobile
But I do have a time booked!

So look... at least I'm hopeful about it all
It's fall now. It's going downhill but I hope and all
I joke and all. And I am passionate, every day I am so involved
So maybe this will go over alright all the way in this show I call

Inktober 2022.

And my dues have been picking up! So much I want to do!
So much old stuff in line still, yet so much of it's brand new!
I do my daily doodles and recordings and these too!
And a hundred words for good measure. Yes there is a little stress sir.

But I am blessed with capabilities! To handle. They ain't killing me.
At times I wake creativity. The slumbering giant inside of me.
And I have this giant will in me. I try to keep alive in me.
This helps! And too agility. To keep me moving through rivalries.

The time's not worth much if you don't push yourself occasionally,
That you play a beat and let it lead you inspirationally,
That you let your brain free and just rampant on these pages,
I want to make material, to share with y'all, for ages!

I've said it before! I want to be wise, want to be one of the sages!
And for every chore! And experience! My enlightenment maybe.
Goes up a little step. With work and play and passion and prep.
That's what I rep. I'm growing fat now... but my vocals at least are at their BEST!

They passed the test yeah. Now time to get ripped in the chest area.

Inktober 2022.

This what I do! For me, for friends... for you!

See you next... October.

Inktober #31.5 - Inktober 2022 (1:53)

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Inktober #31 - The Last (3:30)

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Inktober #31 - The Last

Yeah! Cyberdevil! ADR3-N! It's the last day, time to go mad cray...

Coming up on blast! Thirty days pass fast now thirty past!
And I'm coming out back, vocal chords no mess yet - formally warm at last?
Thought I'd be worn out, started but a bumble bee - it's time to swarm now,
Go to metaphorical war with y'all with what I have in store now

I'm kicking doors down, coming into your town like a loud Borzoi hound
Bark at you if you aren't sharp enough to not have darkened views
On the state of the world and all, want this to reverberate with y'all
You best not smirk or bawl, no matter the hurt or fall

Hands on deck! Remember the days of vinyls and tape cassettes!
One past my prime, next my youth, back when it was cool to be something else
Numetal grooves, signature moves were to rage against the feds or the fruits
Who steer the world today, back when it was great with attitude

Don't let this kick the roots! From the Earth down under you!
Don't let this take your parachute and let you plummet!
The sum is all of US! We are the summit
Of the world! Can't no one percent get done SHIT!


Pardon that! I am just tired of all these rats
Social infestation going on in parliaments and paragraphs
Para the graphs, the stats all seem to show it's all just going whack
Methane is rising, check horizons, end of time is showing fast

But we are the makers! The caretakers! Potential planetary saviors!
The bagel rollers bakers popo law-makers and clay portrayers
We the rockstars! We the angels! We the ones with the burdened backs!
But with these birds on our backs, world's not flat, can't we fly with that?

We are the ones with scars! But not the ones who should be tarred of feathered!
California chars constantly, something wrong with the weather?
Whether we're the root of our problems or it's dolphins say
The problems of the future we gotta wave, today...

For it's too late! BE for it's too late!
For the wait! Is the worst thing. It worsens! With wait.
Words just hurting. Sticks and stones they're natural and valid.
What doesn't stay the balance is a malice.

To keep all people thirsty! Put sanctions on the chalice!
Just chalk out all the victims. Least Banksy keeps it real.
Valiance is maleficent to people with ideals.
Who feel like these ideals are worth some kind of suffering.

Trust that people change for the better is our nature,
We do so at the whims of our leaders and creators,
We do so with our mates, and soulmates, if they hurt us,
It doesn't make them worse, it's just one of their virtues

We're been bombarded with hate speech, more than we are nurtured,
Told to keep on slaving, like poverty's an allergen,
Keep looking at the mainstream, to get your diversion,
Keep on polarizing cause unity and immersion,

Is counterproductive to the constraints of the commercial,
It's really just coercion, for a sense of inertia,
For a sense of keep-living-upon-others-or-we-will-hurt-ya,
Everyone who makes a buck, man they suck! But just... shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Suck it up and keep on trucking or BUY a truck!
Get higher or keep hating the higher-ups! HUH?! I wish they'd all just..

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut yo mouth!

It's the last day!

Time to go mad cray!


ink22 #31 doodle (hallo)


That's all y'all!

Happy Halloween.

Inktober #30.5 - Sunday Remiss

It's been a turbulent ride...
What kind of word am I in my mind?
Most like my work, for some it's ill-defined
But like a litmus scribe, I do my bid, and get by
Eye the world with a smile, or a snide if too bright
Go on rollercoasters though scared of heights
Is that a fear I like? It's every year in life
I feel the fruits of my labor are ripe,
Especially when you hype, but tonight
There's no such thing as 'much time', so to write one real quick...

I wanna be fearless, like Jet Li in the Edo period
Bear claws don't phase boss, they doth brace and veer off
The underdogs, I hear them bark then clear off
Till I'm one of gods, we don't hear for sheer ego
We of the people we sleep all day
Feeble sheeple that see no grays - no nuances
Unions, you need 'em? Do I wish!
No one's in the favor f no one but the stupid rich
Truman shit till dubious
Who's watching who, who's the villain?
Maybe there is no one but millions
Doing the duties for refuge, just shooting and killing
Destroying our kind... we're coy in our time
We think we play no part in no heart crimes
But we made this now. This here is our time.
You parked the car and now no stars shine.
Humanity, without us... no Darkseid
I'll bark life into any madman or villain though
Come on let's get a little cold
Winter's 'bout to hit the road


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