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GOG's Big Sale Ending

GOG's Big Sale Ending

Just a little time left now! No particular new deals in my humble opinion, but here's the link.

GOG's Big Deal Sale

GOG's got a new thing going on, creatively titled...

GOGs Big Deal Sale

Though it's not that big a deal I did feel the free game was pretty cool:

Congrats On The Game!

Also don't miss the category bar, where you can actually sort things according to criteria I wish I'd had been able to sort games on all earlier some-waaay-bigger deals! This is my favorite:

Them Categories

...though I switched over to Action on a whim and found a 95% discount there! So note: the sorting does not seem to be automatic and by algorithm. Each category contains a selection of (I assume) manual picks, and a good selection at that (I bought nine titles) - some with heavy discounts if you like such things.

As it's becoming tradition I thought I'd make y'all aware! Here.

GOG Piñata Madness

GOG Piñata Madness

Honestly I'm getting a bit tired of games. There's just too many of them. Good ones especially, and no time to play all, which means less lure to buy. I remember when each game I bought felt like a special experience, but now my collection's more like a catalogue. There's less reward with surplus. More time to maintain; less time to experience. Just like it is with all the other stuff.

But hey: there's a new GOG campaign on the go so I thought I'd mention it anyway! Have a pinata if you haven't had enough digital candy yet.

I do like the idea. GOG. Keeping it creative.

GOG Summer Sale 2017 Finale

GOG Summer Sale 2017 Finale

The final stretch is here! Just saying. 24 hours to go.

Got those freebies. :)

GOG Summer Sale 2017

GOG Summer Sale 2017

So they've got something going again! Check it out if you like. Also: background.

That GOG Spring Sale

/img/4/That-GOG-Spring-Sale.png">That GOG Spring Sale

It's time again! All deals here. Background imagery /img/4/The-Big-GOG-Spring-Picture.jpg">here. Spring? Not really here yet, but maybe it'll tag along with this thing...

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