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Halloween Carvings III

It's All Hallows' Eve today, so what better time to post a couple of yearly pumpkins? :) They were carved on Halloween, but today's actually the day we really celebrate here, so here you go: two new scenes for 2018.

Have a good day too. Lead the ghosts of beloved ones to a better place; contemplate the past, the ancients, and the future that waits tomorrow...



If you missed that link above these were both carved with this. It's a pretty nifty thing! If you have an account you can share your creations too.

Also check out earlier creations here and here. It's not intentional, but seems like this might be becoming a every-two-year thing...

Inktober #31 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

And thus Inktober has passed us by! Alas the time.

It's been a good run. Good fun with the Drawing Grounds. Good rounds that kept pouring down. You'd think I might gripe about boring, yet I'd rise up early morning to chalk allegory clowns when I could've been snoring sound. Or on great days late nights - with demons and dormant hounds.

So I guess the story stores a little mourning now that doors go round and yore us out... but as with every lore the shore that bore a tide comes tilting by, the waves are filled and rise, and the skies form warning clouds. It seems a dawn draws forth with torment now... with yet new doodles and deliberations every day like magical dandruff off a fallen crown!

So there you have it! I think I'll keep rolling with the drawing ground rounds madness for a bit yet. Less I misstep therein stress. Looking forward to next year's Inktober now that this one's over! And back at all that's been.

Happy Halloween.

Inktober #30 Bananas


It's all just...

Inktober #29 NrG

I wanted to stylize that energy... but then it'd loose the reference.

Inktober #28 Winter G

Winter G

Winter greens. :) Within the blissful hither winter waits. Us heathens take the gates.

Yellow Haze

Yellow Haze

Messing around with Fireworks a bit. :) With that haze. Those softer shades. That smile. It's been a while.

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