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GOG Summer Sale 2017 Finale

GOG Summer Sale 2017 Finale

The final stretch is here! Just saying. 24 hours to go.

Got those freebies. :)

GOG Summer Sale 2017

GOG Summer Sale 2017

So they've got something going again! Check it out if you like. Also: background.

That GOG Spring Sale

/img/4/That-GOG-Spring-Sale.png">That GOG Spring Sale

It's time again! All deals here. Background imagery /img/4/The-Big-GOG-Spring-Picture.jpg">here. Spring? Not really here yet, but maybe it'll tag along with this thing...

The GOG Goodbye 2016 Sale

The GOG Goodbye 2016 Sale

It's on! Not really as intensely so as recent; previous sales, but if you're looking to get some good games and are looking for some particulars maybe there'll be some here you're looking for. Nothing for me, though. Feels like I'm stacked up on games for years in advance.

The year's not over yet, but maybe this is... goodbuy.

Here's a link.

The Monstrous Winter Sale At GOG

The Monstrous Winter Sale At GOG!

GOG seem to be launching almost too many of these things lately! I was a bit late posting about the last one, but here you go now. It's your chance! Grab some deals while you can! Gain some EXP! Grab some free games (there's even one entirely free game up right now). Your call.

Also, if you're missing the big picture there you go. Getting a bit too big, almost. I wouldn't mind a bit more minimalist approach, but I shan't complain: good games are good. Even if it does eat up my bandwidth...

The Monstrous GOG Fall Sale 2016

Yeah yeah, I'm a few days late posting about this, already checked in 7/10 times and all, but if you didn't know about it yet, and do want some games at drastically rebated prices (actually not as drastic as I expected - not as much as last year at least), have a browse!

Not sure I'll be getting any games this year, nor the free ones of offer (they require you gather enough EXP, which basically means: buy some other games), but we shall see what pops up in the few remaining days. For now, here's some pictorial evidence of this grand event! And here's what you got if you were there the first day. (A server error).

The Monstrous GOG Fall Sale Part 1

This was what it looked like at first...

The Monstrous GOG Fall Sale Part 2

...and here's what it looks like at the time of writing.

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