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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

A little something for my dad. A quick doodle in Flash, printed on thick yellow paper too wide to fit in the printer (I experimented, and found out you can print on custom cut-outs as well - as long you align them to the right side, in my case the right side) with a poem on back. It took a snap. Now we're about to celebrate with something in mass and be lax.

So Happy Father's Day all fathers who go farther than lather! And further their hearty harbor! Grow bigger and larger with ardor, embarking on long roads to stardom! Hopefully not lonely-grown and hardened before, or apart from their hearts like a lark on a charter! Don't know what I'm really writing here, I declare my poem was smarter (but it's in Swedish so y'all might not really understand):

Har bara några få bars kvar,
Men hoppas du får en bra dag far!
Med tårta och allt som man ska ha,
För att utan kval och glad va'
Och att dagen blir lagom och ja, bra!
Grattis igen!

Happy Father's Day again.

Inktober #31 Monsters InKolor

Monsters InKolor

Finally, my final piece for this year's Inktober is here! It's a little remix/recolor/rexperiment on this.

Here's a couple WIPs.

...and also the one I really didn't make the deadline on. As in: the final deadline. The last of October.

Happy Belated Halloween btw!

I love the stay-creative-and-draw-stuff aspect of this challenge, especially since I've barely drawn a thing since the same month last year, but deadlines, and daily ones at that... ugh! They're grueling, but great practice too. I shall attempt to doodle on a more dutiful daily basis when twelve months pass and the next level phase comes around!

Until then, it's been a fun; inspiring session of scribbles.

Inktober #30 Heavy Metal Hard Rock Color

Heavy Metal Hard Rock Color

Switched the previous one up a bit; saved a day. :) Not sure which version looks best though. Thoughts?

Previous. Something else.

Inktober #29 Heavy Metal Rocks Hard

Heavy Metal Rocks Hard

Word, wit and what-not. ROCK: Heavy Metal.

Inktober #28 Dalmations


This Dalmatian motive really stuck on me! Trying something different this time... monster mash-up dawg. Early Halloween Hello.

The previous two.

Inktober #27 Dalmation 2

Dalmation 2

Thought I'd give the previous one a little more detail, and make it a real THING! Pretty happy with how it turned out, though simplicity has its charm too. With or without shading hmm... thoughts?

Here's the previous one.

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