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Inktober #15 Munguia Style

Munguia Style

I drew a number and it really started reminding me of this guy! So there: it's a homage! To his style, and to his generous Samaritan persona.

Looking back I should've gone for a brighter background though. Maybe next time.

Inktober #14 Smile


Don't be sideways now.

Inktober #13 Barbed Hire

Barbed Hire

Camped out with the mists of wicked memory.

Inktober #12 Musical B

Musical B

Musical you'll be, if you use ability.

Take note.

Inktober #11 Little Fierce

Little Fierce

So small a star so far away. Yet all its arms disperse our gray. Blackened barns and tarnished glades; the whitest waves they spark our days.

Inktober #10 Red Eyes

Red Eyes

I know it's a little early for Halloween but I was in that mood! I mean: I saw red.

Eyes. All red.

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