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This Is Mii

Mii From The Side

Thank you ZetoSoul for this one! The reference photo matches the results, so if y'all don't think this looks exactly like me: that's my bad. It's really Mii.

Also here's Mii from the front.

Chutney Art!

Chutney Art!

Courtesy of this amazing dude. Check out his cartoons too.

Happy Pixel Day!

Happy Pixel Day!

I think this might be the first time I post about this event here at CDB.

It's an NG exclusive thing, but I'm going all out this year so why not go all the way here, too. The last few years I've barely managed to post leftover pixel art, but this year I made a post here about this game, and this art, from that game. Hopefully I've linked around to the different bits of content via the different bits of content enough at this point. :) It was a fun thing to make though, the little I contributed.

Happy Pixel Day y'all! Have fun. Play a game or something.

Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

I wrote a massive wall of text in my resolutions post, so I'll keep this one slim, as the fireworks still occasionally brighten the dusty skies of overdue dusk outside, and the first few minutes of the New Year fade away.

It's a New Year! It really is. A new anno. 2019. An' you... what you gonna do?

Myself I'm both hyped and fearful of what this one might bring; if it'll lead me the right way or put up new roadblocks on this wobbly walk of life. But I shall meet it with resolve and great expectation, as should you, as we should all with any new phase of days we get! Yes!

Not just years, but months too, and weeks, and days. Treat each one like it might be your last, and live it to the fullest... but also note that tomorrow might be your last, so don't live this one in a way that you won't appreciate that one, too. And whatever daze of days may follow.

Here's hoping for only great things in the New Era that now starts! The last one passed way too fast, but I'm (cautiously) hopeful about this one.

Happy 2019.

Merry Christmas!

It's that time of the year again! I've spent pretty much the entire day packing, but it's time to spend the rest of it opening, and spending time with the folks. Just stopping by to officially wish y'all a...

Merry Christmas!

Right on time. ;) Hope you're having a cheerful time with peers and whomever you happen to have around! Have a good one.

Halloween Carvings III

It's All Hallows' Eve today, so what better time to post a couple of yearly pumpkins? :) They were carved on Halloween, but today's actually the day we really celebrate here, so here you go: two new scenes for 2018.

Have a good day too. Lead the ghosts of beloved ones to a better place; contemplate the past, the ancients, and the future that waits tomorrow...



If you missed that link above these were both carved with this. It's a pretty nifty thing! If you have an account you can share your creations too.

Also check out earlier creations here and here. It's not intentional, but seems like this might be becoming a every-two-year thing...

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