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Harmonee JS Experiment

Played around with Harmonee today, a little JS tool that lets you paint things online.


There are about twelve different paintbrushes, circles, squares, and then ten normal ones. You can see a quick artistry with the circles above ... great for making background textures, etc.


Here's a quick sketch I made for CyberD with the ribbon brush. There's a color palette so you can change colors, and you can save your work when your done as a PNG, or just clear it and start over again, the controls are really simple. Found this on the Chrome Experiments page, and the actual project page is right here. Have fun! ;)

CyberD Is Hier

CyberD Is Heir

Felt like drawing something real quick. :)

Star Day 2010

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 6th year!

Tired, Restless, Blogging, Snow, Rain, Ashes

I thought the summer had finally arrived, but today the snow fell. After a while it stopped falling and rain fell instead. I went out for a walk and I broke my umbrella. Not intentionally. Shit happens.

Somewhere in the world ashes are raining down instead, there you won't need an umbrella, a gas mask will suffice. Arlanda opened up their big airport gates recently, but most airports nearby are still closed. I hope the chaos lasts a while, it's always nice with natural disasters as long as people don't die, it brings them together.

I'm a bit tired today, not motivated. I ate a plate full of onions for lunch as a boost of energy, not raw, though. With the right spices it actually tastes pretty good! My nephew Rasmus is celebrating 10 years today, a pretty nice accomplishment, so Happy Birthday Rasmus! I threw together a quick banner for him, looks good I hope?


Time to watch a few movies.

Icon 35

Entered a design contest today, the grand prize being a whooping $35. Spent about half an hour on the vector you see below, portrayed on the fifth page of the topic. Think I'll win? The possibility exists. :)

Icon 35

Vanish Vector!

Shh, exclusive stuff in the making here, it's for an upcoming movie in the making. Thoughts? Opinions? Gimme!


And for those interested, here's the same logo vertically twisted:

Banish Back

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