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Fairy Tail 63

Cait Shelter No Shelter

Nirvana slowly approaches Cait Shelter.


Fairy Tail 62

Cobra Getting Back Up!

Looks like Cobra isn't done yet. Natsu is helpless.


Fairy Tail 61

Allied Encounter

Allies meet! The encounter with Hoteye is a surprise.

Personality Swapping Made Simple

Here's the personality swap guide for dummies.


Fairy Tail 60

Dissolving The Magic

Turns out Brain was once a member of the Magic Development Bureau. He created several hundred types of magic; Gerard's self-destruction magic being one of them. He was in fact the one who taught Gerard in the first place. So, he dissolves it easily.

Nirvana Changing Form

Nirvana changes form and rises into the sky as the great city of ancients.


Fairy Tail 59

One Final Shot

Angel isn't out yet! Like a zombie she rises from the riverbed and fires off one final shot! Lucy is all out of energy. What happen?


Fairy Tail 58

Lucy & Co

Time for a battle between two stellar mages, Lucy VS Angel!


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