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Fairy Tail 51

Mysterious Character & Lucy

Lucy is walking home when she notices she is being followed.


Fairy Tail 50

Fairy Tail is still stuck on the theme of love. What happened to all the action? The comedy flares high though, and it all starts when Juvia finds a suspicious magic shop.

A Suspicious Looking Shop


Fairy Tail 49

So, finally I have time (yeah right, but I'll take time -_-) to dive into the second season of the amazing anime we know as Fairy Tail. I'll keep the summaries as short and simple as possible cause all I really want to do is enjoy the episodes. The problem with summarizing Fairy Tail episodes is that so much happens in each episode. At least that's been the way until now. So what should I do dude? For starters I'll set a limit at 80,000 words per summary. If I can't keep it below then there's some serious trouble to be had. :P Anyway...

Brand New Sparkling Fairy Tail!


Fairy Tail (2009)

Fairy Tail (2009)

Fairy Tail is an anime I've known about for some time, yet it's only recently (about a week ago) that I decided to start watching it. I was positively surprised from the start and since then it's just been getting better and better, up till a point where I can easily consider it one of my favorite animes. That's something I didn't think I would be saying when I decided to watch it. Getting on my favorite anime list is no small feat. One Piece & Samurai Champloo are the only real favorites I can recall while writing.


Fairy Tail 48

Fairy Law Failed

Fairy Law failed. It only smites anyone the wielder truly recognizes as an enemy, and as it turns out Laxus doesn't truly see anyone as an enemy. His rage doesn't die down due to the failure, though, it just grows. When Fried arrives and tells him it's over the thunder flares up once again.


Fairy Tail 47


Through the telepathic Warren, Gray speaks out to everybody and tells them about the thunder lacrima about to go off, telling them to take out as many lacrima as they can. Erza will take care of 200 by herself. Everybody starts fighting (as always), so Lucy delivers an inspiring speech (as always) and when she states she'll take one out herself everybody gets pumped. Time to get thunderstruck!


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