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Dream Of A Flood

I dreamt tonight that I was up at the summer cottage in Kangos, and there was a great flood, the water rose higher and higher very rapidly and soon the sauna by the lake was covered all the way up to the roof. I wasn't worried however, it was wonderful and I wanted to take a picture. There was only a square of grass left amidst what had previously been just a small lake and was now a large ocean of fresh glistening water amidst the bushy green forests of Northern Sweden. My dad was standing by a low steady wooden fence with two bars taking snapshots too.

The skies that had previously been clouded had now been pulled apart and the sunshine was falling through as the water rose. I pushed the button but it didn't click, wrong button, seems I turned off the camera. I turned it on again but missed the square of greenery remaining in the lake, like a sinking island it faded away. Why was there a square of greenery? I thought it was the roof to our Sauna? It was the roof to our Sauna, but maybe we had grass on our Sauna roof, the water was wonderful, calming, renewing, vivid with the scenery around it. Steep mountains (that aren't really there) sloping down around the gorgeous lake on all sides. I woke up, and realized that's not how it is, but it was still beautiful.

That's all I remember from the night passed, wrote down quick. Dreams aren't always coherent so I wrote it down in a big block, typing without thinking, just recalling, maybe that will make the text actually sound more like the dream was when I dreamt it.

Illustrated NG Dream

I had a pretty weird dream the day before yesterday, don't remember much how it started, but it ended with me dreaming about NG. I dreamt about the Flash Portal and how I was checking my Inbox, only the number of messages were displayed where the Logout Link is usually supposed to be. So instead of looking like this:

What It Is

It looked like this:

What I Dreamt

I usually don't have the chance to show my dreams, or even parts of them, graphically in the exact same manner as they appeared in my head, but this time I can! The above might not look very special, but it just might be the very first optimally duplicated sequence of a dream every created in the history of mankind, down to the very last gradient. How about that! *confetti flies*

Shame it wasn't a bit more interesting though. ;)

Peaceful Murder & Zombie Dreams

Me and my mother visited an old friend of hers, he had nice on-floor villa in a hilly area close to the city, the sun was shining and the road swept along the land like a roller coaster, shadows shining through barricades of verdant green. We walked through a pair of open black barred gates to meet him, and he led us inside, into a large room with many meters up to the ceiling. There were two sofas, one a bit larger, one a bit smaller, both of them with beige pillows and light wooden frames to hold them, they curved slightly, and had no armrests or backs. We talked for a while on subjects I no longer remember, and eventually he agreed to lead us somewhere. We were walking towards the door when he suddenly pulled up a small pistol from his belt and told us that he knew I was wanted for murder and that we were going straight to the police. I was wondering if I could get the gun from him, because I really did not want to go to the police, I hadn't liked him but the fact that he was doing this to us shocked me a bit. Luckily he started walking in front of us and I easily hit the pistol out of his hand, and I ran. He had a large dog, a golden retriever I think, which he promised he would send after me, but the dog never came. I ran through a labyrinth of houses down to the downtown area, weaving through traffic, there were strangely no people at all. Eventually I was flying over cars, running on walls and feeling light as a feather, I had escaped, and it really felt wonderful. I landed together with a friend in the middle of a highway, there were workers drawing a line in the middle of the road and my friend accidentally stepped on it and smudged the road a bit. The workers glared at us.

The foreman, a young woman, reminded us that it was taboo to smudge road lines, and all of the other workers agreed, we were both ashamed since we had done something so terrible, but seeing as the foreman was a friend of ours she didn't hold a grudge and agreed to hide us until the charges disappeared. My friend was now a girl, a Japanese youngster about as old as me. We arrived at an Asian looking hotel, with stairwells around a large and decorated entrée. The lighting was dark and the walls were paneled with furnished red wood. We spoke for a while, then I went to bed. My friend stayed with the foreman and talked even further, and when she came back here eyebrows were gone and her teeth were black. She started stroking a thick black cream onto her eyebrows and it looked very realistic, though she didn't know they were missing, she then proceeded with brushing her teeth and the blackness went away as well, she didn't seem to notice any of this until I pointed it out, and when I did she traced the events back to their source of origin (an origin I no longer remember).

Somewhere in the hotel, Jackie Chan was staring at the security cameras, and an astonished expression swept across his face when he saw my friend with the missing eyebrows, and the black teeth. If you've seen one of his movies, you know how he looks when astonished. ;) I was thinking about if I had seen this Jackie Chan movie before, but I think it was a new movie to me, I remembered a scene where we were running together with him (me and my friend) and suddenly while crossing around an array of cars surrounded us and Jackie spun around in panic.

Anyway, the day after, my friend had retrieved her regular eyebrows and teeth and we went to a martial arts contests. I don't remember much of what happened there, but I fought a lot of women, and I think I won. After the tournament I was no longer with my friend, so I went to another friends house, Andreas. His mother was there too and they were living (instead of the current small apartment) in a nice big villa with a carpet of luscious green outside, a beige stone wall and dark wooden window frame, the roof was terracotta. Inside the hall was large and stretched out to my left, the kitchen was straight ahead, through a door, and at the end of the long hall to the left Andreas had his room. They asked me how the tournament had gone and I said I won two but lost the last one, and they were surprised that I had won at all, I was feeling pretty good. His mom told me she knew I was accused of murder, but she wouldn't tell a soul, she smiled.

I rested for a while, first on a sofa, then on a bed, then on the floor, all the time changing my combination of clothes to suit the varying temperatures. After a while we decided to play a game, and I was now with an old buddy of mine, Daniel, whom I haven't seen in ages. He was Andreas at first, but somehow he changed along the way. The game we were playing was a strange one, in which you played out round pieces of your chosen color on a square of choice on the board (there were four squares, and the colors green - blue - red ). Each square was filled with squares, and I think it worked somewhat like Othello, but we never started playing. He placed out his pieces first, and I placed out mine, and then suddenly he started placing his pieces on my square saying this was the way it was done, so I did the same. There was another person playing, but he just stayed in the background the whole time. I was looking through a couple of blue boxes while Daniel put out his pieces, I think one of them was mine, there was one filled with empty matchboxes, and two more I don't remember the contents of.

I was out in the countryside now, living in a dusty little house with a checkered floor together with a family of farmers. We were speaking about food and I was going to get the chicken, since I was hungry. It turned out the chicken was a zombie though, real creepy, and the head of the family had to help out (a round and friendly man, dressed in a blue overall and a straw hat). I managed to chop the chickens head of with a fork while he held it down, and stabbed him a little in the process, but not much. The chicken did bite him though, and we all knew he was going to turn into a zombie someday. So we thought it would be best to build up the defense around the farm. Thus we carried large rocks to the low row already marking out the manors limits, and we were driving trucks too, a bit too fast, when a turn came and I had the choice of either turning and rolling over or hitting the brakes and destroying a nice patch of flowers by the roadside I chose alternative three, hitting the gas instead, jumping out, and letting the truck fly over the flowers into the lake beyond it. The whole manor was pretty much surrounded by the lake on three sides. The head farmer was astonished at my choice, but he started seeing things in my perspective after a while. I told him he was going to die soon anyway, but he didn't take offense in my saying. There were lots of animals and insects around the place, and I wondered about how it would be if the bees were infected, it wouldn't be very pleasant. I think we saw some other zombie animals too, but they stayed away. My friend from the tournaments was here too, and I remembered Jackie Chan.

I was drifting away from the dream now, and starting thinking about a quote I should write to my website: When they tell you "look, the devils children!" you don't expect them to say "kill the devils children". Like a more brutal perspective to the current dilemma, and then I woke up.


Todays dream was familiar. I was up in Kangos, visiting my grandmother. The whole family was there, and a few cousins too. The house was different, larger, I climbed up the stairs and entered a small room with a blue door, ceiling diagonal, a window looking out over barren landscapes, entered another room from this smaller room, and then I went out in the hall again. Tried the bathroom door but it was occupied, the floorboards were dry and the tapestry was white, not at all like my Grandmas house is.

My cousin Frasse appeared, saying we should go swim, and despite it being October and pretty cold I decided to go with it. He drove the car towards our little summerhouse by the lake. The road was dry and dusty (despite the fact that it should have been winter) and we passed over a bridge that isn't really there. He said something about having to drive the truck back home (another car than the one we were in) and how heavy the truck was, so I'd probably have to give it a push once in a while (just so you know, my cousin Frasse is nine yrs).

I put on a tape to listen to, with decent music I don't think I've ever heard before (in reality) featuring a rock band from GB, I asked him if he liked the music and he replied something about that it was fine, in a manner my buddy Andreas always does. When we were getting closer to the cabin I told him I'd take over the wheel, because I was a bit nervous having him drive the last bit, it being very crooked and close to a deep slope down to the water below. So I did, sped up, and slid through the twisting curves all the way to the cottage. The engine roared nicely. When there we decided to change music, so I grabbed a bunch of CD's from the door pocket and asked him which one he'd like to listen too. And there the story ends.

Not as spectacular as normal friends. :P

Saturday Dream

I was with a class of some kind, not mine, I had never seen them before. I know we had been through various other events during earlier moments of this dream I do not clearly remember. Now, we were visiting a castle, a temple, in the middle of the city. We walked in through a smaller door near a clear blue river in a crowded city area, inside the hall was large, thick chunks of stone aligning wall, floor and freedom. Big rich chandeliers hung from the ceiling and a red carpet led the way. We reached a little intersection, where an even wider hall ventured diagonally downwards to the left, the floor here was sandy, the stone was orange and the hall stretched downwards for an unmeasurable distance, before promptly stopping, leveling out, and turning a corner. A few of my classmates slid down the hall, a rumble was heard, and a row of round rocks fell down and started rolling towards them, they never even had a chance.

The caretakers of this palace, sitting at a mahogany table not long away, on a heightened area behind a couple of steps, didn't pay much attention. Nor did the rest of the class, I thought to myself that this was how it was and would be. We explored the castle, a large areal of twisting corridors and large rooms. We found the treasury, heavily guarded by patrolling caretakers. Early morning next day I stole the treasure, I ran through the corridors, and into a seemingly bottomless pit where a frail staircase swindled down through the darkness, without anything to hold on to, at times there weren't even stairs, the ground sloped and flattened out after a while, and a staircase led downwards in the opposite direction. Eventually I came across a friend, running he too, together we made it to another treasury, with regular money this time, the area we were in now looked like an office area, with thick grey carpets and large windows out towards the cityscape. The leader appeared in a hallway we joined in on, and told us to stop, my friend took out a machine gun and stayed to fight him off while I ran out the door to the surrounding terrace outside.

Suddenly I was on a boat, there were few people there, and they didn't pay much attention as I ran around and around the deck surrounding. I ran on walls, I jumped between levels, I ran so fast I had to break my turns by running on walls or railings. It was fun, yet it was a panic, the light blue sea surrounding. Sparkling as never before.

Dreamin Again

My thoughts blurry this morning, later day. I walk onto an island, through the water. I see a man in a motorboat between land and island, looking towards me. The water looks dark and deep and I wonder how I walked over here, did I walk on the water? I don't want to walk back, because I don't want to get wet, and the water is cold, so I search the island for an exit. There is a valley in the middle of the island, seemingly below the water level, all the houses are white, brown and beige, stone and wood, and they all have beautiful gardens and large green trees surrounding them. They aren't just square boxes, they are built in the most abstract of manners, but I see no people. I keep walking, and suddenly I've changed location.

I am now in a room full of people, they sit by tables, looks a bit like a lunchroom, but they are not eating. I speak to them and I think I'm trying to sell them something really great, but that's all I remember. :(

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