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Lidingö Super Bowl

Oh hey, I went bowling again!

Lidingö Super Bowl

It went alight!

Rock & Bowl!

Oh hey, long lost footage of that bowling venture before Christmas I never posted about!

Rock & Bowl

Maybe there was a reason I never posted this hmm...


That's: The Flea Market, Expo, Ice Cream Testing, Bowling, Sunshine, Walking, Waffle, Earth Hour, Review Post Weekend! And it was a weekend something like... six weeks ago, btw, just didn't get around to finishing this post at the time, what with the busy weekend and all...

So yeah, this was probably the most eventful weekend I've had in a long time! It started with a trip to Gustavsbergsloppiset on Saturday - the biggest flea market in Sweden, where we queued in a straight corridor for over an hour to get in, and then crawled between rows of tables looking for bargains.

I found a simple, styleful wooden radio, an old waffle iron in cast iron - mint condition, ten comic books from the seventies, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics for DS, and a quiz game, all at decent price of course (or I wouldn't have bought them, that's the kind of guy I am), so in the end it was well worth the affordable entrance fee. There were lots of interesting gadgets, antiques, and weird rarities to look at too - like a large wooden elephant, swords, and a tiny stone sculpture I would've bought hadn't it happened to be really really old and worth a fortune. No price tag, though. I had to ask.

We took a tour to Tumbaloppiset after that: a much smaller flea market at a school (did they choose the worst day ever to host their event or what), but I'd read the time wrong, so we arrived just as they were closing up, and just managed to skim a few tables before we left. Maybe for the best however, as they didn't seem to have that much.

I tried a fish burger at McDonald's next. I haven't eaten there in years, but it's good to be reminded why*, and after that we went for a brief tour of the Dustin Expo in Globen - a gathering with all the bigger tech companies like Microsoft, PlayStation, Steel Series, Dell, HP, etc etc. It didn't seem like that special an event, but it must have been since they even had a security check on the way in. We left the room with a few free pens, water bottles (sparkling) and a paper bag. Not bad, but not all that interesting.

A brief train ride home later and I fired up my antique waffle iron on our modern stove with ceramic hob (hope Google translate is doing this correctly, someone let me know if it's not), and made us all one waffle each - because it just so happened to be the International Waffle Day today! Then we went for a walk and forgot all about Earth Hour, but it was great. A day well done.

Come Sunday I met up with my good buddy Andreas for a sunny tour of the city on our warmest day yet (it's Spring! For real!), bowling (four sets and two wins each - just right), and a walk back to the train to back home.

I've tried an array of new ice cream flavors between said events too, on both days, and am as of these two days, two weeks into the new season of ice cream, almost all caught up on the flavors of 2017! Reviews coming soon, as well as well-overdue summaries of last year's (most of them also this year's) icy roster... though considering how delayed some of my posts get maybe I should just say they're coming later.

So... what did I miss? I posted six reviews late Saturday night too, and have another six drafts I hope I'll have time for soon. Caught up with the weekly audio. Fixed some things on the site. Irrelevant. Not about the weekend. It's been a good one though. I thought with all I've been doing it'd feel like time just passed all too fast, and it'd feel like I'm back to work right after I left it - but it actually feels like these two days have been at least twice as long. Less computer and more time outside = a slowed down perception of time! More time. More events. A feeling like I haven't felt in a while, like there's just about enough time in each day, and when the sun sets you're happy with what you've accomplished. It's been a good weekend.

The Waffle

Now here's a picture of a waffle!

The Waffle Iron

And here's the waffle iron trying to be cool (so we can put it away).

As for the bowling I'll keep it simple this time: the unholy sheet.


O'Learys Bowling

I went bowling again! Still got some of these,

The Strikes

and a few of these!

The Spares

Also one of these odd ones,

The Circle

and unfortunately a bit more of these.

The Dashes

We tried a new place this time:

OLearys Norrtull

4 and 1/2 games. 544 points. 121 average. 133 tops. Not as high as last time, but a good time regardless. :) Won half the rounds. If you want to see the holy sheet you'll find it here.

Ball Breaker Bowling

I went bowling today! I got some of these,

The Strikes

and a few of these!

The Spares

Also some of these odd ones,

The Circles

and unfortunately also these.

The Dashes

It was at this place:

Ball Breaker Promo

5 games. 658 points. 131 average. 160 tops. Though some were a close call I won 'em all. :) Good times. If you want to see the holy sheet you'll find it here.

Fun fact: one of the bowling balls I played with was actually broken. It had a forth crater drilled into one side. Apparently it still worked OK.

Bowling Scores!

I go bowling occasionally. Occasionally it goes great, occasionally everything goes to the gutter, and on special occasion I even make it to the charts for a day or week - however long they're configured to last. I keep printed bowling records from these rare sport session neatly stashed away in the same binder where I stash away all other important papers, like invoices and paychecks, and I recently received this question: what do I normally score? Since there is no normal for me when it comes to bowling I decided to dig up some numbers, mash them all together and divide by the 33 games I've played (or at least that I have records of playing) these past five years or so.

So what's my normal score? 108.6. Highest? 219! Lowest? 50...

And if you're interested in the entire series, it goes something like this - in no particular order: 118, 120, 143, 142, 139, 124, 219, 96, 112, 112, 101, 116, 123, 170, 110, 104, 64, 98, 128, 119, 132, 104, 106, 109, 63, 105, 97, 50, 138, 94, 130. If I start doing this more regularly, maybe I can make more of these totally pointless but maybe somewhat interestingly statistical calculations! Until then.

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