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Inktober #31 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

And thus Inktober has passed us by! Alas the time.

It's been a good run. Good fun with the Drawing Grounds. Good rounds that kept pouring down. You'd think I might gripe about boring, yet I'd rise up early morning to chalk allegory clowns when I could've been snoring sound. Or on great days late nights - with demons and dormant hounds.

So I guess the story stores a little mourning now that doors go round and yore us out... but as with every lore the shore that bore a tide comes tilting by, the waves are filled and rise, and the skies form warning clouds. It seems a dawn draws forth with torment now... with yet new doodles and deliberations every day like magical dandruff off a fallen crown!

So there you have it! I think I'll keep rolling with the drawing ground rounds madness for a bit yet. Less I misstep therein stress. Looking forward to next year's Inktober now that this one's over! And back at all that's been.

Happy Halloween.

Inktober #30 Bananas


It's all just...

Inktober #29 NrG

I wanted to stylize that energy... but then it'd loose the reference.

Inktober #28 Winter G

Winter G

Winter greens. :) Within the blissful hither winter waits. Us heathens take the gates.

Yellow Haze

Yellow Haze

Messing around with Fireworks a bit. :) With that haze. Those softer shades. That smile. It's been a while.

Inktober #27 Deadeyes


Something inspired by Venom...? Whenever I think Venom lately I think Spawn. Something inspired by Spawn...? And the name: possibly inspired by the ninja. Possibly empowered by the hopelessness within the stronghold of my soul. Something cold.

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