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Inktober #25 Friesd


Killer filler diet try it.

Inktober #24 Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey

Staples in our serum. Poison in our blood. PFOS coated toys - we give to our cubs. Greed it killed the water. Gave us chilling mugs. Why are we still monkeys? Monkeys still have love.

Inktober #23 Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

I don't ever seem to get good at either cars or people in cars, but hey, I try!

I can play with names though. No lie.

Without brand or face. Chevy Chase.

Inktober #22 Bunny Kill Promo

Bunny Kill Promo

I just saw this collab the other day, and I guess it inspired!

Inktober #21 Monster City

Monster City

Aren't we monsters pretty, in our monster city? Just an awful pity, where we sit and ditty, you can't see our smiles, through the freedom aisles...

There's no 'free' for miles.

Inktober #20 Apocalypse Eye

Apocalypse Eye

DOOM is the murder when you see it. Tools they chew on secrets.

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