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Doom Tetris

Doom Tetris

Incredibly difficult and virtually unbeatable, sure... but it's Doom! :D Here's a link.

Doom 3 BFG Disappoints

I was hyped up about this game. Not only Doom 3, with better graphics, but also the original two - all in the same package! Imagine all the graphical upgrades they might've added for those two, especially when you think about all the great ports that have been made available throughout the years since the original release. Maybe they'd even collaborated with some of the Port developers to make something even better, or to optionally include enhanced graphics in addition to the original game, but no, the games weren't just their original old outdated selves, they were modified for the worse.

The biggest flaw in this package is the navigation. To start off, it opens up with a selectable menu with all three games, displayed by cover. The background's nothing fancy, the music is the intro theme that played on the old Doom 3 interface, and the games aren't sorted in chronological order either. Doom 3 BFG is the main selection, stuck between Doom 1 and 2. I don't consider myself much of a perfectionist, but when it comes to chronological order(s), that's something I've grown accustomed to. On computers, it's the default way of sorting files, always. If you have a folder of games and they're all sorted by title, it's obvious that they'll appear in chronological order if the games are published with a numerical sequence appended the name, like the Doom games, 1-2-3. Unfortunately, the BFG developers don't seem to have put much afterthought into the menu.

As for games 1 & 2, they're just like they used to be in the old days, with some added menus between the 'New Game' option and difficulty selection. There's the extra Thy Flesh Consumed episode for the first game, and an extra expansion I've actually never heard of before (and subsequently don't recall the name of right now) in addition to Hell on Earth... BUT, without the controversial Wolfenstein episodes that followed after the original game. Nor are any master levels included. There are also much fewer options to choose from within the menu, like: sound, screen resolution, etc. Only the most needed options remain, and when you quit you get an option to either quit completely or just change the game... but that's another big flaw, since one of the more enjoyable 'features' in the original Doom games were the catchy, often crude or taunting, messages displayed right before you quit, tempting you to keep playing... or else.

So, you do get a more complete selection of levels, but not all the details of the originals, nor do you get any graphical upgrades... not even optional ones. I'm disappointed, iD! I was expecting this to be something for the hardcore fans, something that would let all of us who have played the levels of the original games until we could play them in the dark, play them again; get some additional re-playability in the process!

But then, there IS also the remastered version of Doom 3, right? The one where you can both wield a light and shoot at the same time, and were it looks like the level of brightness in the levels has been raised to make the previously darkened textures easier to appreciate rather than the textures having a full HD overhaul. After the disappointment with the first two games, I booted up the third one expecting greatness. I shouldn't.

Compared to the original game, the menu was crap, chunky and ugly, not sleek and modern like it ought to be (couldn't they have just kept the original menu instead of worsening it?!). And the game... crashed. I didn't even get to play it. The original ones run fine on my computer, but despite the fact that this one is substantially newer, it doesn't work with AMD drivers past a certain point in time.

I'm considering downgrading just to play this game.

I'm also considering posting this review at a few other websites as to let my obvious disappointment reach a bigger portion of the world, and then stash this collectors edition in some dark corner of a shelf and forget about this latest of IDs painful embarrassments. I guess, I shouldn't always expect great things from a company who's been paving the way in the FPS genre and constantly pushing their limits. Eventually, even they must fail, to get a grip and maybe, to gain some of their former glory.

Doom Comic

I've read the books already, and played the game, and watched the movie, but this was news to me. I've been missing out!

Deathmatch Ya In A Minute!

Deathmatch Ya In A Minute!

Hehe, good ol' Doom. :)

Goldeneye Doom

I tried out this TC for Doom 2 a while back but didn't get very far. I took a few screenshots though, which I'm now posting below.

/img/3/Goldeneye-Doom.jpg">Massacre O_o

/img/3/Goldeneye-Doom-0.jpg">Ditto In Blue Glow

/img/3/Goldeneye-Doom-1.jpg">Zombie Offices

First impressions were good! Graphics, weapons (as seen above), sounds, level design... everything remade to mimic the original, and it all works well with the Doom engine. The graphics might not be on par with the original Goldeneye, but they're not ugly either considering the game they were ported to. You can find a download here.

Reading Doom

Reading? Doom? Yes you did read that right. I recently laid hands on a pocket book based on the movie based on the legendary Doom game trilogy, and I just plowed through it. I don't remember how the movie ended, so I was expecting the worst (like: all people die, hell on earth, etcetc) when reading this book, but it actually turned out well. What I do remember about the movie is that I didn't like it, but that's all, and it's not strange that I didn't like it considering how much a fan I am of the original games and how different they are from the movie. At least the first two games are really really different, the third one was a new start for the franchise. All things remade. A lot of darkness. Flashlight you had to turn on and off. Fewer monsters. Stuff like that.

You could say that the movie is based on Doom 3, the only game in the series that really has a story interleaved with the game, though they didn't fully depict all the demons in the movie (or the book). There are zombies, imps and hell-knights, and there's the Pinky zombie, obviously a tribute toward the pinky demons (traditionally just called - demons).

I shouldn't criticize the movie too much, though. As it is, it's a good movie, it's in relation to the games that it falls short. The story is based on the games but it's too different. It has trails of ancient culture, Mars, UAC, but there's no hell for real. There are no hordes of demonic creatures. And that thing about people getting infected through imp tongues (ooooh) is just too much Alien. It's not really Doom anymore. I wonder how the spider Mastermind would have looked if it made it to the screen, or the CyberDemon (from which I so creatively based my online alias on many years back), but maybe a gigantic cyborg-demonic creature shooting rockets from his left arm doesn't have a place in the world of logic: cinema.

As for the book though, it was good, so maybe the movie wasn't so bad after all. I should see it again just to... find reasons to dislike it again. Err. Now, what I really want to read are the original Doom trilogy novels. Knee Deep In the Dead, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky and Endgame. They seem to be on the same level as the original games, well almost, something about lost souls being rocket-powered hunks of metal and Hellknights having mounted plasma rifles instead of... whatever powers they have in the game. Hmm, no rush, I'll read them sometime.

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