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Cyberdevil Rock Band Logo

Cyberdevil Rock Band Logo

@soulard threw together this awesome logo for me with each individual letter fetched from the logo of an iconic band. :) Guess which ones?

Cyberdevil Prototype Logo

Cyberdevil Prototype Logo

Thanks @soulard for this one. :) Might come in handy...

Happy Pixel Day!

Happy Pixel Day!

Posted a little Santa sprite for this year's VG artstyle celebration day.

If for any reason you feel like using this for anything feel free to fetch it in full here. And shout out @Quarl for this! XD

Happy Pixel Day y'all!

Wacom One


Whoop Wac

Oooooom. One.

It's working! :) My old Bamboo just randomly broke down recently so: trying this one now.

Leffe's Letter

I don't know the range of my hearing. And they don't know the power of my voice.

If you're tired of the same old same old when it comes to comics, maybe you'd like to give this curiously contemplative, creative fifteen page testament to the depressed dog Leffe a shot. :)

Fellow Swede and visual artist behind aforementioned venture Holy Konni left an appreciative tweet on my review of it here, so it only feels right I share this in return! The page pictured above's one of my favorites.

It's quite nice. A quick read. Available on Webtoons or Tapas.

Maybe you'll relate. But maybe life's great.

But still: potential wisdom glistens.

MoeAnguish Cyberdevil

MoeAnguish Cyberdevil

Good buddy @MoeAnguish just put out this awesome thing.

The beast unleashed! Steeped in the eveless sea. seeping at the seams of grievances or evil deeds...

Much obliged man. :) Turned out great.

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