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A Star

A Star

Happy 22

Happy 22

Happy Birthday Me. :)

100 Episode Summaries!

100 Episode Summaries!

Woo! Yeah! I made it! A hundred episode summaries! Oh yeah! Woohah! Wahoo! Just a post of encouragement here, for my eyes mostly, if the message doesn't thrill you enough feel free to ignore it. ;) This is a piece of digital cake for me; here's to another hundred! Banzai!

Star Day 2011

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 7th year!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2011

Have a good one! I am. :)

Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years, Me Too!

Happy 10 Years Wikipedia

Wikipedia seems to have been around forever, but actually it hasn't really been that long, in fact it's not before today this great site gets to celebrate its first decade! Of course I'll celebrate with them, though from a distance.

I remember the early school, a stage in life passed yet still not that far away. All through elementary, middle & high we attained most of our knowledge through books. Computers were present, but they were but an infrequent part of our educationary days at the beginning. With time they grew more and more important, but Wikipedia didn't appear on my radar until 8th or 9th grade, and I believe I was among the first of its followers at this time. I started fetching a lot of my information from this great source, and with the years that has passed since then it has grown even greater still, providing the world with more information than even the most content-rich of encyclopedias. I remember some teachers saying that it wasn't a trustworthy source, and that anything with references to this website wouldn't get graded, but most didn't really know about the place and without reference to it much attained knowledge passed judgment without trouble.

Nowadays it seems like a granted part of life, and a trustworthy one as such (as trustworthy as anything can get online), every time I wonder about something I look it up on Wikipedia or Google it, and usually the Wikipedia entry is at the top of the search results, whether it be about math, ancient philosophers, recent movies or video games. Wikipedia has it all, and is evolving constantly. What's even more incredible is that it's entirely community-based, both financially and in terms of content. Users from all over the world get together to enrich the rest of the world with all kinds of information, and they help keep the servers running too. I can't imagine how life would have been if the site existed when I started school, or what it would be like if it didn't exist today. It has truly become a part of life we couldn't or wouldn't want to live without.

So, Happy Birthday Wikipedia & looking forward to another great decade! Everyone helping with the site, keep up the great work! Who knows, maybe I'll even start editing myself if time allows. ;)

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