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GOG Time Machine Sale

GOG Time Machine Sale

30 years, one (best) game per year, limited buy times per game, +1/-1 second if you click, +3 if you buy, and it's probably going to be running all night! Check it out. I'm waiting for 1989 (which is up next) but after that... well there's barely any credit left on my account since past sales, so I couldn't participate even if I was interested. :P I'm actually in a 'don't-feel-like-buying' phase right now. Whaddayaknow. Healthy times.

GOG Let's Party!

Let's Party!! :D

Oh whoops, completely forgot to post about this New Year promo the weekend before last weekend. But it's OK, there wasn't there much anyway... just a fine selection of eternal classics in a spectacular final sale, nothing special. It's a new year now so no more unnecessary game buys folks, OK? Don't mind me I'm just speaking to myself.

GOGs Last Chance

GOGs Last Chance

One more weekend of crazy Christmas deals and collective daily sales! Kinda glad it's over, cause I've been buying way too much. :P Oh, and Steam gave away Left for Dead 2 - free for all! Surprise! I'm never on Steam so good thing other people do; were kind enough to let me know about it. So many games this Christmas, and no time to play 'em!


GOG Solstice Festivmas

GOG Solstice Festivmas

They're at it again! Early Christmas all week, but especially for the remaining 15 hours. :)

GOG OGs & Casting

I stayed up late yesterday following the GOG Fall Insomnia Sale, all the way until the funds on my credit card account started to dry up (funds are always rather limited on that account - security countermeasures... probably good addiction countermeasures too). When I went to sleep they had passed 101 games (which was their initial limit) and were moving on to repeat sales with some ridiculous amounts, like 600 copies of Hotline Miami. That still sold out fast. They've been giving away free games occasionally in limited amounts, and I was on time to grab about ten of them, but Internal Server Errors or a friendlier...

GOG Server Overload

...always came in the way. Bummer. I guess when half a million people click a button at the same time that's what happens. I shouldn't complain though, the deals were still pretty sweet. I just hope that the games I had already bought before this event where bought at a price on par with their new rebates... it's never fun buying a game and then seeing the game sold at a cheaper price. Even worse is seeing a game you previously bought go for free, or even worse: become free for everyone. That actually happened to a couple of games I purchased at earlier occasions, but they're still worth the price. No reason to get depressed. :) The sale seems to be moving slower this morning, so maybe there's a chance to grab a freebie this morning... I'll stay tuned.

In other news I rode into Stockholm yesterday for a sort of casting. Can't say more than that (or rather, I'm not allowed to), but I've been super-nervous about the event all day the day before yesterday, finally went in to film aaaand... it went pretty well! These are exciting times. Also took a trip to the studio while I was nearby (first time in a couple of years), but my buddy's mixer table didn't want to comply, and after a few hours of checking cables and eating lunch and him getting rather desperate since he can't work without equipment... I rode back home. Spent the rest of the day pending between GOG and other tasks... and it turns out he managed to fix the equipment later that day so it's all good. :) Feels like I rarely post regular posts anymore with them weekly summaries, but maybe that's just because there's usually not much to post about. That should be changing! Oh btw, aint this a rare coincidence?

1 USD = 6.66 SEK

Me & GOG

I love GOG, it's a popular site judging by both media and website usage (forum, reviews, votes, etcetc), dead simple to use, great interface, fresh graphics, and best of all a bunch of great games. I've bought a few of them and I plan on buying more, in the future, but only games I really plan on playing - a lot.

I'm not the kind of person who just buys a game on a whim and throws it away if I don't like it. When I decide to buy a game it better be a game I'm happy to play through many times over. Well, nah, what am I babbling on about? Most of the games in my collection haven't even BEEN played, maybe it's just that when it comes to games on the computer (I mean, digital games, ones you download), where you don't really get a game package, the price tag comes with a completely different tag of importance. Or am I just rambling nonsense again? Who knows.

The point of this post is, GOG is a great place, so if you haven't been there yet - pay it a visit! Happy gaming.

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