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Bad Town City

We wandered around a bad part of the town. Well, all parts of the town were bad. It was a bad town.

Moments earlier me and my mom had been scouting for a place to park, near the sports center, which looked more like some kind of mill. A tall factory-like building rising on a hill. It wasn't old though, the grass was cut neatly, the paths and stairs leading up to it fresh and new, and the road curved around it in a very pleasant way.

But the cars were all over. So we drove past, and out to the forest roads beyond it, and found a good mossy forgotten patch of gravel just behind it that would've been perfect to park on, yet we kept going, searching for even better areas... and suddenly I was with a friend rather than with my mom, and somehow I was in the backseat, even though I'd just been the one driving, and had just been in the backseat but actually stopped the car so I could take over that driver's seat for a while...

And suddenly we were in a bad part of town. Or a bad town.

I'd been sitting in the backseat, thinking about how you couldn't see anything from back there, and was strangely disoriented. As if the car didn't have any side windows in the back, or the windows were too low or my head was too high, I'd just been taking in glimpses of the road as we went, and suddenly we were there.

We stopped by a diner to have some lunch, and I remember discussing if we should eat there or have a picnic - my buddy didn't seem as interested in eating out as in having his own food, but we went in anyway, and had a plate of what seemed like oats and cereal with some kind of flower in the midst of it... a strange dish. We asked the waitress about it and she came to us a bit conspiratorially, talking about how some things aren't how they seem, and how that's how it is in these parts, something like that...

Turns out it was brainwash cereal. We ventured out into the city and ran into some bad guys, and managed to shoot two of them, but they kept coming. We ran away. We were in a staircase going for the boss man himself, the leader of this strange cult, but couldn't really get to him. Then we were outside, heading towards our car on a large open area, when two familiar goons appeared, and we just somehow managed to get them too.

I'm not sure how we got those guns. I'm not sure if my friend made it. I'm not sure if I did either. It was bloody and gory and there might've been guts somewhere in there too, similar to the scenes of the Cabal movie I watched yesterday.

That backseat situation where you couldn't see the road was probably from a comic I read last nigh too, where Bettie (from the Archie comic) was blindfolded and taken to a strange neighborhood, a 'bad part of town', to see if she could find her way home again.

She arrived disoriented and lost, but managed to get a ride almost immediately, and the friends who had taken her there were stuck in a car without a key as the snow started falling.

It was a strangely cruel comic in so many ways. It stood out in the book.

So those were probably my main inspirations, and thus I landed in a dream that was not so much a dream as maybe a nightmare, yet I fought it out bravely, although I could feel my will fading.

I didn't know if I'd manage to make it out. I'd given up on winning, on finding the boss man and breaking the spell, and for all I knew my friend could be bleeding out in the gutter... and that's about when I woke up.

The alarm brought me out of that bad trip, yet part of me wishes I'd been able to stay in it just a while longer; maybe have been able to resolve those issues and turn that bad town into a brighter world...

I'm all for the betterment of society you know.

Anyway that's the dream.

The Wilting Bathroom Floor Dream

I dreamt that the bathroom floor was melting last night.

Maybe it's thanks to all my reading on Sunako and her 'creatures of the light', but maybe it's also my tendency to see the worst in things lately.

We have some black mold in the bathroom. I assume. Occasional blotches of black along the lines between the tiles, and I've been wondering what to do about it. I tried scrubbing some off with a toothbrush, but it only brushed away the outermost layer. It's still there, and where the wall meets the bathtub seems the worst off.

So our bathroom is slowly deteriorating, but I was happy to see the floor was still intact and solid when I woke up. It was morbid in the dream, the edges spongy and without resistance, slanting downwards towards the wall, slowly falling away... like you'd plunge through at any second and tumble into a bottomless abyss if you drew too far from the more stable foundations around the sink. It seemed an impenetrable blackness lured below, an endless darkness... or just a very dark keep of black mold.

The bathroom's on the second floor though. Worst case you'd be falling into the washing room below, but it seemed more like a portal into another world in my dream.

Syndicate Dreams & Strange Fruit

I'm not sure why or how, but somehow I had a big house. Either I was given this house or I'd attained it through some shadier means, but I was suddenly richer than Barry Seal, with maybe not 2000 acres worth of land but a house that was like a castle, with a gigantic living room - candle-lit like in Castlevania - where I danced with a girl who didn't know how to dance.

I didn't either. She practiced her steps while I went to the bathroom to practice mine, and yet we somehow both danced like professionals when we were together on the floor, accompanied by the shine of a thousand candles, under high-set portraits on the walls, with thin round pillars holding up a terrace that ran along the edges of the room.

She drove away, and I stayed in my house, wondering what I'd do about her. For some reason I was very secretive about my... everything about myself. Maybe the house wasn't mine? I'm sure she was an accountant or a lawyer - something related to the house, but it seemed like our relationship might sail further than that.

The house reminded me of Häringe Castle, but bigger. The living room and dance reminded me of the introductory one in Eyes Wide Shut, the girl of Nicole Kidman, and the feel of it all like American Made: like the world around me might crumble if only those I relied on took a wrong step.

Later on we were in the city, me and a group of people I'm not sure of - one might have been my brother, and we'd been infiltrated. A girl. I don't remember exactly how it happened, but though I really didn't want to I had to kill her, or they'd be on to us. It was a sad moment, but we realized there must be a very professional group working behind the scenes, since nothing about her led us any further up the chain of command.

Suddenly the world was crawling with these people. We were spread out, and had to take care of at least a few of them each. Some of us were driving. Some of us were in parking garages. On rooftops. In the city square. They kept to the shadows, real professional-like, but we managed to sniff them out anyway.

When it was all done we met up in a little garden, where some kind of strange fruit was growing in the ground. One of the guys had managed to save it from the group, and we realized that this must be the secret. This was how we could figure out who they were really working for.

We never did though. I woke up and that was the end of this strange dream.

Maybe details would've been clearer if I woke up to write this right away, but for some reason the main scenario is still fresh in mind, even though it's been a while now. Best write it down quick though... and leave the dream interpretation to all of y'all. Was definitely one of the weirder ones in a while now.

Handbags, MAX & Vice City Buses

I dreamt I was up at MAX, Storheden, Luleå, just beside COOP, the supermarket. I'm not sure where my parents were, but I had their handbags with me, and I was in some kind of booth with self-service automats through which I was to order my food, and didn't know where I should put those handbags.

So I kept them with me, and I ate my food, and then I hid them behind one of the self-service automats and went shopping.


There weren't many other people at MAX though, and in my dream it didn't seem like a security risk at all, but I'm not sure what happened to those bags. Before I woke up they'd been forgotten.

I didn't shop anything either, I just waltzed around the store, made my way out, and back to MAX where I bought another burger. I didn't want to leave the handbags, and my parents still weren't around.

This time I had some company though! I don't recall what we chatted about, but I decided to take some photos through the window, at a city that now looked a lot like Budapest, but with the streets submersed in water. It was both a beautiful and a dystopian scene, like Venice, with the sunshine glistening off the rooftops as if they'd been sprayed by salt... but also lonely and desolate, with not a person in sight, and the city streets branched out endlessly against the horizon.

The resolution on the photo was a bit weird - stretched out, and I realized I'd been taking pictures in the wrong format. So I switched to a more wide-screen version and it was all good.

And that was the end of that part of the dream.

Handbag mystery included.

Loose ends in my dream.

Earlier on I was driving through the streets in Vice City, heading towards the airport with my parents. We were on a bus, and everything looked just like it does in the game... but we never made it to the airport. We kept circling about. We made our short airport trip as if in an endless loops, constantly going back to the starting point and taking the same route once again, as if the city was unrealistically small (which it is), and a real trip to the airport had to take longer.

I'm not sure if we ever made it to the airport, or what happened to the bags, or who my company was at MAX. That's where it all fades away, and I wake up late.

The Crumbling Mackerel Balcony Dream

I had a really strange dream today (a few days ago at the time of posting).

I stood on a balcony - one of those that runs along the side of a building, around the corner even - accompanied by a large amount of other people. There were people of all ages, men and women and children, and some of them were jumping beside the fence, trying to see over the edge of it.

The concrete floor swayed a bit, and I was wondering how long it would hold. There was a gap between the fence and the floor as well, and I worried that some might slip through this gap. The people looked to me for guidance, but I wasn't sure what to give them.

The building stood over a hill running parallel to our balcony, slanting down, and it was as if the ground made way for sand, and a desert dystopia further away. I'm not sure what was over the edge of the hill above us, but it may have been mountains. Jagged peaks and valleys.

Though it looked like a regular apartment building, and we were all dressed casually as well, it seemed more like a stronghold the way it was placed, and just recently we had stormed the building to take control.

I'm not sure how many of us died, but I'm sure there were many, and yet we all wanted to leave the place now. We were hanging around until I said otherwise, and I didn't know what to say.

I found a small puppy almost hanging over the edge between the fence and floor, towards the end of the balcony, and I drew it back in to keep it from falling out, flipping it over in the process, and suddenly it was a slice of grilled mackerel.

It was dead.

The mackerel broke into pieces as I flipped it, and a larger dog - or maybe it was a kid - eyed me suspiciously as I did this. He was hanging close to the edge too.

I decided it was time to leave, and so I stood up and spoke to the people. I don't remember what I said, but I remember it was an inspiring speech, that I felt bad about the dead mackerel, and that this is when I woke up.

Just another one of those dreams...

The Burning Bus

I dreamt that the bus caught on fire.

My family and I were on one from the airport, though I'm not sure where we'd been, and in one particularly tight curve of the road the side mirror of the bus brushed against some dry grass, and suddenly the back of the mirror was ablaze!

We must have been in the UK, because the bus driver was sitting close enough to start swatting the mirror with a piece of cloth - the right mirror, and it didn't look like the tropics. He kept driving at the same time, trying to kill the fire by wind, too, even if that didn't seem to work at all.

In my mind I thought about how fire feeds on oxygen, and wondered if the fire wouldn't burn slower if we stopped... but we were all scared of slowing down too, because for some reason the bus was highly flammable, and it felt like if we did the fire would engulf the whole bus instantly. Even if it was just the mirror on fire. Separate from the main body of the vehicle.

Up until now we had been driving on country roads, far from the hustle and bustle of city traffic, but suddenly there were other cars on the road, an intersection was coming up and the city streets panned out in front of us. My dad ran to the front, and while the bus driver focused on the driving my dad leaned further out the window and managed to swat the fire on the back side of the mirror to really extinguish all of it.

I sat and wondered about how a mirror could catch fire like that, if it was really possible. If the grass was dry enough maybe. If particles from it somehow stuck to the mirror. That and the extra friction...

Moments later we'd stopped, everything was good, and we were fetching our suitcases from the bus. They were locked in on some strange seat-like docking stations that rose from the floor when you pulled at your suitcase.

I picked the wrong one first, but it was my sisters so that was OK. She wasn't on the bus for some reason but we had her suitcase too. I was about to fetch my own right after but... that's when I woke up.

Just another one of those everyday crazy bus ride catching fire dreams.

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