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Cybedevilian Design

Need something done? I can do it. Post requests in the comments or send me a PM or an email to (email removed, contact me here). If you need something small like a logo, a few site images, help with a certain script, etc, I can do that for free. For larger projects I work at a pace of $10/hour.

What I do

- Static or Dynamic websites
- Flash Animations
- Soundtracks
- Voice Acting
- Site Graphics
- Site Layouts
- PHP Scripts
- Translations
- Brand names/slogans
- Vectors
- Lyrics

Programs I work with

- Photoshop CS2
- Adobe Illustrator
- Maromedia Flash 9
- Fireworks Fireworks
- Macromedia Dreamweaver
- Macromedia Flash 8
- Fruity Loop Studios 4
- Dance Ejay 7
- Hiphop Ejay 6
- Techno Ejay 4
- Audacity
- Wordpad
- Filezilla

Programming Languages I use


I Design Whatever

Xotics Cyberdevil Remastered

lmao, another masterpiece by Xotic. Not to complain, but my feet look like hoofs...

Anyone see any resemblance?

Xotics Cyberdevil Remastered

Xotics Cyberdevil

Here's me as Xotic portrayed me. Twas a long time ago, in a 'Draw Me' thread, but it was long lost and forgotten until just decently found, heh. Do ya see the resemblance? I love the facial expression, lmfao :2

Xotics Cyberdevil

Car Bomb

It's a crap game, really, don't play it. Graphics are decent, but it's full of bugs and little variation. Somehow I got stuck and made my way through the twenty something levels though, so here's the picture you're rewarded with. :P

U Win! U Are Be Good Terrorist!

Oh Yeah, I Win

Oh Yeah! I Win

Retro - A Memory

Ah, the memories. Design not be me btw, it's from RetroGade, a large photoshop community now (and forever) down.


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