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Alien Script

Alien Script

A user on NG made a font, and so I made this...

A little alien script. What do you think it is?



Just a little something I craned out a while back.

Logo potential?

Happy Clock Day!

It's Time

It's that time of the year again! A time for festivities and feelgood sensation. For proclivities and peels off procrastination. To get stuff done! To get out: run! To get some blue skies and then some: sun.

Time's nigh. If your life is plain go fly.

Happy Mar10!


Drew a little something for the occasion. :P Yes the sloppy letter placement does bother me too, but I shall leave it be! And move on! And achieve great things! And realize my dreams!

Happy Mar 10 y'all.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Thought about editing this real quick and swapping out the NG with a CDB, but... quicker like this. :P And we're all about NG here anyway these days.

Happy Halloween wherever you may be, in the otherworld or NG!

Honor the Koreans but: have a good time too. You deserve it.

ink22 #31 doodle (hallo)


That's all y'all!

Happy Halloween.

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