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Week 14 - Easter!

Thought I'd record a little something for a change. ;)

Thanks to S3C for the beat! Don't want to fill this post with lyrics, so you can find those here. It was meant to summarize the week but kinda spiraled into something else, so...

To concisely summarize the events of the most recent seven days: it's been good! Easter started closing in with leaps and bounds right from Monday: we collected birch branches, feathered them, hung up old hollowed eggs from years past (we usually paint a few new each year), played hide and keep with paper eggs filled with alternative candies (like chocolate raw food delicacies) today - you never grow too old, had cake and Jansson's Temptation and a good time! And shall do tomorrow too.

I persevered with the NG AP collection for five days straight, but haven't made more than three letters progress this week. Blame it on M. 3,700 artists. Still not finished.

Game development has been processing nicely, despite some (on my part) unthoughtful accusations on that one day that I hope left no permanent damage. Gotta be careful what persons you suspect on this short-lived bout of paranoia! :O Though in better news I don't think I got tricked. NG played a particularly google joke this year.

I've posted a bunch of things on the blog, 3 movie reviews and one day woke up inspired. Here's last week, and until the next one:

Happy Easter!

Was planning a little minigame for this spectacular but incredibly short occasion btw, but: time. Better save that idea for another rainy year.

Merry X!


The collab this was made for is out, and I thought I'd share a bunch of snapshots of the process behind it. Merry (a few minutes early) Christmas! Hanukah! Holidays! Whatever it is that you celebrate! ;)


Christmas Carding


Started sketching a little something for a collab yesterday, and thought I'd post some WIP for once. I rarely even post W here, maybe because I so rarely do other than write hmm. I started drawing with a vague idea of an astronaut accidentally planting a flag in some alien monster, and it moved on from there... and I think it turned out pretty good!

You can see my tools of the trade above. Pencil and eraser. Pretty basic.


Halloween Carvings

A buncha old carvings I made some past year. ;) Happy (late) Halloween!

Press Play!




Short Term Writer's BLOCK

Short Term Writer's BLOCK

I need to practice my cursive,
I think in a while it'd be worth it,
My thoughts seem a mess on the surface,
Just cause my words are my weakness.
I assure you they all have their purpose,
All I write has a meaning,
Even if you couldn't read it,
Outside of it's digital sleekness.
Thus I am posting this poem,
First in the state it was written,
So you know I've written my writing,
First in the state I was sitting,
At work but my work leaves me idle,
But I never idle, I'd lie if -
I said I lived life like my idols,
But I try to reach high like a sky-lift.
There's no time for writing this slowly,
If only I knew what was holy,
If only my good will controlled me,
I know one day I would find bliss.
Existence is sometimes exciting,
Sometimes it is bright and inviting,
More often I feel it is frighting,
And grueling, and sly, yet I do my thing
Anyway. My poems end abrupt.
And then I say: stop
I guess it's a case,
Of writer's block.



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