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Inktober #27 Deadeyes


Something inspired by Venom...? Whenever I think Venom lately I think Spawn. Something inspired by Spawn...? And the name: possibly inspired by the ninja. Possibly empowered by the hopelessness within the stronghold of my soul. Something cold.

Inktober #26 Synergy Nerves

Synergy Nerves

I started drawing a board of checkers but then... this happened instead. I call it the epitome of strategy. The mind's eye. Behind the board game: he hides in your brain.

Inktober #25 Friesd


Killer filler diet try it.

Inktober #24 Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey

Staples in our serum. Poison in our blood. PFOS coated toys - we give to our cubs. Greed it killed the water. Gave us chilling mugs. Why are we still monkeys? Monkeys still have love.

Inktober #23 Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

I don't ever seem to get good at either cars or people in cars, but hey, I try!

I can play with names though. No lie.

Without brand or face. Chevy Chase.

Inktober #22 Bunny Kill Promo

Bunny Kill Promo

I just saw this collab the other day, and I guess it inspired!

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