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An Isle A Minit In Pixel

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

Shout out almighty @IdiotOnTheInternet for this one! Based upon this one. Source.

Actually found the thread again via the filename via Google. Post history was abrim with newer posts. On-site search didn't work well either. Apparantely it's a useful habit to not rename files if you happen to not post about them right away and might possibly forget from where said file originally originated entirely... as I apparently had in this case!

How could I possibly forget @IdiotOnTheInternet!!!

In this particular case I think I shall not rename said file at all. As a testament to sourcing usability and fortune. Much obliged G. For this time. Only this time.

It's a very-belated-on-the-blog An Isle A Minit In Pixel y'all.

Small but meticulous hombre homage.

Think Tank Shark

Think Tank Shark

Think tank with the fin ramped in classy NG finish man. This dank.

Shout out @Camuspuff!

Frankenstein Doomguy

Frankenstein Doomguy

Got my PFP unintentionally redrawn as Frankenstein. Thank ya @anymany!

Source here.

ink21 #31 doodle (hello hell)

hello hell

Happy Halloween y'all! To everyone at CDB too. ;)

Inktober 2021. We through.

ink21 #30 doodle (furteea)


Started drawing one thing and thought of another.

ink21 #29 doodle (too chain popo)

too chain popo

If you like cryptic shiznit: Something with Two Chainz, something with another rapper, something with the law, something with the color of; something with it all.

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