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Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

First post of last year here.

I wrote a lot back then! I wrote a massive resolutions post too, albeit very vague and unspecific. I watched the fireworks spark and fizzle away occasionally. I sat in a dark room and pressured up some hopes and positivity for the year to come while the sky flashed outside, as if a storm raged in the distance.

I'll be a bit more transparent this year: I'm uncertain. I'd like to make greatness this year, but I won't promise a thing. Fear of commitment, freedom of none. But I promise I'll sing. I'll repair my inhibition scares and fare to be King. And you can see me in the limelight when I bare it all in. I'm going somewhere... my peers and my kin.

I'm not even going to start trying to catch up with the blog before New Year celebrations commence this year (bit late for that now anyway), but if there's any hope in me accomplishing any of the goals I'm setting up for myself then there will be some of that soon. :) I'm hopeful! I didn't get stuck digging through old posts or resolutions today, or revising these ones unnecessarily. I skimmed, I trimmed; I'm ready.

Happy 2020.

Jacob Lenstar's Cyberdevil

It's a bit late now, but Jacob Lenard's doing some $10 commissions, if anyone wants an iconic character portrait like so.

Cyberdevil With FLowers

Cyberdevil In Screen

Pretty cool. :)

Inktober #31 Umpking


Happy Halloween y'all.

Clean version here.

Inktober #30 Time Funk

Time Funk

It's a new world... just like the old one. Alien just like us.

James Heart might've inspired this one.

Inktober #29 Bloodswirls


Tried it white first. Black is better. Blood it dries slow. Vile is wetter. See the meaning. Try the word show. Burst your bubble. World is turned cold. Worse the turncoat. Wear it quick. See the sights and feel it stick.

Not sure where I'm going with this but the feeling is.

Inktober #28 Turtle Turtle

Turtle Turtle

Thought I'd draw a turtle today. A turtle turtle. That hurdles murders! Goes further further! Inkturtle turtle.

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