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Week 48 - And Then We Went Bowling

The latest episode of One Piece (672) was tragic. The season finale of Walking Dead was tragic. This time of the year is just tragic. Well know, I actually went bowling yesterday and I scored highscores! But that's just because nobody else scored higher.

In these hectic days before Christmas, these darkest days of the year, we always light up the world with our candles and glamorous glitter and try to feel a bit better even with the sun so gone, but what is there really to celebrate?... is what I'm thinking at the time of typing. Oh yeah, I scored Yahtzy twice yesterday, in one game, with an extra dice, on the second throw each time (!)... but in retrospect it doesn't seem that braggable. Was in a great mood yesterday so I should have probably written this theh, huh? Write now and life feels tiresome... but that's today. Tomorrow I hear the sun's coming in for a quick visit!

What have I done this week? I've worked. I've prepared. I've spent a day with a buddy, bowling, playing Yahtzy, playing Pokemon (no longer with a buddy), trying to stay consinstently active and efficient even when I wake up dazed and never really wake up till days up. Eyes glazed. Better up pace.

What have I written? 10 reviews, a question, about a power outage, ghosts and catching Uxie. I'm writing, midnighting, the lighting still bright in my room where my mind is a kite and I've bright wings...

The third and (I'm guessing) final Shady episode came out this week, just before the ShadyXV album. I haven't listened enough yet to know if I'm disappointed, if I'm pleasantly surprised, or if it might grow on me a bit more, so that review will have to wait a while. Meanwhile, Krizz Kaliko (aka Krazzy Krizz) is battling the Strangeland Bandit for their thanksgiving sales. And Kim Dotcom might go to jail!

Or he might have, but at the time of writing it seems he's simply on tighter bail. I hope he pulls through OK! Not because I admire him as a character, but right now I admire his resolve; what he stands for more than anything. That he's standing strong against the corrupt corporations and the motherfuckin' American government! Huzzah! That video might contain some interesting Q & A if you're interested. Info on Internet freedom and all that.

Also, looks like a new Star Wars movie is on route! So far it looks good.

Here's last week.

Bowling Score High

Woot, That's Me! Top 1!

I went bowling with my cousin David the weekend before last, great day, rain away, clouds partly but they didn't cloud the party. :) We had time for three and a half rounds. I happened to get five strikes in a row, and then two more, and then some. I wasn't expecting to top the list but I did, and on a whole other level than all the other players. Woo! I've been in the lists before but never with a score over 200, not that I remember anyway, this is a moment to remember. :D

Great Big Japanese Test

I had my great big Japanese test today! I wrote 8 pages, and it took me three hours. I really have no idea how good essays at university level are required to be though, since this is my first, but I hope this was good enough. I've been studying at least 8 hours per day all days this week, so it's a relief to get over with it.

Woo, the weight is off my shoulders now though, heh, time to get back to being active on NG and working on my mountain of websites. :P I went bowling last weekend btw. It's been 4 years since the last time I went bowling, it was fun. Turns out I'm a lot better than I thought I was too, or maybe just lucky, since I traveled up onto second place in the bowling alley highscores that day! Woo! I got 141 points, the #1 had 153. The place was crowded too, all 12 lanes were taken. Feels GREAT.

I'm off to watch stuff and play games now. Goodnight!

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