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Inktober #24 TWENTY 4


Numerical typography collage in a cool blue hue!

Bit like the 1 last year (apparently last last year).

Inktober #23 - EXPLORATION (0:28)


Inktober #23 - EXPLORATION

HOTSTUFFDX, you gotta bother me next!
The beat so clean I gotta breath like a T-Rex!
Lean green killer machine popping Doritos!
Amigos! We're coming on to rock y'all egos
I been off pop pills for about a decade
And reggae, and country? Gotta get a fresh plate
New musical genres when I press play
Every day at NG! To be better emcee!
Mint, Tabasco, better get a fresh taste,
Time runs fast so I guess I better let wait wait,
No trumping this beat but we gotta make it great
No brakes! Hey! Get out the way!

Inktober #23 Spectaculer Smiles

Spectaculer Smiles

Like... happiness is embedded in our genes?

Just tried a little thing on this earlier thing.

Inktober #22 - Whatever Works (1:15)


Inktober #22 - Whatever Works

I'm... getting started on my weight shedding,
So I'll look better than an aged Gremlin,
Doin' situps till my face tremblin,
Is this really the new age-method?
Whatever happened to burning fat with electrodes?
Did the power go wild and fry 'em
Till they were turning up dead roast?

Depopulation agenda.
Fat people sitting on the place of the enders.
Looking for ways to get away all of us
Who look better!
Six pack yeaaaah I'm a get that!
Just let me live in peace!
In all my splendor.

Get a little rich and get a little ripped,
Become a bar arsonist and a narcissist.
Go far with... I can't really spar with the wit!
But with life advice, maybe the nicest vibes,
And light - not really like modern price lists - scripts.

I'm an odd fella. But though he's an idol I'm not Yela.
I don't smoke, I don't drink, I should be all better.
I've never been a gambler or a better, I should have savings.
I should live a life of no rain but rainbows!
Not deadweight days and self-depraving straying.

But hey man, it all goes in woes and waves...
Some nights the surf's up, some nights you turn up for the ride,
But the waves are so high you see the sharks fly,
And think: no way in hell I'll have a safari this starlight,
So you go back to the bar and just sit there like that bar guy.

John Heard. Life is absurd. But you'll see some good spots on the world if you let it whirl!
Get in good shape and go surfing over the burbs!
If that's not working out... don't be so cold and grim!
Do the closest thing! When life's icy: I'm working in.

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