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Merry Christmas 2010!

Hope you have a great one!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Have a hellish one. >:D

Happy Halloween 2010

21 Today :)

It's my birthday! :D

Happy Birthday Me!

Don't Be Blue, Smile!

Don't be blue...

Don't Be Blue...

Smile! Be happy! The sun is shining! :D

Smile! :)

Burst Of Design

It's been a long time since I made something with Photoshop. Usually I just mess around with Fireworks for site images and whatnot but now that the semester is coming to an end the Photoshop sessions have been pretty intense, I took a trip outside with my buddy Andreas with camera stand and all to take some professional photos for modification, a couple of busy weeks later I finally have time to upload them, hehe, hope you like!


Now this one I just did for fun, I wouldn't leave such a sloppy patch of of replacement in anything I hand in. Making stuff fun is a breeze with Photoshop. :)


Pretty crappy, but it's the concept that counts, amirite?


Now here's something beautiful, a painting of the world, I'd call it colorfoam if it wasn't so flamy. You might see the motive, but can you understand what it stands for? The deep thoughts are endless on this one. ;)


A contrast between the green and grey. I had to fade out the edges a lot to make the transition smooth, and the result looks pretty amazing if I may say so myself, though it would have been even better without the spray can in this one. It just looks out of place.

The Q2K10 Tape

The Q2K10 Tape

Been a while since I threw together some music, digitally, so for a change I put together a quick little album now just before summer, you can find it right here or listen to the tracks through the blogs just posted. Tape is called Q2K10, and it's all music, no song, think of it as experimental hiphop. Let me know what you think. :)

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