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6 Days Left

6 days, until the great crazy craze...

So whats for today? You get a worthless collection of unfinished and crappy Doom (1) WADS, created during my earliest Doom WAD Creation days. Download here. If you think you could expand/finish any of these levels then please download and do so, though you would probably be better starting off a completely new level. If you would like to play them and see how really crappy they are, go ahead! Beware, they are crappy, hehe. Most of them don't work either, and will either shut down your game or look very buggy. If your new at playing Custom WADs on Doom, you should either get a Doom Editor to play it in or Ultimate Doom (with loader) in which you can select custom levels and play them. Just so you know, I have a few better levels that are still being created, so don't judge my Doom WAD creating skills by this, it's mostly just for my own sake I'm posting it. A memory, lol.

Hmmm, so would you like to know whats been going on in my life today? Homework. Tons. Of Homework. And goddamn, I missed the VG Cats Comic Competition I was planning on playing a part in, just got to much work to do. *sigh* I'll be getting back to work now.

Later, Cyber

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