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Fairy Tail 57

Jura fights Hoteye!

Jura's Power


Fairy Tail 56

The Poison Is Spreading

The poison is spreading. Time is running out! Where's a Wendy when you need one?


Fairy Tail 55

The chase continues. No captions, just action.

Foes Attack


Fairy Tail 54

With Money...

Go Happy!

It turns out Wendy is a sky sorceress. Brain kidnaps her, along with Happy.


Fairy Tail 53

Wendy?! Everybody's surprised. If you watched episode 49 you could catch a glimpse of her btw, carrying a stack of boxes on the train. Who knew she would be one of the main characters, huh? Go back and take a look if you missed the moment. Moving on...



Fairy Tail 52

The episode starts out with Lucy, Gray & Natsu working at a cafe to help pay her rent. Oh, Erza is there too, so obviously there's a lot of comedy. :)

A New Restaurant In Town!


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