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MoeAnguish Cyberdevil

MoeAnguish Cyberdevil

Good buddy @MoeAnguish just put out this awesome thing.

The beast unleashed! Steeped in the eveless sea. seeping at the seams of grievances or evil deeds...

Much obliged man. :) Turned out great.

Chutney's Christmas Discord

Chutney's Christmas Discord

Found out about this way late, but it's somewhat seasonal so hopefully slightly relevant even after all this time. :)

You can see my alternative persona to the upper/middle/lower uttermost left, and the rest of the awesome Chutney gang. Go join the server if you haven't/if you want to/if you're a crazy person in a good kind of way! You'll find the link I'm sure.

Shout out @Phronemophobia!

And Merry Belated Christmas Again!

Christmas Commission #9

Christmas Commission #9

Official reference seems like an unusually suitable title for this one. :)

Shout out @MANIAK0!

My GingerBread Person

My GingerBread Person

Tried a little Gingerbread gadget without a reset button. It's art alright?

Happy Holidays all who stumble by here! Hope you're having some warm and cozy days no matter how strange ways we closely face! Just mosy on and those will fade. Just like the snow that unfroze today.

Whatever the play Happy Holidays!

Sharpytown's Cyberdevil

Sharpytown's Cyberdevil With Smoke!

Got a new commission yesterday, a @Sharpytown take on my alias/that classic DOOM critter y'all already know. :) Thank ya! Go check her out if you want some done, prices do be affordable.

Clean version here.

Cyberdevil Danganronpa Friends Style

Danganronpa Friends Cyberdevil

Props @ChibiWilli! :) Pleasant surprise of the day/week/maybe month here.

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