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Fairy Tail 39

The Council fire their Etherion (the doomsday weapon), but it's all part of Gerard's plan. The whole tower is built out of Lacrima and absorbs the magical power instead of being destroyed by it. Everything else was just decoration.

Seigrain Disappears


Fairy Tail 38

At the Council, Yam-bo overhears Seigrain speaking...

Siegrain's True Motives

I find myself trembling a little. If this fails, then I die. But, it is worth putting my life on the line for. After all, this is my dream.


Fairy Tail 37

The battles rage!

Heavy Metal


Fairy Tail 36

Natsu made it to Millianna's room, but where's happy?

Natsu With A Cat Head

He find's a cat head. Tries it on. Oh crap.

Don't Hurt The Kitty!

Foes appear. Natsu tries to melt in.


Fairy Tail 35

This episode takes place pretty much completely in Erza's past. Instead of writing captions I'll summarize the episode right here, so skim through the images for graphical reinforcements. :)

After Gerard was captured, Erza led a revolt. Old Rob (probably the same Rob that Makarov spoke about earlier) protects his allies, uses up all of his magical power, and dies. Erza realizes she has a power of her own, and leads the attack. She reaches the 'throne' room and frees Gerard. Unfortunately Gerard has turned evil and wants to finish building the tower to revive Zeref. When Erza doesn't feel the same way he lets her go anyway as a thank you for freeing him, and in exchange she must not ever speak about what is going on at Paradise Tower or her former friends will be in trouble.

She holds her promise, and he in turn bombards the ships waiting for him in the harbor, blaming it all on Erza, and convinces all former slaves to work voluntarily in completing the tower. Through the completion of the tower they will finally attain freedom. At this time Erza has been cast far away. She joins Fairy Tail, gets her eye fixed by that strange purple-haired woman and starts living a new life. But she never forgets about her old friends, still working on the Paradise Tower.


Fairy Tail 34

While at the Akane Resort, Erza has been kidnapped and taken to the tower of paradise, a construction created to bring the dead back to life. With this tower the goal is more specifically to bring the powerful dark mage Zeref (Fairy Tail have already fought two of Zeref's demons earlier in the series) back to life. Erza worked on the construction as a kid, but why hasn't she told anybody about her past? And why is she being taken back now, by her former friends?

The Council Gather


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