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Fairy Tail 45

Loki & Lucy

Lucy fights Bixlow. She summons Saugitaur, but he gets shot down. Loki summons himself and saves her, and they fight together.


Fairy Tail 44


Erza confronts Evergreen. She has the advantage, until Evergeen threatens to smoke all the hostages if she doesn't bow down and give up. Evergreen can't really do that, though. Can she? Seems like she can free the hostages of their spell from a distance, but destroying them from a distance?


Fairy Tail 43

Fairy Tail Mages Causing Mayhem

The enemy doesn't play nice. All over town there are rune traps, in which two contestants get locked in. The trap will open once there is only one left. In moments the Fiary Tail members left are more than halved, involuntarily fighting among their own.


Fairy Tail 42

Lacrima Side Effects

The battle is over, everybody is back, and Natsu is recovering from the side-effects of eating Lacrima. Nothing to worry about though, he's eaten some strange energy elements before, like Laxus lightning when he was smaller. Turns out he might be eating electricity again soon.


Fairy Tail 41

Erza sees a time without her. Is it a dream? A premonition?

Erza's Memorial Statue

Makarov Holds A Speech

Her figure, dancing like a fairy, was more beautiful than any of nature's greatest vista's. Love makes people strong, and it's love too, that can make people weak.


Fairy Tail 40

Dark Magic

The battle rages. Natsu isn't giving up, but he's not winning either. When Gerard throws a powerful magic at him Erza steps in to shield him, but then...


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